Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the late 90s and early 21st century, AI technology became widely used as elements of larger systems, but the field is rarely credited for these successes. For example, music, toys and games, transportation, finance, hospitals and medicine, news, publishing & writing, aviation, and heavy industries. Not only that, but “it has increased the level of performance of physicians at hospital facilities. The situation acts in the interest of patients who are regarded as customers” (Nadimpalli, 1). According to the article, the hospital staff can use computer systems specially developed to identify patients who are most at risk.

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This system can accurately analyze the specific physiologic problems that various patients have and have them respond quickly.

Another advantage is that Artificial intelligence research can make valuable contribution to the education of human beings. There was a proposal that CAI (computer assisted instruction) would be programmed as a “tutor” that would be able to observe the efforts of a student in solving a problem and help them better understand the material. A second educational advantage is indirect but ultimately more important. By intentionally learning to imitate mechanical thinking, the student becomes able to articulate what mechanical thinking is and what it is not. The exercise can lead to greater self-assurance about the ability to choose a cognitive style that suits the problem.

An additional advantage is through the process of drug formulation, and clinical research. Artificial intelligence has been used to examine the massive amount of molecular information that relates to drug candidates to determine the overall effects that it would have upon them. It would have the chance of ensuring they have ability to classify the general implications of the precise drugs they put in the market. The pharmacies are looking into different characteristics of drugs they are developing. With the help of the AI, the process is faster and also measures the side effects of each drug.

A disadvantage would be if autonomous weapons are programmed to kill from the artificial intelligence systems. If these weapons were to get in the wrong hands, these weapons could easily cause mass causalities. For instances, the recent fatal school shootings that are happening all over the United States. Or when a patient is checked into the hospital and the system classifies asthma as a high-priority when all in all there are patients who are in the hospital for high level of urgency, it then fails as a system. If a patient who is suffering from pneumonia could be exposed to a high level of severity, the patient would lack the opportunity to benefit well from services offered at the health facility because of the artificial intelligence system.

The greatest disadvantage of artificial intelligence would be replacing human beings with these systems and taking their jobs. This will decrease the number of people who have the chance of benefiting from the different employment opportunities that could be put across by companies. Through the course, there is a high chance that some businesses could fail to create the level of economic development that would be necessary in an area. This would be horrible because such entities would lack the ability to offer a high level of employment that would be desirable. This system will be putting people out of work; leaving people without money who cannot afford to pay bills or provide food for their families, thus, leaving them homeless.

The real question is, why are scientists, engineers, and coders still trying to develop new things within AI; wouldn’t it cost people their jobs? Is it because AI have been so successful within these past years that the revenue has increased tremendously; all this new technology and these companies are out buying these objects. According to author, Darrell, “The reason is that new technologies of the period has enabled people to be very productive while working part-time. Businesses do not need large numbers of employees, so individuals can devote most of their waking hours to hobbies, volunteering, and community service. In conjunction with periodic work stints, they have time to pursue new skills and personal identities that are independent of their jobs” (West, 2018). I do not agree with this statement or thought because there are middle aged people who cannot do community service due to their age, health or physical appearances. Not only that, but if people wanted to devote their time to do these things, they would have done so already. Replacing these workers and having them scheduled for part-time is a nuisance and troublesome because it all ties back to how people will support their families.

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