Artificial Intelligence is a Big Part

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Artificial Intelligence is already a big part of our day to day life and many people consider AI of being a helpful tool but also a dangerous technology that can affect our lifes in various ways. People have different views of AI, the negatives and the positives.

AI can play an important part for assessing your health, sleep, exercise, determining any illnesses and changes to your body. Some of these listed can be shown through the access of your phone. AI will be able to preform surgeries while thinking analytically with no emotions and make crucial, critical decisions with limited or no mistakes.

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But consider that AIs dont feel emotions, therefore they cant be compassionate, sympathetic and morally attached to their patient. This would explain why they are not suitable to work as psychologists or therapists. They are not ethnically related to the human kind so why should people trust them with their lifes.

Currently, the majority of the AI population are hired in the manufacturing industry. Those types of jobs are already low paid jobs, which explains why most of the people that work there are poor and are trying to make a living with the small amount of money they earn. The result of replacing these workers with AI machines can cause more unemployment, leading to poverty. Many people will think the need of education is useless, since AI will be taking a greater number of jobs than humans and would be unnatural for humans to work. However, there are people who would argue that AI would be protecting people from harsh, long hours of labour and dangerous jobs that require to complete tricky tasks such as stopping a bomb.

Education is a necessity for people to learn and grow. AIs are programmed to teach people. Factually, AIs are less likely to make an error than a human, thus the students would learn more precisely because of the upgraded more detailed views in an AI. A human becomes better at a task by repeating the task numerous times, this explains why an AI cant improve its work knowledge because it is programmed with the information that it needs (no extra), consequently they could end up having limited information and examples about a specific topic.

Across the world, each year over 1 million people die tragically from car accidents. Some individuals believe, that AI could eliminate this nightmare, by having drive less cars, which could decrease the amount of car crashes and make our roads safer for our communities. Although, people are concerned that AI can only recognize cars, lights and big objects and would ignore any possible small animal and object, this could encourage manslaughter and damage to the already expensive vehicle, adding more expenses to be paid.

People are already exposing and publicizing themselves in social media with their own consent, but AI can take all your privacy away with or without your acknowledgement. Such things they can receive are medical or criminal records, passwords. This information can be shared with other people and AIs or hacked into, invading your privacy. Although, some people think that AI is helping individuals, businesses and organisations by making them consider the consequences of befriending or hiring a mentally ill, disabled individual or criminal.

People will always have their disagreements with AI but no matter what you think this will probably be our reality in the future. In my opinion, we should accept it but be very cautious about what it could lead to and take accountability about what we have created.

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