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International Business Essays

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Apple Vs Samsung: Compare and Contrast

Words: 1564 Pages: 5 7694

Competition is common among companies that produce the same products. Two of the most well known competitors that are in the electronic market are Samsung and Apple. For years, they have been competing to produce the most popular technological devices. Each competing to be on top. Constantly creating individual and innovative ideas. With the need […]

Topics: Apple Inc, Competition, Competitive Advantage, International Business, Smartphone

Making Money has Become too Important in our Modern Society

Words: 812 Pages: 3 4556

Frequently, individuals say that they can live without money. They characterize money as only one of the apparatuses that upgrade people groups living climate. In any case, in actuality, money is a vital matter in people groups’ lives. Albeit individuals in history may have survived the trading of merchandise and not depending on the worth […]

Topics: Economy, Expert, International Business, Minimum Wage, Money, Social Issues

Tackling Unemployment

Words: 1145 Pages: 4 4335

According to the new plan, in order to keep the unemployed in the game, that is, in the labor market, they must be registered (registered) in the employment system. Also, each of them needs personalized help that will give extra points. And they will also need a so-called “labor integration agreement”, which provides for: – […]

Topics: Human Nature, International Business, Social Issues, Unemployment

Capitalism: a Love Story

Words: 650 Pages: 2 3942

The paper will begin by giving a general impression of the narrative, trailed by an assessment of how the narrative affected me. This will be trailed by an examination of whether I concur with Moore’s message in the film or not, and why. The decision will be a conversation on whether the film has in […]

Topics: Capitalism, Economy, Finance, Human Nature, International Business, Novel, Policy

What is the Fundamental Difference between the New and the Old Generation in Business

Words: 761 Pages: 3 4463

Collective portraits of generations in business are fundamentally different. An individualist oriented towards creativity and innovation has replaced a responsible and pragmatic person of labor. The overwhelming majority of young entrepreneurs are convinced that representatives of their generation differ in their worldview, worldview, and values ??from entrepreneurs of the older generation – a total of […]

Topics: Altruism, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Generation, International Business
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Mobile Technology: Virtual Reality

Words: 818 Pages: 3 4475

Virtual reality Computer-generated reality or VR reality is the latest user interface opposite to traditional one, indulging person into the 3D environment instead of watching in on any screen, this also makes individuals feel like they are physically in that environment likewise they can touch, see and hear that scene in reality. This work based […]

Topics: Innovation, International Business, Virtual Reality

China Free Trade Agreement

Words: 734 Pages: 2 4117

The article that I deemed fit and choose is a China free trade agreement. The information concerning the trade agreement stroke the globe and the mails on 7th October 2017 barely two years since the ideas crept up. It was all in the media, magazines and the Chinas FTA network. The article from the name […]

Topics: Economy, Free Trade, International Business, Policy, Trade

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