Artificial Intelligence: Good or Bad for Society?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence(AI), also called Machinery Intelligence, has become a hot topic. Especially after AlphaGo beat several world-famous go players such as Ke Jie and Lee Se-dol, AI caught the world’s attention.

AI means using the automaton system to simulate the external behavior of the human mind to solve problems efficiently. In 1950, Turing put forward “Machines can think” in his works. AI was first mentioned in 1956 at Dartmouth Institute. From then on, the research of AI had officially begun.

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 Now, artificial intelligence is maturing. The presence of artificial intelligence saves our time and helps us solve many problems that we can’t solve by ourselves. AI has been used in many aspects, such as medicine, education, traffic, and so on. AI is used everywhere. The smartphone and computers we use every day are based on AI. Here, I will take traffic as an example.

As we all know, we can know real-time traffic status through the Internet. Nowadays, computers can analyze traffic status through image detection and image recognition technology and then intelligent the timing of signal lamps. AI also applies in highway toll stations instead of manual tolling to save drivers time. Measuring the speed of the car is based on the AI too. All the above that you think are very common and simple are attributed to AI and can reach the purpose of easing traffic congestion.

Besides, intelligent robots also can apply in traffic. The robot can direct traffic at road junctions. It can control the signal lamp by connecting to the Internet. It also can remind pedestrians to obey traffic rules. As a result, the workload of traffic police was greatly reduced. What’s more, driverless cars. A car without a driver sounds ridiculous before. But now, we can realize it with the help of AI. You just need to sit in the car, and the car will drive by itself. The driverless car can sense the environment around the car by the sensor and, according to the information obtained, control the steering and speed of the car. For example, if your car is too close to the car ahead, it will slow down or stop immediately. If the driverless car can be used widely, it can reduce the probability of traffic accidents and ease traffic jams.

All of the above are attributed to AI. But there are also many problems with AI. We can’t promise that AI won’t make mistakes forever. People who design AI may make mistakes. AI will go wrong if we have used it too long. And also, some people may do bad things used by AI. So, there is still room for improvement in the study of artificial intelligence.AI is beneficial to us, but at the same time, it may also hurt us.

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