Why i Became a Preschool Teacher

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Provide a personal narrative or a series of interviews with preschool teachers explaining their motivations for choosing this profession. Highlight the joys and challenges of early childhood education, the impact on children’s lives, and the personal and professional rewards of teaching young learners. Discuss the skills and qualities essential for being an effective preschool teacher. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Employment.

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For many years, the uncertainty of what age a child should start school has been an ongoing problem. When the time comes, eventually parents need to send their children to school. Who doesn’t like a head start? Why not take advantage of the early opportunity? Parents sending their children to pre-k benefits them in being ahead in their academic skills for kindergarten and later on in their studies. Not only do these children’s studies improve but preschool promotes structure, socialization, and easier transitions.

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Although some may be stuck on the idea of keeping them at home until school is mandated, school curriculums are changing and only getting more advanced. In the end, the only ones affected are the children and their future. When entering preschool, starting off strong is key in the first few years of schooling due to the lack of familiarity for a child. Preparation for Kindergarten starts a year before, and what’s a better way to familiarize a child than starting in preschool? Preschool promotes recognition of letters and numbers instead of just memorizing the ABCs and the “pointing-to-count” technique. 

The Sydney Morning Herald stated that “ children who attend a high-quality early childhood program in the year before school are up to 40 percent ahead of their peers by the time they reach year three in primary school.” There is nothing wrong with learning at an early age, and keeping them at home isn’t as beneficial. Being ahead is always better than falling behind. Preschool has lifetime effects. Promoting structure in a preschool is crucial. When having structure, students feel secure and have a relief of knowing when things happen in the typical school day. A structured environment aids children by learning order and organization, knowing what is expected of them and when, and developing self-discipline. According to Psychology Today, the source stated statistics that prove going to preschool develops a structure for ongoing years. “At age 28, the adults who received preschool educations years before had significantly higher job prestige, earnings, and socioeconomic status.” What children carry out in a preschool setting is carried out through life. In order for a healthy future, getting children to improve in social skills is necessary. Socialization skills are essential and are a big part in why parents want their children in preschool. Getting them to be social is another key lesson that they carry on during their lives. Once children begin attending school, they aren’t just socializing with their family and the people they are familiar with and see on a daily basis.

As expected, people get offended when I tell someone, who I think is not cut out to be a preschool teacher. They ask me, “Why? Teaching is the easiest job in the world and anyone can do it easily.” And few have even gone to the extent of saying, “If someone can not find any work, they become a preschool teacher, so what makes teaching so special?” Teachers, all over the world, know otherwise. Teaching is not only hard and tiring, it is, in some cases, also thankless and highly unappreciated.

What makes teaching such a noble profession is the fact that a preschool teacher does not only educate but also guides and inspires the ?????? to become an essential pillar or at least a viable element of society. Once bonded, a student becomes an integral part of a teacher’s life, who can never be forgotten. No matter how old you have grown or how far you have gone in your life, your teacher will always remember you. (Unless they are suffering from a memory loss)

Since I was a troubled pupil in my early school years, I was able to connect better with my students during my preschool teaching career. I was able to understand the problems they faced yet could not tell me and helped them accordingly. What made me so sincere towards this profession was the fact that my own school teachers made tremendous efforts to help become me an acceptable individual in society. If it had not been for them, my life would not have been very successful. I drew my motivation from this fact and took it upon myself to go beyond the limits to help my students.

Unlike most other professions, preschool teaching is the closest one to parenthood. A teacher not just sacrifices time but also mental peace and physical health. Always thinking of new ways to teach and new ideas to make lectures interesting but in the end, very few are recognized or appreciated for their efforts. Surprisingly, this does not stop a teacher from working towards the success of the students, because like a parent, a teacher’s efforts are not directed towards rewards or recognition but towards the success of their students. Apart from our loved ones, teachers are the only people who will cherish your success in life.

A preschool teacher is responsible for the future of the next generation. This is not a profession for the weak, irresponsible or unconcerned, who are in it just for the money. This profession will test your limits, put you to your wit’s end and turn you into an exhausted, sleep-deprived but morally satisfied individual. I love this profession and have worked with sheer determination, diligence and persistence because in return I received tremendous love, guidance, and most importantly respect but you should take a moment and ask yourself,

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