The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence: Unleashing the Future Potential

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Updated: Jun 17, 2023
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How it works

Cycles, current computers, phones, etc., are common, but due to innovations in man, unexpected changes have taken place in the world itself. These discoveries brought about many changes in human life. These changes have run the gamut of human life. But the next innovation is beyond all these. It is beautiful to the imagination, boundless. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the name given to the extent to which Artificial Intelligence affects our human life, and our future depends on it. Artificial Intelligence is a type of computer program.

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How it works is a kind of computer algorithm that can learn and think in the same way that man learns by looking at the outside world. Generally, now, a computer only knows how to execute a program if it is given to it. But Artificial Intelligence is not like that. He thinks about how it works and how it can be done better than that when doing the same thing over and over again. Also, if there are any mistakes in the work, he will correct them himself. Artificial Intelligence is something that can be learned by thinking for oneself.


What the future holds if Artificial Intelligence is fully developed. Let’s fully understand what this Artificial Intelligence can do and what the consequences will be in the future if this man–made Artificial Intelligence goes against our hands. Every day we unknowingly use an algorithm called Artificial Intelligence.

For example, 1. When someone sends us verified emails in the Gmail app, it shows them in the Gmail AI algorithm spam folder, and Gmail has folders like primary and social. It shows in those folders what these belong to us.
 2. When we search for any word on YouTube, the keyword we are searching for will show the related words there, and if we watch any video on YouTube and then open YouTube again, it will show videos related to the video we have seen before. This is YouTube’s Artificial Intelligence. This Artificial Intelligence is a neuron network system that connects to the entire network of the world. In the same way that we learn from the events around us at a young age, this artificial Intelligence can learn new things through the work it does with the help of the data provided to it.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence can develop programming on its own. In this way, Artificial Intelligence, which man learns on his own without help, has reached a level equal to that of the human intellect.

If we graph the creatures on Earth in terms of Intelligence from 1 to 1000, the rat would be near 1, the dolphin 4 near 8, and the human near 10, but the artificial Intelligence would be 1000.


Let us now see what are the uses of Artificial Intelligence.

For example, Alfago, an artificial intelligence created by Google Deep Mind, defeated the top grandmasters in the world’s toughest Chinese go-to game, Artificial Intelligence. How is this possible?

The Alphago Artificial Intelligence key gives you the data you have previously downloaded and played the Go Game online. Artificial Intelligence understood the data so well and learned 3 crore tricks.

Then Alfago Artificial Intelligence played the Go Game with itself a few million times. Like Alfago Artificial Intelligence playing the Go game so many times that with that practice, he reached a level where no man in the world could beat him. So far, Artificial Intelligence has been writing poetry, writing news articles, and composing music on its own. In the same way, Artificial Intelligence competes with man in all fields. Anson, a robotics company, has recently developed a humanoid robot with artificial Intelligence. Anything can be done with this robot. Human life can be made easier if such intelligent artificial Intelligence is useful to the human mind. Most of the road accidents that are happening now are just like human error.
90% of road accidents can be prevented with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Vehicles driven with the help of Artificial Intelligence will then be able to interact with oncoming vehicles, understand the surrounding environment and react accordingly. So 90% of road accidents can be avoided.

Crime is on the rise in some parts of California. However, the police, with the help of artificial intelligence called PRED POL PREDICT Crime in Real-Time, reduced the crime rate, increased arrests by 50%, and reduced crime rates by 20%. In addition, this PRED POL Artificial Intelligence can predict who will commit the crime and when. How it works is that old crime records that happened earlier look at the events of those times and pair them with the current conditions and mark the places where the crime is likely to take place based on that. This solves the problem.
As Artificial Intelligence continues to develop, Artificial Intelligence can help man in a number of complex surgeries, including man-made but solvable problems, and cure endless ailments.


Artificial Intelligence is more advanced than man, and let’s see how the situation is.

If Artificial Intelligence is fully developed or developed, 80 crore jobs will be automated by 2030. According to research by Oxford University, 700 crore jobs will be automated.
A large number of jobs are automated, such as cash deposits, banking jobs due to the advent of ATM machines, driver jobs due to the advent of automatic driving vehicles, man jobs due to robotics, and many more jobs at risk. If this is the case, then maybe Artificial Intelligence can change the coding we write for itself in order to develop or become smarter.


Generally, if a man has an IQ-85 of, it means he is below intelligent; if he has an IQ-120 of, it means he is smart, even though the word genius is Einstein’s IQ is just above 160. But for Artificial Intelligence, the IQ is up to 12,925. Artificial Intelligence So, when it comes to the fullest, it will only be Artificial Intelligence that is the most powerful on Earth.

Leading scientist Stephen Hawking has warned against this. We have some limitations biologically, but there are no limits to Artificial Intelligence. Stephen Hawking says that human beings cannot compete with them. Some argue that this would be the last invention of man when artificial Intelligence came to its fullest extent.

If we graph the creatures on Earth in terms of Intelligence from 1 to 1000, the rat would be near 1, the dolphin 4 near 8, and the human near 10, but the artificial Intelligence would be 1000.


Artificial Intelligence only makes everything better now. Yet due to this, it can be said that unexpected changes are coming in the future.

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