Food Menu and its Design


Food menu is designed in a manner which creates a good impression of a hotel or a restaurant. Similarly, it is also supposed to reflect the quality of food, services, and drinks offered in the given hotel or restaurant. It consequently works as an overview of the restaurant, hence providing the customer with an understanding of what the restaurant has to offer. Customers may either like or dislike a restaurant, just because of the disorganization of its food menu.

It is therefore required of a food menu to be designed in a unique and attractive manner, hence attracting the attention of customers. Review of LiteratureMenus in restaurants are created through planning through the considerations of external factors such as the following, rivals, customers, and vendors who have a great prospective in creating doubt, diversity, and instability in the restaurants immediate business surrounding. It is therefore necessary to understand the needs and expectations of customers, thus developing and refining products and service impeccably fit to those needs and anticipations.

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Moreover, endorsing, pricing, and the distribution of products and services needs also be consistent with wants and needs of the customers and their expectations on one side and the restaurants objective on the other side. Hence, in the restaurant setting, is significant that menu as the as the food and beverage combinations presented by a restaurant reveals the outlooks and needs of customers. Furthermore, handling menus involves preparing, pricing, designing, dispensing and promotional choices which are also the main objectives of restaurants as business industries. While planning is very significant when creating food menus, designing is the main part, which determines the impact of the menu to the customers. Among the things to consider while designing include the following, understanding eye scanning patterns. For decades, restaurants have designed menus bearing in mind that customers eyes are basically attracted to the sweet spot, which is usually the upper right hand corner.

Most restaurants therefore place high profit items there, thus attracting the customers to these items. Secondly, dividing the menu into rational segments. This is a method which is aimed at making customers to easily reach different products grouped in different sections, hence being able to easily choose their items of choice at ease. Thirdly, using photos sparingly, the use of photos may affect the customers impression of the restaurant, hence it is therefore important to leave the quality of the food to the customers imagination. Planning and designing the menu helps in attracting the attention of the customers, thus making them to be interested in trying different items in the menu. In so doing, customers may visit the restaurant more than twice, in order to explore the way the restaurant prepares its items.


Food menus are significant as discussed in the literature review, since they provide an outlook of the items in the restaurant. In addition, the factors to consider when planning to create the menu are also significant, as they allow the restaurant to consider the key issues which are pricing, and customers needs and expectations. Designing is also key to attract customers, as it creates the general outlook of the restaurant, thus, making customers to be interested and to be attracted to the items being offered in the restaurant. In sum, planning and designing the menu impacts the number of customers visiting the restaurant.

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