Robots Taking over Jobs

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Robots Taking over Jobs

This essay will explore the impact of robotics and automation on employment. It will discuss which sectors are most affected, the potential for job displacement, and the new types of jobs created by technological advancements. The piece will analyze the broader implications of robots taking over jobs for the economy and workforce. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Artificial Intelligence.

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Did you know that about thirty percent of the Earth’s population is unemployed? This sounds crazy to believe but unfortunately, it’s true. The main reason such a catastrophe is occurring is that we’re moving fast into the future, now than ever before. Almost every day, the world changes and humans come up with ways to improve it even more. Some of those improvements occur at the cost of innocent lives. For example, robots stealing our jobs is one of them.

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Robots should not be able to steal the jobs of innocent civilians.

The population of Earth is growing with each passing day, and it needs resources and the common currency to survive. In 2016, the Earth’s population was more than 7.4 billion people. In 2017, that number bumped up to more than 7.55 billion people. Today, that number is a little more than 7.6 billion people. As we can see from this data, the Earth’s population is on the rise, and it will only grow unless something abnormal was to happen. Those people need basic survival resources. Those resources can be bought with a common currency. If all jobs were to be taken by robots, it would be unlikely that government officials would pay a common currency to the people. Also, the people who would have deserved more money get paid an equal amount that everybody else gets paid since they have been laid off their work.

Planet Earth is moving fast in developing new technologies like artificial intelligence, and just more robots in general. These new technologies are growing more powerful and are being used with each passing day. They are also being developed to better appeal to a customer.

“It seems that no profession is safe.”, says an article called Robots and Content: Calculators or Creators, by Affelt Amy (“Affelt”). If robots take our jobs in every profession, then even with a fixed income, it will be harder for the average human to survive. We need to stop the usage of AI and robots concerning our jobs. One might object that robots will only take over the dirty jobs that nobody wants to do, and not any of the better jobs that people are already professional in. While this might be true, it won’t be true for too long into the future because as usage of robotics and AI grows with each passing day, it will be too hard to predict which profession will be taken over next.

Without our jobs, it will be hard to maintain everyday life. Sure, we will have a lot of free time, but with every advantage comes a sacrifice. Being jobless will lead to saving more on everything. It will also lead to a lack of a luxurious life and a change in the daily schedule of most people. Pretty soon, more of the low-income families will start appearing. More and more people will start dying off due to lack of basic survival necessities. Even high-income families would become low-income due to lack of jobs. After this, robots will take over the world. According to an article by Forbes, After Robots take over our jobs, then what?, by Michael Bernick, companies like Xerox and Howard Street were hiring repairmen to repair the old machines, but pretty soon, they went out of business as they couldn’t keep up with the human pace of getting new technologies in printing (“Bernick”).

This relates to a short story called Terrible Things. In this article, The Terrible Things took each species one by one to avoid conflict with the other species. The other species doubted that their time would come, because of their appearance, until they were abducted as well. Now,

let’s think of the terrible things like robots and the animals as professions. Each profession doubts that robots would take over them until the truth lies right in front of them. Pretty soon, all the professions will be gone, and robots will have control to everything.

If robots do steal the jobs of innocent civilians, it could lead to a massive catastrophe. Once again, our survival depends on our jobs. The population of Earth is growing so fast that we can’t risk the survival of everybody now and of all the future generations over machines. If you care about your state of well being, and if you want to continue to live the life that you are living right now, then you should definitely care about your future!

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