The Development of AI

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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As humanity continues to progress, our understanding of the world increases and exposes our minds to new and modern innovations that will make our lives simpler. I think the progression that we as humans have made on the development of AI is incredible, but it should have limits. Examples of this can be that machines can become smarter than humans and control of the population can be lost in the panic or fear. Another reason why AI should be limited is because of the hidden, or unforeseen consequences that can come with the progression in AI. My last judgment on why AI should be regulated is that even though AI and robots can be extremely productive in the medical field or military, it should have supervision of a human.

The title artificial intelligence was first neologized by John McCarthy when he operated the first educational assemblage on the AI topic in 1956. Over the years the definition of Artificial Intelligence has fluctuated in meaning. Today, the most common description of Artificial Intelligence is that it is the theory of computer systems being capable of completing and accomplishing tasks that generally take human understanding. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for robots and machines to learn from experience and finalize each assignment with ease and precision. In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence has become an essential part of the technology industry and is all around us in more ways than one. Examples of AI Include Tesla’s self-driving car, AI autopilot on commercial planes, your email’s spam filter and even plagiarism checkers.

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The development of AI is one of the tech industries biggest challenges at this point. When the advancement of robots and artificial intelligence reach its peak and become smarter than humans, the whole population could lose its control. If robots become brighter than humans and start to think for themselves and wish to be no longer controlled, we should have a so-called ”Kill Switch. Us as the human population interpret robots in the way they are presented in movies, violent with a potential to overtake us. .” Having this ”Kill Switch,” could be essential shortly; with the rapid progression on robots.

With the progression of AI, it is almost impossible to predict the outcomes and future that robots will bring. Hidden or unforeseen consequences can induce plenty of dilemmas that may be hard to answer. This is why programming robots/AI to an exceeding amount without a backup plan may produce problematical results.

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In today’s world robots are already used by hospitals and military field to provide an advantage over the enemy or have an extra helper when performing surgery. If robots continue to learn, hospitals and the military may leave an AI to complete a particular task by itself without any supervision. Assigning an android to perform a duty by itself without any surveillance can have costly problems. If an android is issued with the job of performing surgery on someone by itself, it could malfunction or shut down leaving the patient in a vulnerable position to diseases or infections. Another example of this could be if a military official or force leaves a robot to send and transmit information from a fighting zone to a safe area and it has a flaw and doesn’t transfer the crucial information which can save lives.

All in all, robots/AI are the future of planet earth and should be worked on and updated to be able to perform various human tasks with ease. With these innovations, limits should be assigned and enforced to ensure that androids will never have enough power to work for themselves.

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