Driving is a Privilege, not a Right

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“Driving is a privilege, not a right, yet something most people do need to thrive in everyday life. They use their cars to get around on an everyday bases to get place to place. In America alone there are more than 122 million and that’s only licensed. Imagine how many drive are driving without one or with any training, experience etc. On the back of a certified licensed from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). 1000’s of black motorist get pulled over just because of a white officer abusing their authority by racial profiling.

BAn article from the Washington Post from Oct 27, 2015 proved that white people get pulled over less and they find more illegal things on them than they do on black drivers. The article states that traffic stops are the most common interaction between police and the public that has become a focus point in the debate about race, law enforcement, and equality in America. A large amount as in 20 million traffic stops in the United States each year involve black drivers, even though they are no more likely to break traffic laws than whites. Black drivers are more likely than whites to be searched by police, because of the thought of them having or selling contraband. Although they are no more likely to be carrying contraband than a white driver would be. Such treatment leaves minorities feeling violated, angry, and wary of police and their motives. Activists have went and took the fight streets to protest police shootings of unarmed black people. Athletes, including National Football League players, have knelt or raised clenched fists during the singing of the national anthem at sports events such as Colin Copernic to try to shine a light on these inequality in our everyday life. “ many black parents rehearse with their children what to do if they are pulled over: Lower your car window so officers have a clear line of sight, turn on the interior lights, keep your hands visible, have your license and registration accessible, and for God’s sake, let the officer know you are reaching for them so he doesn’t shoot you.” (Jeff Guo, 2015). Across the country, law-abiding black and Hispanic drivers are left frightened and humiliated by the inordinate attention they receive from police, who too often see them as criminals.

BODY PARAGRAPH 2- Another article was published 5 years later because the almost epidemic had gotten worse. The articles came from the national geographic magazine of race issues. Black drivers are pulled over by police at rates exceeding those for whites. It’s a flash point in the national debate over race in 2018. “My now 28-year-old son was stopped by police, he was a high school student in Baltimore, Maryland. He was headed to a barber shop when he was startled by flashing lights and the sight of two police cars pulling up behind him. The stop lasted just a few minutes and resulted in no ticket. It seems the cops just wanted to check him out. My son’s fear morphed into indignation when an officer returned his license, saying, “A lot of vehicles like yours are stolen.” He was driving a Honda Civic.” 

All this to say how African Americans feel and have to live in fear of getting pulled over. Only because of an officer wanting to show off their power on blacks that’s drive. And they will continue to do it until we do something like graduate and become a Sargent etc. To show them the right way or stop them by showing the world what they’re doing. In both articles there were African Americans. That had some type of negative interaction with the law enforcement while behind the wheel doing there every day routine. Then they found there self’s in some type of traffic interaction with the police. Based on them driving an officer think they have something on them that’s not good. In today’s society it’s not just blacks anymore. It has graduated to a level of any race blacks, Hispanic, Caucasian, Native American African Americans as you can see in both articles. Seem to be the target and were the first that this ever happened to. They seem more determined now than ever to put a stop to it not only for their people but the future generation behind them.”

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