Why i Want to be a Special Education Teacher

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Why i Want to be a Special Education Teacher

In this personal essay, the author will express their motivation and passion for becoming a special education teacher. It will discuss the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of students with special needs, the challenges and rewards of the field, and the personal qualities that make the author suited for this profession. The piece will also reflect on the importance of inclusion, empathy, and adaptability in special education. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Employment.

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Sooner or later a moment comes when a person is faced with a very important question – the question of choosing a profession, and the whole future life depends on this choice. Oddly enough for me, it was easy and simple because from my very childhood I dreamed of being a teacher. After finishing school, I learned that a teacher can be special. This is a special teacher, a special person who helps special children. It was then that I realized that I wanted to become this special teacher.

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And I became one after graduating from the defectological faculty of Kursk State Pedagogical University with a degree in Oligophrenopedagogy with an additional specialty in Speech therapy.

Many times I asked myself the question, why did I choose this particular profession? I receive an answer every day for 14 years, working with this category of children. Because:

– this profession brings a sense of self-worth and

satisfaction from the work performed;

– through my profession, I carry out my mission and destiny;

– working as a special teacher, I get to know myself and others;

– communicating with special children, I changed my view of many things in my own life;

– my profession allows me to be close to those who need me.

Due to the poor environmental situation, unfavorable external and internal factors, bad habits, children with developmental problems are being born more and more often, therefore the profession of a special teacher in the modern world is very relevant and in demand.

The professional activity of a special educator goes beyond traditional teaching. She closely interacts with various types of socio-pedagogical, rehabilitation, consultative and diagnostic, psychotherapeutic, corrective activities aimed at one goal – helping a child with disabilities in his social adaptation and integration by means of special education.

The pedagogical principles that I adhere to in my work are simple and clear to everyone:

– give children knowledge, warmth, and a smile;

– always learn;

– do no harm.

I consider the words of V. A. Sukhomlinsky as a guideline in my work with children that “if a child lives in enmity, he learns aggression; if a child is constantly criticized, he learns to hate; if a child is ridiculed, he strives for isolation; if a child grows up in reproach, he learns to live with guilt, but at the same time, if a child grows up intolerance, he learns to understand others; if the child is encouraged, he learns to believe in himself; if a child is praised, he learns to be grateful and believe in people “

Like healthy children, a child with special educational needs has the right to receive qualified pedagogical assistance, which can only be provided by a specially trained teacher.

I work with this category of children on the basis of the interaction of all participants in the educational process. At this stage in the development of society, a person is placed in tough conditions of competition. This prompts me to look for new and effective means of enhancing the educational process, new forms, and methods of work. For more productive use of time, I try to make my work with students cognitive and creative, diversify tasks, apply various forms and new technologies. I do it so that the children are interested. This allows you to correct all cognitive processes, promotes the growth of activity, and forms a positive emotional background. I devote particular importance to the social adaptation of children with disabilities because it is even more difficult for them to survive in the modern world.

All the time I try to assess whether my charges are comfortable. In the classroom, I try to create a cozy, supportive, developing environment, establish mutual trust with students, and the children respond to me with gratitude.

I believe that an important direction in my work is helping families with a child with special educational needs. After all, it is so important to support parents at a certain moment in life, to explain to them what is not clear, to inspire hope, to show prospects in future life.

Yes, there are many difficulties in my profession, but despite this, in it, I can realize my creative potential, receive a charge of energy to move forward. I enjoy my work because I realize that my strength is not wasted for nothing, my activity makes someone’s life easier, more interesting, and better.

Every time I come to work, I understand that I have a special mission and a huge responsibility to provide each child with special educational needs with high-quality educational services, taking into account his individual needs.

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