A Great Impact of Technology on Cars

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Technology has a great impact on our lives and it took over the world. It has quickly developed and changed people life. As new generations develop, technological grew. Some believe that technology has had a good impact on our lives. Others like to believe that technology brings a lot of negative effects to our personal and social life every day. We now depend on technology, which more and more things in life get automated. we begin to use less of our brains, this in turn slowly degrades our ability to think and act for ourselves.

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Technology has caused a lot of problems. Addiction to the internet, loss of job, marital difficulties and it has also affected our social skills. The rise of the self-driving car changed the automotive industry. Self-driving cars changed people daily life in a positive and negative way. Roads are even more danger nowadays because big car companies made self- driving cars.

People use to focus on the roads and have full control over their cars. Self-driving cars give the people a big advantage that people don’t have to focus on the road, instead, they can focus on their cell phones, do their emails or watch videos, while the computer has full control over the car and the safety of the passenger when the car is in the freeway. In 2016, self-driving car Tesla involved in a fatal crash in Florida. The car was in Autopilot mode. The car computer glitches and it was over speeding on the freeway that caused the car to crash. The speed limit was 65 and the car was going over 74. The car semi-autonomous Autopilot driving feature was engaged and the driver was using the advanced driver assistance features, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer lane keeping assistance that would prevent the car from crashing into other cars and objects. This car crash into a 53-foot trailer truck that caused a 40-year-old man life. ” The Tesla car involved in a fatal crash in Florida this spring was in Autopilot mode and going about 10 miles faster than the speed limit, according to safety regulators”.

This shows that self-driving cars are not fully safe and the computer is not fully developed that they could lose control and cause big accidents. There is a similar accident happened in California that put a motorcyclist life in a big danger by the negligent self-driving car in the freeway. “Oscar Wilhelm Nilsson claims he was traveling down a San Francisco street last month when a Cruise AV aborted a lane change and swerved into his lane. The car struck him, “knocking him to the ground,” in a crash that left him injured and unable to work, The Cruise AV was operating in self-driving mode at the time of the crash, the suit alleges, but a backup driver was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle” The self-driving cars are not good and they are not aware of the environment that they cause deadly car crash. Its is not world wide problem, it is a problem here in the US. so one person in the US on average will die during the period of time. It is an interesting bizarre concept, if you look at this, if you do the math, if these statics hold up five people in this room are ultimately gonna die in a car crash. It seems crazy and it’s a unique part of our humanity because if you look at the causes of death. The top ten causes of death, they are all diseases that have been around forever and then there is this strange category.

The forth one on the list called accidents and there is three of them. One is accidental fall, another accidental poisoning and the third one is automobile accident. So, here is this strange thing of all the ways to die, there is only one that is something we created for ourselves just in the last hundred years and yet we go and do this every day for some reason automobiles are unique in that way. Now you might think, things are getting better. the statistics are out “2015 was the deadliest driving year since 2008” in quite a while. There it’s actually getting worse and the preliminary numbers for 2016 say it’s another six percent worse over 2015. So the problem does not seem to be going away and so in fact the National Highway and Transportation Safety administration did a study to figure out, what is the defective component in automobiles and they found the defective component. It turns out, it’s the driver 94% of the time it’s the drivers faults that the accidents happened. They did some more studies, what the driver doing wrong well the biggest cause is what they politely call recognition error, what that really means is you were not paying attention and you missed something that was very important.

The second biggest category is what they call is decision error that is a polite way to say, you were driving too fast for the conditions or you did something illegal or you just failed to figure out where the other people in your environment. Because for some reason we still like these cars and apparently it’s because we want to use them to get around. So the only way we gonna make any progress is if we figure out how to have that car drive itself. This changes how driving happens. When humas driving home from work and they get to a residential street what are they doing, they are worried about all the stress at work, they are worried about what errands they suppose to do before they got home or even worse case they are texting friends to go see where they are going to meet up later and what happens, they can hit a child or someone else appearing somewhere that they did not realize they were going to appear. Evolution of self-driving vehicles and sort of the intelligence they gained as we went. Now we can ask ourselves alright that they are safety but what else is self-driving technology going to change?. And there is a lot of things, one of them is our time. So here is a study that was done by the US government and it found that the average American was losing 42 hours a day in traffic jams. This of course has a corresponding large amount of expense financially and frustration.

The point of the study was to say what we can do about the congestion but from the point of view of someone who is thinking about having a self-driving car that they are not going to own and they are not going to have to drive. The loss is much bigger, we spend 293 hours a year in a car and all of it is waste of time, that’s over a week of working time that we could have back. Automobiles shaped cities of the 20th century and it’s going to change our cities again and it going to change everything that we thought we knew. It’s no new that we are in a era of disruption. So we are changing what it mean to travel, we are changing what it means to own something and we are changing what it means to commute. These shifts are going to be accelerated by the driverless of this car because if we are building cars that do not have drivers, we can design buildings with no parking and if we can design building that does not need parking, we are going to design cities that look unlike anything we have seen last 100 years in a way this is the story of how cars have changed cities twice over. To understand how we are going to look at how they did it the first time. To understand when driverless cars will change cities we are gonna look at autonomous tech and maybe we will take a look at just how our lives will change and every building in it in the coming Self-driving will be central to one of the greatest revolutions in transportation.

It will change the way we commute, it will change the way we define our cities and it will change the way that we view private vehicle ownership. Self-driving is poised to bring a mint social benefit and we should support the growth of this technology as much as we can at the same time. We must manage the risks as we transition into the self-driving revolution We maybe the last generation to own cars, our kids and grandkids they may never have to drive they may never have to worry about driving around and looking for parking or speeding, tickets or drunk driving and the best part is they could go their entire life without ever seeing a car accident. Driverless cars are being touted as one of the most disruptive technologies of our time. This future could actually be our reality Self- driving cars have a lot of controversy behind them, some feel they are not safe and are exposed to hacking. Although, major self-driving car developers says that they cannot be hacked without being connected to the cloud or internet some people disagree. Self-driving cars would be very scary for people in their release some people will even welcome them. Drivers will need some knowledge on how to operate the vehicle safety.

The elderly who may not be too texmarq should have to take courses so they can learn how to operate their cars. Some people are naturally aggressive while on the road. 81% of car crashes are from human error. Self-driving cars have been undergoing testing on the roads of California and other states for years. There have been about 500 self-driving cars driving all day everyday. A lot of people believe self-driving cars would stop car crashes and deaths. Other believe it will only create more. Cost of implementing the new technology could be out of reach for some Americans. Currently the engineering of power and the computer sensors for them for the new car would add up to more than one hundred thousand dollars. People argue that self-driving cars can save money in many different venues like life insurance and healthcare. The security behind self-driving cars would be a major obstacles especially because the technology would be big targets for hackers. Hackers may be able to run cars off the road and cause them to crash into other people. In order for the cars to operate more efficiently, they would need to communicate with one another. This would help to identify traffic problems and road risk so early on the car can notify the passenger then we will take a different route if there is traffic. Self-driving cars can be very beneficial for the disabled. The disabled will have more freedom and mobility.

Disabled individuals will not have to rely on public transportation or assistance from others to get around. Self-driving cars will get rid of a lot of jobs for taxi drivers, uber drivers and etc. in order for the vehicle to operate a lot of information would have to be stored on the software of the vehicle. In the future speed limits may increases when more people use self-driving cars and we know that they are safe. Driving time would also be reduced by faster speeds louder on the road. The real question is who would be responsible if the cars got into crash, would it be the driver or would it be the manufacturer or the code designer. Drunk driving incidents should decrease the car would be able to drive a drunk person home. This would decrease the amount of drunk driving deaths. It would also be a safer for pedestrians who are walking on the sidewalk and crossing the road. It would be easier to and faster to park your car. Self-driving cars are being developed to drop you off and find a parking spots while you are in a building. The car can be called to pick you up when you are done by pressing a button on your keys. As you can see there are more pros than there are cons, people have different visions for the future self-driving cars could make.

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