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Artificial Intelligence Essays

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Applicability of AI in Ex Machina Movie

Words: 782 Pages: 3 4560

Introduction Also known as machine intelligence, artificial intelligence refers to the intellect displayed by machines as divergent to the inherent intellect, which is portrayed by the brain of human beings and several other living creatures (Flasi?„ski, 2016). There has been continual development and progress in the technological field in the sense that it encompasses the […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Robot

Artificial Intelligence in Society

Words: 1422 Pages: 5 4744

Throughout history evolution has played a large role in the development of society. For the most part, organisms have been locked in toward a certain level of intelligence. Species develop and improve overtime and each species finds their role in the ecosystem. However, there is one exception: AI. This is because there is no limit […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness, Ecology, Intelligence

Current State of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 586 Pages: 2 4169

It would be reasonable to say that the modern pace of technological development as well as its introduction into almost every realm of human life if genuinely unprecedented. One can say that something that a decade ago was considered futuristic, nowadays is regarded as reality. In such sense, when speaking about Artificial Intelligence or Machine […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Machine Learning

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 1392 Pages: 5 7523

Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages. Artificial intelligence has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of these advantages would be the few mistakes they would make; some of these robots could […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Robot, Social Media

Welcome to the 21st Century: the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 1471 Pages: 5 4602

Over one hundred thirty million people worldwide use the Netflix streaming service; however, most may not know how the recommendation system works. The brilliant mind behind this program is actually an algorithm produced under the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a developing technology with a “learning” capacity that seemingly imitates human capabilities. The […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence
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How AI is Beneficial to Society

Words: 515 Pages: 2 4620

Artificial intelligence may be the last invention humans will ever need to make. AI is the development of a computer system able to perform a task that normally requires human intelligence. People tend to disagree about-about the evolvement of AI because they will soon become faster and more capable than humans. AI is beneficial to […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence

Regulation Within the Development of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 2539 Pages: 8 4295

Artificial Intelligence is currently being developed in the academic and private sectors with no questions or interference from the government. This could be an oversight on the part of the local and federal government. Artificial Intelligence advancements will have a profound impact on our future from voice and image recognition to a possible workforce of […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 480 Pages: 2 4136

As society develops into this technology driven world, the question most people ask is “what is artificial intelligence? And how might I be impacted?”. According to Management Information Systems by Stephen Haag, AI is “the science of making machines imitate human thinking and behavior” (Hagg). Taping into the business industry, AI machines are used to […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence

Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 578 Pages: 2 4113

Before delving into the details of Artificial Intelligence (AI), first, recognition must be given to its creator and its origin. Professor John McCarthy was the pioneer of the field of AI and was the lead individual in bringing the possibility of AI to worldwide recognition. McCarthy’s theory towards AI was simple, “The study is that […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Robot

Anomaly Detection Software on the Ground

Words: 513 Pages: 2 3910

In today’s world, business and informational organizations have never been more reliant on software systems for their daily operations and computing tasks. Every day, computer users discover things out of the ordinary, or deviations, that could potentially harm their organization’s security. It could be something as small as a miscalculation or something more serious, like […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Computer Software, Machine Learning

Negative Effects of Social Media

Words: 2364 Pages: 8 14225

Social media is a vast platform, luring us in with a lot of different content. The amount of interaction one can have with people online within the span of a day is surreal. So, it becomes self-evident that platforms which have so much impact on our lives should be truly understood. To say good doesn’t […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Effects of Social Media, Intelligence, Research, Social Media

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 760 Pages: 3 4421

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pervasive throughout the business environment. As utilization of AI grows, machines are becoming more powerful and are improving daily. Our company, Pillars and Associates, analyzes artificial intelligence within the workplace and instructs accounting firms as to the benefits and consequences of incorporating artificial intelligence in their workspace. Currently, Pinsker Company (PC) […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence

The Connection of Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Words: 893 Pages: 3 4810

Artificial intelligence connects quite well with marketing, and if used in coalition companies may achieve success. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary Artificial “Intelligence is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.” Artificial Intelligence is quite an interesting concept, which helps cater to the personalization that consumers desire. Many major companies use […]

Topics: Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Facebook, Intelligence, Social Media

Review of Internet of Things in Healthcare

Words: 1846 Pages: 6 4900

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is a main area where embedded devices and sensors can connect and exchange information over the Internet. IoT can change the way where human being live their life by making it more comfortable and smart. IoT has the capability to add intelligence in real world objects and make them communicate […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Words: 2798 Pages: 9 5064

Abstract In this investigative report paper we’ll present an overview of finance, what it looks like today, give some examples of the emerging markets in finance and outline the general trends and tendencies. Then, we’ll describe what trading is, how it is done and list some of the biggest trading firms; go through an overview […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Bank, Economy, Finance, Intelligence, Investment, Machine Learning, Money

AI in Modern Technological Era

Words: 884 Pages: 3 4280

In today’s modern technological era we use technology every day of our lives and it has essentially become part of who we are. The advancements in technology have influenced every aspect of our lives from how we communicate with each other to how we travel around the world. Technological advancements have paved the way for […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence

Should Humanity Fear Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Words: 1175 Pages: 4 7851

Nowadays, there are a lot of talks and debates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its future. This is an issue which is increasingly causing concern amongst a significant portion of the world’s population. But before discussing fear of advances in AI, first, it is better to clearly know what AI is. “AI can be seen […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Morality

Artificial Intelligence is a Big Part

Words: 590 Pages: 2 3878

Artificial Intelligence is already a big part of our day to day life and many people consider AI of being a helpful tool but also a dangerous technology that can affect our lifes in various ways. People have different views of AI, the negatives and the positives. AI can play an important part for assessing […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence

Study on Artificial Intelligence

Words: 860 Pages: 3 3997

The study of Artificial Intelligence had always been an intriguing field for both scientists and the general population. An inanimate being with facial features equivalent to that of a homo-sapien, along with exceeding intelligence, their existence are often a controversial topic to human beings. As various mediums of entertainment has portrayed, the creation of a […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Words: 445 Pages: 1 3391

Often mentioned as the revolution for the law “DAO”(Decentralised autonomous organisations) refers to the digital version of agreement where all rules and regulations are written in source code.(Universa, 2017). DAOs operate through computer programs known as “smart contracts”. This can cause a challenge for the auditors as DAO in itself is not a legal entity […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

Phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence

Words: 352 Pages: 1 4225

The largest Artificial intelligence (AI) robot in the world today, is a robotic dragon that can breathe fire and weighs more than two tons. This robot is a Guinness world record holder for the biggest robot in the world. The creators of the dragon have put so many details into it, to the point where […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Social Media

How See Now, Buy Now Enabled by Artificial Intelligence

Words: 1268 Pages: 4 3879

Walter Mischel, a psychologist famed for the 1960’s Marshmallow Test, which he elucidated the virtue of delayed gratification for youngsters. Today, the data economy promotes the dichotomy of an on-demand culture. Enabled by AI on divinatory consumer demand and predictive supply chain, front-line companies are charged up to provide a See-Now-Buy-Now (SNBN) experience to the […]

Topics: 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Clothing, Fashion, Intelligence, Retail, Supply Chain Management

China and its Ambitions in Artificial Intelligence

Words: 2690 Pages: 9 4296

Introduction In the summer of 1956, four American scientists, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester and Clause Shannon, met to give a lecture at Dartmouth College. The term Artificial Intelligence was used for the first time in the history of mankind (CEA & Esprit Sorcier 2018). The scientist Marvin Minsky gave a definition of artificial […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, China, Intelligence

Robots Taking over Jobs

Words: 746 Pages: 2 10087

Did you know that about thirty percent of the Earth’s population is unemployed? This sounds crazy to believe but unfortunately, it’s true. The main reason such a catastrophe is occurring is that we’re moving fast into the future, now than ever before. Almost every day, the world changes and humans come up with ways to […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Earth, Employment, Robot

Generating Interactive Computer Graphics

Words: 1510 Pages: 5 3753

Nvidia, a major GPU creator, recently discovered a way on how to generate 3D graphics without a traditional 3D polygon engine. Instead of using 3D models and textures they are able to generate three-dimensional virtual worlds by feeding video into a Generative Adversarial Network. The trained network is then fed segmentation maps of real videos, […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Computers

Artificial Intelligence Often Denoted

Words: 1099 Pages: 4 4046

Artificial Intelligence often denoted as AI is one of the latest developments in the field of information technology. It is a key concept in the field of technology that is become the newest trends in the technology industry that has become one of the greatest developments. Artificial intelligence is the application of technology in running […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Robot

Artificial Intelligence Fiction Vs Reality

Words: 1117 Pages: 4 4495

Artificial intelligence has been a topic discussed in popular culture for decades, despite its relatively recent appearance in the robotics industry. In 20th-century films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Terminator, sentient machines are most commonly portrayed as being cold, unfeeling killers who invariably turn on their creators to fulfill their own nefarious […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Robot

Artificial Intelligence and its Effect on Mankind

Words: 826 Pages: 3 4719

Since the mid 1900’s the idea of creating artificial intelligence, also known as A.I., that can think and act on its own has been discussed between many engineers from the math and science community but back then it seemed more like fiction than anything else, until now. Thanks to the technological boom that started in […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence

Soil Analysis Can Stand to Benefit

Words: 1470 Pages: 5 3934

Cattle and other grazing animals are often either let free to graze wherever they please or they are cordoned off of sections one by one. Ranchers can possibly use AI to learn what sections of their fields have the most nutritious grass and where they should section off their animals to allow the animals to […]

Topics: Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Pesticide, Soil

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Words: 763 Pages: 3 5253

In the late 90s and early 21st century, AI technology became widely used as elements of larger systems, but the field is rarely credited for these successes. For example, music, toys and games, transportation, finance, hospitals and medicine, news, publishing & writing, aviation, and heavy industries. Not only that, but “it has increased the level […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Social Media
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