My Experience as Teacher

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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My Experience as Teacher

This personal essay will explore the author’s experiences and reflections as a teacher. It will cover the challenges, rewards, and valuable lessons learned in the classroom. The piece will discuss the impact of teaching on personal growth and the influence teachers have on their students’ lives and learning. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Behavior Modification.

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I am applying for the post of teacher at the Catholic University on the request of Mater on his position. I am graduated in Bachelor of Arts with English Literature and Language from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. I have chosen this degree to fulfil my dream of becoming an English teacher. I found that, I love teaching in my first year of college. At that time, I was a Sunday school teacher, who teaches and serves the girls aged between 10-14 years old.

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Since then only, I realized that I had been gifted with the talent of teaching. When I was in primary school, my English teacher inspires me the most towards teaching and loving the English language generally. I want to become an English teacher one day and my dream is fulfilled now.

When I was young, I had seen how amazingly teachers have changed the lives of my friends. I wanted to share the same relationship with the students of new generation. I wanted to love, teach and be a source of inspiration of their lives. Nothing is more joyful than witnessing god’s work within me, helping and supporting our young generation. I believe that god has a plan for me to work for the students by giving me the ability of teaching, loving and caring every student with whom I met daily, as the god says ‘let the little children come to me, do not forbid them in the kingdom of god’.

Hanging out the whole day with children keeps you young and ensures that your vocabulary, fashion and your music tastes becomes latest and relevant. As a teacher we make a massive difference in the lives of young peoples, even don’t realizing it. Teachers don’t know that how many kids are keeping their words in their soul and follow the path shown by the teachers and this teaching goes on transferring from one generation to another.You always learn new skills. You come in this field to learn Mathematics, Science or English and now you run clubs, referee sports days, break up fights, do counseling and learn an impressive array of arts and crafts in those pesky off-timetable days. Days do not remain similar forever. I am an English teacher in Egypt since 5 years. I have good experience in English teaching at private schools and learning centers in Cairo (attached an experience letter from one of my school).

I have good skills to become proficient in my career. I have excellent communication skills that help me to explain the courses in the curriculum in the different ways to students having diverse learning styles and abilities. I have superior interpersonal skills, such as patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. My collaborative skills enable me to work productively with my colleagues. While planning the topics to motivate students and hold their interest in the class, Creativity and presentation skills are very important. Other than this, I have the ability to adjust and modify the study materials that is fit for meeting the children’s education needs” plus, the variety of teaching strategies and disciplinary techniques. My personal experience as a Sunday school teacher for 5 year has enhanced my personal skills. Working as a teacher aide in Australia for the last 3 years, has a big influence on my skills and abilities. Observing the teachers teaching from prep to grade 6 daily, is gives me the opportunities to expand my repertoire of teaching strategies and learning more about the education system in Australia. Throughout my career, I constantly adjust and adapt my approach as reflect on my past experiences and improve on them.

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