Junk Food: Everywhere and Accessible for all People

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The thought of having junk food accessible for all people to get a hand of is not a positive thing. Junk food contains low nutritional ingredients which do not benefit the health of people whatsoever. In a way, junk food is an addiction that many Americans crave throughout the day. Junk food is accessible anywhere, prominently in schools and the fact that it is highly demanded by many people makes it more likely for them to get health issues over time which can be a burden to handle but by teaching kids to eat healthier and by replacing the junk food with healthier alternatives can improve their health and overall lifestyle.

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Junk food is accessible and found everywhere, most especially in schools, which is a problem that can be solved by the correct approach. Children at school “buy food from competitive venues on campus such as vending machines and snack bars” (Students Still Buy Unhealthy Junk Food). Junk food is easy for students to get a hand of when they are in school because it is conveniently found in cafeterias, vending machines, and student stores as well.

The fact that junk food is unquestionably inexpensive makes it more likely for students to buy junk food without even thinking. Many children attending school “have a variety of food from sugary food to salty food” (Students Still Buy Unhealthy Junk Food). Students who eat lunch at school only have a limited variety of food to eat which do not contain any nutritional ingredients. There are not enough fruits and vegetables being provided in schools. It is important for the authorities such as the government to take initiative to this problem. There are many solutions to stopping the availability of junk food in schools. For one, schools in America can start teaching and encouraging students to eat healthier. It’s very important for “young people to receive information early on so that they can adopt to healthy lifestyle behaviors” (With Junk Food Abundant in Lunchrooms). Encouraging the minority to eat healthier alternatives will help benefit them in such a way that they can become healthier and happier. Teaching kids the benefits of eating healthier will most likely change their opinion on eating junk food.

Teaching kids and encouraging them to start living a healthier lifestyle by eating more beneficial and nutritional food such as fruits and vegetables can definitely impact their lives in a positive way. Encouraging kids to eat healthier is an opportunity for them to start changing their eating habits. Replacing junk food with healthier alternatives is another way to stopping the availability of junk food in schools. Replacing “less healthy food with fruits and vegetables can keep children healthier” (Replace Junk Food with Fruits and Veggies). Eating healthy food comes with numerous benefits. Healthier food will stabilize a child’s health and allow them to learn and grow sufficiently.

There is no doubt that “junk food is an addiction but it can be stopped by replacing the junk food with healthier alternatives” (How to Replace Junk Food With Healthier Alternatives). There are many alternatives to consider when craving junk food. Schools can start off by fixing their lunch programs by providing more nutritional food options for children to choose from. Instead of schools serving potato chips during lunch, schools can compensate and use vegetable chips instead. Schools can also start by removing all junk food from vending machines and replacing the junk food with healthy and organic snacks.

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