What is Junk Food

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Junk food refers to cheap and simple food that has very low nutritional value but very rich in calories from fat and sugar. Junk food is packaged in the form of snacks which requires little or no preparation before consumption. In a recent research carried out in the United States about their eating habits, it was deduced that the consumption of convenience, fast food and junk food was increasing dramatically where most of the Americans were found being more interested in junk food.

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This is hugely contradicting in that the increase in the consumption of the junk food has emerged concurrently with rising number of epidemic chronic diseases that are directly related to the junk food. In this document, I intend to focus on the trend of junk food consumption in the United States. In this case, i intend to seek the reasons as to why despite all the efforts that Americans are making to be healthy still the sales figures in the market indicates that junk food is being consumed at very high rate.

The fact that Americans are making all the necessary effort to seek out healthier fare poses a controversial and a very contradicting argument in the matters pertaining diet.

This goes hand in hand with the research done by several scholars on the Americans eating habits. Similarly, the research shows that currently, Americans are highly seeking more healthy-food as compared with their eating habits 20 years ago. This also contradicts the fact that the consumers or the Americans rather are consuming more junk food than any other food.

For example, in the last generation, most of the Americans have been found to prefer genetically modified crops which have greatly led to the rise of industries. This has triggered a notable concern to allergies great concern to health about what people normally eat.

However, it has also been witnessed that in the American culture and politics the issue of food has become a flashpoint where a great shift in American’s eating habits has been pronounced leading to implications that call for advancement on how food is prepared, created and processed before its ready for consumption. Furthermore, the emerging trend in the American eating habit has been found being a potential source of economic, social and political frictions.

This is because most of the Americans are following their personal preferences in accordance with their on how food is related to their ailment and health. For example, the consumers are found being more interested in buying food products which they tend to perceive as healthier than the older consumers. This creates a need for reflecting and thinking about every personalized ideology in conjunction with how they relate with peoples eating habits. These ideologies tend to focus more on key attitudes, and individual behaviours other than the world views concerns and eating healthier food.

On the other hand, the Americans eating habits have also been greatly encapsulated by how people relate to the health effects of organic and the genetically modified food. In this case, it has been found that more than a half of the Americans population believe that food that is grown and produced organically is healthier than genetically modified food products. While the rest prefer the genetically modified produce leaving just a very small percentage claiming that there are no differences found in the two categories of food. However, these divides over food has not been outlined in creating differences in politics, income, education and geographical background of the two groups but it has acted as a unifying factor to philosophies and individual concern on matters pertaining food and health.

Similarly, there is also a great concern arising from the issues discussed in the same article pertaining the relationship between the Americans eating habits and health. For instance, there is mixing of the results regarding sales pertaining what has really been produced and what is required in the market for better health. In this case, I tend to think that in order to make an impact in transforming the Americans eating habits clear indicators through a well-framed research should be seriously put into the ground.

The research should involve all the parties starting from the producers to consumers basing on the health implications of each product. For example, it should respond to the question as to why there is high consumption of the junk food and protein arising from the high meat consumption. Should the problem be arising from mass production, availability or the high demand from the Americans population? On the other what efforts are there by the Government to keep the ball rolling in maintaining the war on the unhealthy eating habits?In conclusion, it can be deduced that despite all the trends and the assessment made in Americans food consumption patterns yet a lot remains to be done in order to impact change.

For example, a restriction on the production the junk food as well as mass education on the related health implications should be put into consideration.

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