The Concept of Moral Right and Wrong as Defined by the Principle of Utility

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1. The concept of moral right and wrong.

According to Jeremy Bentham’s argument, what is right or good is a pleasure (happiness) which is brought about by different kinds of good things like food, freedom and even friends. On the other hand, wrong or bad things are due to the lack of good things. Lack of food, friends and freedom, for instance, creates pain. The definition is not the best definition because the author basically dwelt primarily on feelings. It is true that people ought to make decisions that make them feel good finally, the examples that have been given in the article will truly make one feel good but looks like the author did not consider the decisions in the long run. According to me, things like food are obvious things that one should not put into a lot of consideration. Instead, the type of diet should be highly considered.

2. The Utility of Ashley’s Treatment Ashley’s condition is a special one.

The treatment that was done to her was quite unnatural and not as per interests. However, keeping in mind that her mind is the same as that of a three months old baby, she cannot do anything for herself. Her parents do. According to me, the treatment done to her was well utilized. This is due to the pain she is going to encounter during her monthly menstrual flows. Her parents were concerned about her wellbeing even though she doesn?t know what she was to undergo. As Singer argues, babies with a similar condition are cast and left to die in the woods but Ashley?s parents showed her love even if she will never know who her parents were.

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