Black Lives Matter a Current Social Movement

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A current social movement occuring is Black Lives Matter. The violence utilized to kill African Americans due to their race is why this topic is a major social problem. The victims affected by this violence are African American citizens. One concept that supports this social problem is deviance.

The definition of deviance is a violation of established contextual cultural and social norms. A reason for the violence utilized against African Americans is because of the assumption of deviance. This assumption is based on the fact that African Americans are a minority and because of that people assume that they do deviant acts. Also, some African Americans live in poverty and to some that justifies the assumption that they commit deviance.

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The second concept that supports the social problem is race. The key point to why this violence occurs is because of the color of the victim’s skin. To some the color of African Americans skin portrays them to be criminals and or more likely to do incriminating acts. The final concept supporting the reason this is an issue is discrimination.

The definition of discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. This concept is another key concept because based on the clothes they wear, where they live, their gender, and the way they carry themselves African Americans get discriminated against and treated as if they are any less of a human than anyone else.

The issue with violence against African Americans should be and will be addressed on a global level because this is a problem occurring all over the world. Black Lives Matter is an activist movement. For this organization media framing will be used to help people understand this movement. Media framing will help the audience understand the organization’s goal and what they want to achieve from the movement.

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