History of Police Brutality

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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America’s history allows spectators to realize that police brutality is not a modern-day problem, however it is a rising issue. As a nation built up of diverse groups, it is not a surprise that this country has an interminable past of acts of brutality, especially when it comes to individuals who have been incarcerated which is a huge portion of America’s population. A rising amount of police officers are now unlawfully abusing their power, and many prisoners are not willing to report the incident due to police officers creating a sense of fear and terror causing retaliation from the public, specifically, prisoners.

Abuse in prison should have consequences because abusing a law-abiding prisoner is unacceptable. Identification of the Problem While much has been learned in recent reports each year of ill-treatment of prisoners against various officers that unlawfully violate human rights by using unnecessary force. The controversy over whether this issue is systematic or anecdotal is shocking, especially considering the fact that there is information provided by journalists, civilians and the justice department that authorize its presence.

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While many oppose the research found on prison abuse, some because of religious, ethical issues and even racial biases, the recent findings prove many opposers are wrong because a discovery about the acts of victimization in prison has surfaced thus identifying the problem. There is a wide range of police problems such as excessive use of physical and deadly force, discriminatory patterns of arrest and harassment, lack of accountability, abuse of citizens verbally by using offensive slurs, and the tactics used when controlling a crowd.

These issues affect police departments leading them to corruption. Generally, this being a national problem, the United States has placed some penalties for willful violations and conspiracy to violate civil rights, but these laws do not help due to the justice department prosecuting cases insufficiently, thereby making the laws unjust. Reforming is also a problem with police procedures which often withheld because of the controversial issue surrounding the mistreatment in prison. Therefore, many questions arise with this issue, and Group 5 would like to further investigate this topic. 

Reasons for Interest in Research and Benefits of Research Abuse in prison has been an issue for many decades amongst people of minorities and lower income, and as a society made up of all these diverse individuals, it is of great importance to investigate and find the basis of where this problem originates from and how it consequently generates a hostile environment between police officers and prisoners.

That is why it is of paramount importance to explore the perspectives involved in this issue such as police officers, victims of police brutality, and those who have witnessed such acts to obtain an unclouded idea. It is also essential to inspect the reasoning behind the acts committed by the officers or prisoners and whether or not they should be prosecuted or have their complications dealt with differently. Furthermore, these predetermined questions need to be answered by conducting extensive research and interviews thus gaining a better understanding of why police brutality in prison exists and how it could be prevented.

The results should feasibly be reviewed by those who occupy positions in the law enforcement division, as well as minorities that reside in areas with higher rates of crime, including citizens that would be guaranteed that everyone will be protected no matter what the circumstance is. The research carried for this topic is indispensable for anyone who feels that the standards set by higher officials do not uphold them and become askew hence placing them in uneasy conditions when in contact. Research Methodology To comprehend the causes of prison abuse requires a thorough examination of all the factors involved in the mistreatment in prison.

Discovering the dangers of this issue rising and accurately understanding it will require the researchers to use various approaches and strategies for research. The most common methods used to research are qualitative and quantitative strategies which are technically doing primary and secondary research, as a result, these strategies will be applied to every method used such as reliable journals, newspapers, documentaries and other reliable web-based sources to collect recent activities of police brutality.

Moreover, research methodology is a mixture of research techniques, data collection, analysis procedures. Group 5 would be discovering more and will be making an effort to learn of statistics and case studies that will assist in showing the components of prison and proving its negative impact on America’s society. Interviews will also be conducted with individuals that have a great understanding of this topic and insightful opinions to share. It could be a police officer, a ex-convict, professor or members of any activist societies that advocate with or against prison abuse. If available, a good amount of information will be provided.

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Therefore, these research techniques are essential to the GRoup 5’s research, and so to learn as much as possible about prison abuse it is necessary for this research methodology to be orchestrated while attempting to gather information. Proposed Solutions Prison abuse is a constant problem not only for the prisoners, which is fearful of the authority that promised to keep them in a specific living environment but is an issue that affects the officers of America, the officers that are attempting to do their jobs by taking a more sincere and ethical approach. The solution does not rest on one side or the other; police officers or prisoners, the answer is within everyone working together. This is a growing issue that many prisoners have had to endure for more than a century, therefore it will surely not be resolved in a short period of time, there is an abundant amount of things to discuss and pursue.

However, a change must be formulated, even if it is in minuscule quantities such as making a change in small prisons could be the start of something big and also develop a positive influence in the United States. It is pivotal that victims of a prison abuse come forward and report any incidents of abuse that occurred in prison to encourage others to do so as well. Reporting these cases will give the American people a clear view of how immense the problem is, and hopefully creating a conscience atmosphere thus motivating others to not let this issue move forward and progress negatively.

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