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New York City Essays

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The American Dream Mall

Words: 765 Pages: 3 1976

Over-budget issues happened multiple times with this project in 2006 and 2009. The second time around, Triple Five acquired the project after bankers took control of it from Colony Capital. When the developers and the project management team have financial issues, it usually means mismanagement of funds or project chaos. Project chaos is a broad […]

Topics: Economy, New York City, United States

Housing Issues in NYC

Words: 2829 Pages: 9 4088

The cost of housing in New York has been a social problem for centuries due to how expensive it is to rent or own a home and how certain populations may be affected more than others, i.e. – low-income or middle-income families. This paper will discuss how this social problem has been measured, affect different […]

Topics: Housing, New York City, Property law, Real estate

Coming Home again Summary

Words: 739 Pages: 2 4759

A self-portraying article by Korean-American writer Chang-rae Lee, distributed in the New Yorker back in 1995, is the flash for Wayne Wang’s exceptionally close to home mother-child show Coming Home Again. Lee is credited as co-screenwriter of the film, which depicts the manner in which a youthful author named Chang-rae drops his normal everyday employment […]

Topics: Cancer, Disease, New York City

Is Graffiti an Art?

Words: 2562 Pages: 9 4327

Mention the word ‘graffiti’ and what typically comes to mind is something unpleasant and distasteful like indecent language scribbled on a wall of a store or crude pictures. Most graffiti is characterized as vandalism on property that does not belong to the culprit. Graffiti also displays negative graphics that promote some type of vulgar message […]

Topics: Museum, New York City, Visual Arts

Through the Eyes of Victor Hernandez Cruz

Words: 2729 Pages: 9 4603

Immigration remains a controversial and highly debated topic in the United States. Parties continuously bicker over the correct policies and procedures regarding immigrants; many politicians, and citizens have strong opinions regarding immigration. However, many people lack experiences as immigrants, although the United States remains no stranger to immigration, as it was founded by immigrants. Award-winning […]

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Immigration, New York City, Poetry, Puerto Rico
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