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The fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are inherent for all. There is no question that all people (black, Latinos, Indians or white) were created free and equal with certain inalienable rights. This is a universally accepted principle. Segregation and racism of the people of color in the United States has always been a subject of discussion for decades, perhaps centuries where different figures have called on the people to fight and seek for equality. This is the genesis of the question as to whether black lives matter. However different people have had the different opinion concerning the issue, and this has compelled different groups to address the issue through various means such as debates and protests.

When black people started seeking for justice and fair treatment, they were not against police but the brutality and the excessive violence that the police used against the black people and singled them out based on their race. Other than the unfair treatment that the black people received, they were also seeking a balance of power. According to observers, there are more than twice as many unarmed Black people killed by the police compared to White people. Black people are more likely to be deprived their rights by the law enforcement compared to the white people  and this, according to studies, is not by accident but by design. Which begs the question, does the lives of the black people matter as much as those of any other? After the killings of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Kimani Gray, and many others who were black, people started to consider the vulnerability of the black people in public spaces and doubted the legitimacy of the police force used. The black people feared for their lives and no longer felt safe walking in the street.

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In November 2012 the incident of an unarmed couple who were shot dead also caught the attention of many people and compelled the black community to protest in a bid to stand up for their basic right to life. The killings of Michael Brown in 2014 made the African Americans realize that they need to wake up and fight against police brutality and unjust treatment that they receive. Michael Brown also a victim of police brutality whose family did not receive justice was just an innocent man walking in the streets of Ferguson at the time. The jury held that there was not enough evidence to incriminate the police officer who shot Michael Brown.

However, there was a feeling in the black community that the jury was favoring the police and treated Browns case as if black lives did not matter. There was also a feeling that Black people are often viewed as a threat to the society, and unfortunately, the mindset is also affecting the upcoming generation. Although efforts had been put to create awareness, the consensus is that not enough is being done to end racism. After the continued killing of black people, the black people decided to form Black Lives Matter movement to encourage people to stand up and unite against racial discrimination against black people and to fight against the expectation of normality defined by white supremacy. According to Anthony Bradley.Black lives matter because they are also people.

It is not enough to say that black lives matter without giving reasons as to why it matters. Some of the White people, for instance, have depersonalized themselves from blacks because they feel that they look like criminals and because they do not show affection towards each other, they should not be treated with dignity. Black lives matter because people are not independent, self-reliant, individualistic creatures who do not need others for their flourishing (Anthony Bradley).Thus it is necessary that the society and the police force treat black people the dignity they deserve. Conversely, when people talk about black people lives, it does not mean that the lives of other people do not matter. More concerns are made of black people simply because they are the ones who are oppressed most by the police. Moreover, black people should not take advantage of the situation and break the law. If laws are broken, they should face the law but in a just manner. Bad policing has greatly influenced how the black people are being treated.

Due to the brutality and violence that the police use, black people have become more resistant to the law in case they are found on the wrong side of the law. The supremacy system should train the police on how to treat people whether they are criminals or not. Black lives matter protests should not be a way of promoting violence against the police but away from creating awareness of what the black people face and the changes that the supreme system need to make in addressing various issues when dealing with people and not only the blacks alone. Some people argue that the action of the few do not present or should not be used to judge the action of the majority. However, if one police commit a crime and he or she is not dealt with accordingly, then the same action may be repeated by others as they may think that they would also walk escort free if they commit the same mistake.

This is the more reason as to why people want the same law to be incorporated to the police and any other person including the black if they do not abide by the law. As I have mentioned earlier on, black lives matter is simply a reminder to people that for most of American history black lives have been valued less than white ones, but it does not mean that the lives of the white do not matter. Even after the reign of slavery, the black people have continued to remain poorer, discriminated and more likely to be killed by the police. This is the more reason as to why black people would wish to be treated equally as compared to the white people since they are living in a different century. Black people feel that racism has been used to define a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on race which disadvantages some individuals and communities while benefitting others. Black lives matter movement has tried to follow in a tradition of Black struggle in the United States.

It has tried to shed light way beyond the brutal killings that the black people currently face and shows how the struggle for equal rights began a long time ago. For instance, the black people were enslaved by the whites in the early 1700s and 1800s where they were forced to work in harsh conditions without pay. The families were also broken down and sold, and during all these, they were not allowed to question the white people. Additionally, the blacks were separated from the whites by the segregation law. Unfortunately, up to date some of these laws are still practiced in some of our institutions. The segregation law prevented African Americans from buying homes in the white neighborhood, barred them from certain jobs and had separate substandard schools. This affected the learning of the black children because some of them felt like a lesser human being and this also affected their mental growth. Although some laws were changed, some of the white people already brainwashed and still feel that they are superior compared to the black people.

God who is the Creator of the human family and looks upon every man, woman, and child as equal in dignity and worth (McLeroy), Thus the unnecessary killing of the black people should be upon those in authority to address the issue and come together with another activist to prevent the killing of black people. Furthermore, they must recognize and reshape the racial misconduct issues that may arise to achieve a racial justice work. Racism is a public health concern since it is a social condition that affects a persons health and causes social illnesses. Either psychologically or physically. The deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown are a reminder to health professions to critically evaluate their work, values, and impact on people.

However efforts to fight racism should not be left in the hand of health professionals alone. It is upon all of us to confront, analyze, and dismantle racism. The activist that are in support of the Black lives matter echo the principles of an open society that is based on social justice that recognizes the equal value of all lives. They argue that researchers and practitioners should actively interact with the black people to gain understanding on how injustices that they face affecting their lives. The practitioners and researchers do not necessarily have to be black. This, in the long run, would show that people, especially the whites are ready to also fight for social equality as it was during the civil rights movement. Black lives matter because it steals peoples dignity.

Whoever for us to be able to solve the brutality and the injustice that the black people face, we must acknowledge that police violence, and racism do exist. Understanding and admitting that there is a problem is the first step for us getting a remedy to it. We have to understand those whose struggle for justice is, but still, they have not accomplished it. Our objectives us people who seek justice is to ensure that justice-loving people act towards justice. Additionally, with all the evidence, we should stand and act together from a place of love and authority rather than distress and rage. (Dr. William J. Barber).Whether black or white, people lives are dependent on them being served with equal justice under the law. Systemic racism goes beyond the individual intent to discriminate the black people. The black lives matter is not only concerned with the rights of the blacks but of the whole nation.

Rather than it pointing fingers at a few individuals, they are arguing out for the change of the society and institutions on how they perceive the black people. People also feel that the policing system, rather than individuals, is what is making them unsafe. When people and the supremacy are addressing the issue of black lives matter, they should all have an open mind. However, the black lives matter movement has faced much criticism because some people believe that it is a hate group and encourages racism and violence while others think that it has not been crystal clear on it objectives. Hence for them to reach a positive and a common consensus with the government, they suggested that they should have a community representation in the police department who is aware of the challenges and the problems that they face in the community and also be able to accept their feedback on how to improve the police department. Since the court relies on the evidence provided by the police to make the judgment, black lives matter movement wished that other department could independently investigate and prosecute the cases presented to them.

This is because the police system is the one that enforces law and order and at the same breaks the law and cannot convict them. When police officers hurt the civilians, they should also be subjected to the law. To reduce black peoples killing, it would be better if the policing system would focus more on other forms of training such as deescalating situations and dealing with people of different backgrounds rather than spending more hour of training in firearms. When police are taught other means of dealing with situations, the firearm would be the last option for them to use when dealing with a suspect not unless they are forced to. Police should be taught how to use less force when dealing with people because they are human. It is important to note that racial inequality is not merely a symptom of economic inequality (Hillary Clinton). Black people have continued to face systemic inequities in the education system, economic opportunities, and justice system. More talks on creating awareness and action to be taken should be done since up to date black people still face racism and discrimination in their daily lives.

However as people are trying to come up with solutions to reduce the killings of the black people, the crimes that are being committed by the blacks should not be ignored. Crimes such as black to black violence should not be ignored. Moreover, once we can curb the police killing of the blacks, then we can be able to deal with the other problems that the community face on a large scale through good parenting and mentoring of children at a young age to grow morally up right. There is a genuine need to address such concerns.

Blacks lives matter because just like everyone else, the black people were created free and equal and endowed with those inalienable rights protected by the law. Every black person is a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars” they have a right to be here. As Dr. King rightly noted in his classic speech, I have a dream.

When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is time for the promise to receive their due.


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