Compare and Contrast: with and Without Social Media

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Updated: Oct 21, 2022
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“No man is an island”so do they say. “Man is a social being”. These are the two most common phrases used to show how much man needs the society within him. People are always interacting each and every minute. The places of interaction vary a lot. Some meet up physically for coffee, others dinner and others it is basically online. Now that we are in a digital era, it is so easy to interact and socialize with people over the many platforms the internet has provided.

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These platforms are basically the social media. They do not have regional limits and via these, the world has surely become a global village. The inventors of social media knew and appreciated the fact that we live by interaction. This essay will look into the life before and during the social media era. Life before social media was all about face to face physical meetings. People would really invest in resources including time and money just to go meet up. Thanks to social media that this trend is no longer there. These days you only need to press some button or enter some keys and whatever reason that you had for physical meetings is as well met via social media.

When it is really necessary that you need to see their faces, then the video chats give you the chance to. Well, it is no that the facial meetings with people are not important but with social media this has all been eased up. It actually saves on time among other resources. You can be able to meet and discuss issues as a group with everyone else going about their businesses. Without social media a lot of resources could be used on such yet the outcome could be the same. Before the invention of social media people used to use mails to communicate. This trend has come to an end now that you only need to leave a text and within no time the respondent will be getting back to you. The old trend of waiting for ages for mails to be delivered is surely dying off. At least with social media one can be reached through several platforms as the social media accounts may all be linked such that a person may have several of them under one name.

This helps in ensuring that incase one platform is down or inaccessible then there is always another option. In the pre social media era, once the mailing method was down, then you are done. You have to wait till it was all fixed. Before social media employment had to be personal. With it, you can employ people who are overseas and wire them their dues after they submit their work via the same social media platforms. This has helped increase the opportunities for many people. This feature has also helped in boosting the world of business which essentially runs the universe. You can now comfortably transact businesses with people who you would barely meet were it not for social media. These platforms have as well created jobs for many technicians who at times work online and would never meet their employers. It has opened opportunities for the disabled in the society as they can work from the comforts of their homes without many inconveniences. Posting a business or an item for sale on social media has now become the best way to market products and ensure it reaches unlimited number of people.

Earlier once you lacked something to do you either had to go out in the fields to play or just engage in personal things. With social media once bored you are able to deal with the boredom by keeping yourself busy as you interact with people and it actually prevents the anti-social condition. It is during these interactions that we get exposed to issues in life and how to deal with them having heard other people’s experiences. Sometimes it is hard to discuss some ordeals especially to people who know you but with social media, you can anonymously seek for assistance and guidance Social crimes existed even before social media. However, they have adversely risen with the invention and involvement of social media. People meet online and even date ad flirt over social media. The worst moment comes in when they have to meet. Since on social media, the validation of your details is minimum and even if they were correct, your picture or image for identity remains unconfirmed.

There have been cases of fraud whereby a person may impersonate to be another but the surprise sets in when you actually meet them. Sometimes the encounter is very scary as some are more monstrous than human. Cases of blind date gone sour have been on the rise. This was never the case before social media Social media has also to some extent facilitated the rise in immorality. The content being shared across social media in most cases is uncontrolled. People may learn some bad morals from what they consume from social media.

Ideas of youth radicalization, same sex marriage and other issues that the universe deems immoral have been on the rise in social media. Pornography can now be accessed by young toddlers as long as they can access social media. Before it, the morality could hardly be compromised. Unlucky are parents of this generation as you will hardly filter what your child consumes. Before social media, news was passed via media houses after validation. The situation has adversely changed with the growth of social media. Every trending story is highly circulated ad can reach a lot of people at a single time. Before this era, only genuine information could be passed.

With the existence of hackers and pseudo social media accounts, invalidated, fake and misleading news is vulnerable to being spread. Social media has rendered people very idle and lazy. They will want to keep following the trends all through. Some also have addiction and can hardly do anything if it is not on social media. Through social media, people also seek professional consultation and assistance. People seek medical attention via social media and sometimes it never goes through very well as some may be imposter professionals and give misleading information. In conclusion, from the above argument, it is clear that social media has really changed the way of life among the humans. Before it emerged, some of the issues still existed but apparently it has come to intensify them and make them worse. On the other hand it is also evident that it has brought along more advantages than the disadvantages.

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