How Fast Food Effects on Us

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Fast-food is appetizing, but is it worth consumer’s health. It is no secret that fast-foods are bad for customers and can cause obesity. Obesity is defined as a person that is extremely overweight. Obesity is a serious disease that needs to be eradicated due to death tolls that occur each year. Fast-food is made of very unhealthy ingredients; consisting of by-products, fats, and steroids. Fast-food restaurants are easily accessible in communities everywhere. Therefore, even if a consumer wanted to eat healthier the convenience of fast-food makes it difficult.

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The prices of fresh produce and many other healthy options are constantly increasing. Thus, making it harder for consumers to eat healthier, driving them to fast-food restaurants. These factors cause customers to continuously eat fast-food which leads to obesity. Fast-food is one of the leading causes of obesity and will only get worse.

Consumers never take the time to examine what fast-food consists of. The ingredients of fast-food can include by-products, steroids, and fats. Fats can be valuable to a person’s health, but fast-foods only generate trans fats. Trans fats, also called trans-fatty acids, when consumed is damaging to the human body. Trans fats overload the body to where it can’t absorb the large amounts of fats. These fats raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol, which reduces the nutrients a consumer’s body receives. Likewise, by-products also reduce nutrients, it puts waste into the human body. A lack of nutrients can cause fatigue, which hinders exercise leading to weight gain. On the other hand, steroids cause weight gain not only for the product but also for the consumer. Steroids are mainly found in meats, which increases fat in the human body. These ingredients separately can cause weight gain, but together leads to obesity.

The reason so many people buy fast-food is that of the prices and convenience. It is easier to go through a drive-through than to go to the grocery store. Consumers cannot go so many miles without seeing a fast-food restaurant, making it easier to access. The many fast-food locations, and the fact that it only takes a minute for the customer to receive their food makes it appealing. The prices also cause customers to be drawn to fast-food restaurants. It is said that to eat healthier cost more. This is true, to feed an entire family cost nearly $50 or more for one meal. The prices are especially expensive for organic foods. The farmers of the produce have to increase their prices because fast food restaurants are taking away from their business. Thus, if customers want to stay healthy, they have to spend a considerable amount of money.

A serious effect of obesity is diabetes. The more toxins customers put into their body, the worse their health will become. One of these effects is diabetes, which occurs when the body’s blood glucose levels are too high. Blood glucose also called blood sugar, is created by the consumption of foods. Thus, the ingredients in fast-food raise a consumers blood sugar due to their harmful nature. Glucose is transported to cells by insulin, which is used to create energy. The products in fast-food cause too much glucose in the blood, this decreases energy and insulin. There are different types of diabetes, but it can become worse. Diabetics may lose limbs and even gain massive amounts of weight. If the disease becomes worse than factors like death can come into play. The last thing that anyone wants is for an innocent person to die just because they ate too much McDonalds.

Obesity is an epidemic and fast-food is one of the leading factors. The unhealthy and unnatural ingredients in the foods are what causes weight gain. Fast-food contains byproducts, steroids, and fats. These fats are too much for the body to absorb. Fast-food restaurants are located in so many different locations, this magnifies convenience for customers. Producers of fresh and healthy foods are only making this worse by the rising cost of their produce. Of course, producers of healthy food have to raise their prices given that fast-food restaurants are taking away customers. Obesity can cause horrible diseases such as diabetes. This exacerbates health issues and can cause more weight gain. Obesity is an overweight person, that can even die from the disease. Fast-food is great no consumer can deny that, but it comes with drawbacks. Even though fast-food is delicious, it is also dreadful for customers.

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