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In Junking Junk Food, by Judith Warner she lectures on how the government tried to help Americans eat healthy. Warner makes some truthful statements; I agree with Glenn Beck on the government attempts and them thinking that Americans are helpless. I disagree that healthy choices to sugar will threaten Americans. Society plays a huge role in people´s decisions.

In Warner´s article, she talks about how the government has tried to control which foods American should eat. Judith talks about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin experiences to help the readers get a more understanding on her article. Sarah says, ¨ … her unerring feel for the message that travels straight to the American gut …¨ She explains how the government should not have much say so on what and how Americans should eat.

I disagree that healthy choices to sugar will threaten Americans way of living. Warners mention cookies as ¨ the pursuit of happiness¨ which represents how she feels about this subject. There are a lot of great exercises and healthy diets that can make us just as happy as junk food. Judith talks about how, Pennsylvania´s suggestion that schools encourage alternatives to high-sugar sweets became an assault on the American way of life.¨ I disagree with this because every citizen have a choice whether they want to eat healthy or not.

Warner refers to Glenn Beck on his statement that the government tries to control the citizens` food options. I agree with Glenn because the government cannot judge people because of what they choose to eat. I disagree with Obama organization just as well as Judith does. Americans citizen can control themselves when they are around junk food. Beck states, ¨… the ´choice architects¨ of the Obama administration, he says, believe ¨you´re incapable of making decisions … left to your own devices, you´re going to eat too much, you´re going to be a big fat fatty¨ (401). That statement is rude because there are Americans who are very discipline and can choose their eating choices wisely. The government is now trying to tell us how to eat and they are doing a great job by making us think that we are not responsible for eating healthy.

I agree and disagree with Warner when she talks about change in the culture is the perfect way to change Americans eating habits. American citizen can make healthy choices on their own without help from anyone else. Kessler says, ¨social norms could change: that huge portions, or eating processed foods loaded with sugar, salt and fat, for example, could come to be seen as socially unacceptable.¨ If American citizens wants to start eating healthy then that could be a huge turning point for American society. Someone has to lead and soon or later everyone else will follow; Hopefully.

The result of this article is that Judith describes her vision as well as others on how the government want to control Americans eating choices in her article ¨Junking Junk Food.¨ Judith made a great choice when she involved other authors with their opinions.


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