Describe a Topic, Idea, or Concept you Find so Engaging that it Makes you Lose all Track of Time. why does it Captivate You? what or who do you Turn to when you Want to Learn More?

Since I was in grade-school, I loved science, and I also loved mechanics. I have excelled in physics and computer studies. The idea of making a robot or a machine to help out in a company’s operation or to help out a person drove my passion. It seemed right to pursue a career in engineering or robot Mechanics. Some of the works that have inspired me to include industrial robot and mind-controlled bionic bodies. Industrial robots are best known for their efficiency, repeatability and precision in measurement, for these reasons more, and more robots are exponentially being incorporated into many factories. Collaborative robots are also being introduced that work hand-in-hand with human workers to substantially increase their efficiency and flexibility. In a survey done by Forbes, 1.3 million industrial robots will be arriving in factories by 2018. The demand for this robotics is increasing by the day.

Industrial robots are fascinating because of their accuracy even in a repetitive job, is perfect. Other advantages include  decreased production costs, shorter cycle times, improved quality and safety. I believe robots can be a worker’s best friend when handled well and if safety procedures are followed. By developing these robots, industry’s that deal with dangerous or hazardous chemicals, can ensure that every worker is safe by putting the robots to work in those sections than the workers. Another Bionic bodies also known as prosthetic bodies can be integrated with body tissues including the nervous system. This advanced technology is fascinating since it is not controlled by programming codes, but instead, it is mind-controlled. With recent updates and upgrades to this device, they now ensure that the desired movement is triggered with less lag time.

The bionic arm detects brain impulses and links them to a computer in the prosthesis that then directs the motors to move, and the same case is applied to a mind-controlled bionic leg The bionic arm can give the persons who are born without arms or legs or the persons who have been amputated for one reason, the chance to live their life again fully. The joy that is experienced by a person born without arms, to hold a cup of tea and drink for themselves without assistance from anyone is quite immense. In 2014, a surgical procedure was done to Les Baugh, a bilateral should amputee, and he was able to use this technology to operate his two upper limb prosthesis for the first time. The patient was able to lift cups and perform various tasks with each arm.

The United States has over 2 million people living with limb loss, and an estimated of over 25million in the whole world. If the prosthetic limbs technology could be made cheaper, many more individuals would start living their lives better. More individuals would venture into various economic activities, improving both their lives and the country in general. For more information on these two types of engineering, I usually visit the concerned companies website to learn more. Some of these companies include  iRobot, Intuitive Surgical, Honda companies etc. Open forums organized by the companies are also a good where I get to learn more and even ask the innovators questions on where they have improved and so on. In conclusion, engineering sector has become one of the critical sectors that drive the economic status today. With high innovation today, robots will no time fill the factories, thus ensuring high quality products from the industries.

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