AI in Modern Technological Era

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Updated: Aug 21, 2023
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In today’s modern technological era, we use technology every day of our lives, and it has essentially become part of who we are. The advancements in technology have influenced every aspect of our lives, from how we communicate with each other to how we travel around the world. Technological advancements have paved the way for the development of artificial intelligence, a system where computers are able to complete tasks previously performed by humans only. Artificial intelligence, or AI, has enabled human beings to achieve what was believed to be impossible and has provided a lot of ease and convenience.

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AI can benefit society by increasing and enhancing productivity, performance, and efficiency. Despite all the benefits of artificial intelligence, many people fear that it might become out of control and may result in the extinction of the human race. These are simply fear-based opinions that have no relevancy because “while AI seems like a futuristic concept, it’s actually something that many people use daily, although 63 percent of users don’t realize they’re using it” (Eldridge 11). Moreover, artificial intelligence has tremendously helped our society by improving different aspects of our lives and increasing productivity and efficiency within the economy.

Similarly, artificial intelligence is not an alien or foreign concept. When people hear about artificial intelligence they often think of a conscious robot trying to enslave and suppress the human race. However, artificial intelligence is “more than just a machine with human-level intelligence scientists hope they could one day create. It is a set of algorithms and technologies that is already powering many tasks in everyday life” (Powering Everyday life 1). Social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram, the autopilot function in planes, search engines such as Google and Amazon, and fraud protecting machines in debit and credit cards are all just a few examples of how artificial intelligence eases our work and aids us in our everyday tasks.

Likewise, the advancement of technology has allowed medical personnel to use artificial intelligence in medicine. Scientists and doctors are researching ways to use AI in medicine so that they can save more lives. Although the human mind is very capable, computers and machines are often better able to go through extensive amounts of data and detect any possible issues. Hence, many doctors believe that “AI is making its mark in healthcare by automating mundane, repetitive tasks. This is especially true in the case of detecting cancer” (Brady 4). Opponents believe that Artificial Intelligence is a contrivance that can only hurt human beings and destroy the human race. Nonetheless, they fail to realize how AI is saving the lives of countless people and benefiting society.
Correspondingly, artificial intelligence can profoundly help businesses grow and develop. Big businesses that operate on a large scale can use this technology to better manage their work. For instance, Emirates, an international airline operating all around the world, is encountered with the expectation of dealing with thousands of customers daily. As a result, the existence of a proper and operating system that is efficient, adequate, and time-saving is vital. Artificial intelligence can help companies and businesses by “processing billions of data points in a matter of minutes” (Artificial Intelligence 4). Some people argue that artificial intelligence will take people’s jobs and increase unemployment. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be farther from reality. It’s true that artificial intelligence is replacing workers in jobs that would be performed tremendously faster if done by technological devices, but it’s a fact that as a result of artificial intelligence, “people are currently doing jobs that weren’t available even just a few years back” (Eldridge 13). Artificial intelligence has allowed and created the capacity for an entirely new field where there are many opportunities for innovative and forward-thinking people.

In addition, artificial intelligence doesn’t only help businesses flourish; it also helps the economy thrive and prosper. Before the development of artificial intelligence, language had always been a trade barrier and an obstacle among countries. AI has resolved that restriction and enhanced businesses by being able to automatically translate between languages. For that reason, “language differences that throughout history have hindered trade are steadily going to become irrelevant as machine translation shrinks the world” (Brynjolfsson 5). Not only has artificial intelligence helped the economy and trade by reducing language barriers, but it has also revolutionized technology by being able to recognize voice and facial expressions. These technological advances allow people all around the world to increase connectivity, leading to enhanced productivity within businesses that result in a healthier and more wholesome society and economy.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence has changed our world for the better and allowed us to advance as a society. AI has revolutionized our definition and concept of the impossible and has helped us achieve the unachievable. It has transformed and made our everyday lives easier and opened an entirely new field of amazing opportunities. Therefore, we as a society can either embrace the change and the fact that the world is going to advance and develop, or fear it. Change is inevitable and unavoidable; thus, people who choose to accept and adapt to these changes will be the ones who succeed in life.

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