Electric Cars Vs Hybrid Cars

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Electric Cars Vs Hybrid Cars

This essay will compare electric and hybrid cars. It will discuss their technology, environmental impact, performance, and cost, helping readers understand the pros and cons of each type. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Cars.

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The question is electric cars vs hybrid cars which one is the better car which one should you buy. Okay first off the question is what actually is a hybrid car? “”A hybrid car is a car with electric motor and a gasoline powered motor. It charges the battery while running while compared to just an electric car considering that electric cars can run out because they are out of extension cord range of an outlet.”” Stobing,Chris (2016). What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car.

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Now what is an electric car is the question? Electric cars are created by replacing its fuel tank and gasoline engine of a conventional car with electric motors, batteries, chargers, and controllers, the result is a car that is heavier and less efficient than a car solely running on electricity. Hybrid cars have several advantages over regular electric cars. One benefit of hybrid cars being the gas starts immediately when the electric motor goes off because it needs charging and it charges the battery an doesn’t need an outlet. Hybrids cars are easy to drive, cheap to run if doing regular 10/15 mile commutes, their easy to drive and tax efficient. Now the disadvantages of Hybrid cars the reason that you might want to buy electric is hybrid cars are expensive, hybrid cars the fuel economy is not very good.

Okay now that we looked at the benefits of hybrid cars now were going to look at the benefits of electric cars. Electric cars are cheaper to maintain safety improvements and cheaper to run. While electric cars have multiple advantages they also have disadvantages. Electric cars disadvantages the main one being that they need the outlet plug to charge the battery in their car. They are not the best cars for driving because they have less power. Electric engines will be forever the gas engine´s ugly cousin, with top speeds maxing out at 70 mph (even less for smaller electric vehicles) which make them a poor bet with highway driving. Companies that work with hybrid cars and electric cars are Coda Automotive, Wheego Electric Cars, Fisker Automotive, and BYD are all companies that all work with the manufacturing of building electric cars. Geely is a Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Starting in 2019 they will only have and make hybrid and electric cars. More companies or beginning to make hybrid and electric cars.

Telsa an American automaker, energy Storage Company, and solar panel manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California. They focus on electric cars and battery energy sources, Tesla Inc. electric cars are environmental friendly. The six ways that electric cars are environmental friendly. Sherry Boschert,author of Plug-in Hybrids had said, “”Electric cars produce fewer greenhouse gases, Increased use of electric cars would reduce the amount of smog-forming pollutants produced by cars by as much as 32 to 99 percent, Also electric cars use half as much fossil fuel, Electric cars have environmental advantages over gas and diesel-powered cars in other areas, such as ozone pollution, consumption of water and use of steel and copper materials, and cleaner energy for the electrical grid.”” Even when generated from coal-burning plants, electric cars would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 22 percent when compared to other cars. While electric cars have more advantages over hybrid cars and other types of cars when it comes to the environment there are also disadvantages. Electric cars contributes to acid rain and they cause algae blooms than gasoline cars (but better than diesel). Bullis, Kevin(2013) Are Electric Vehicles Better for the Environment than Gas-Powered Ones? And when acid rain comes in contact with streams and lakes it affects wildlife and the aquatic environment. Algae blooms being algae buildup in the aquatic environment affecting the fish. Hybrid cars are using an electric motor to work alongside the traditional gas powertrain makes for additional horsepower, instant torque, and increased efficiency. The plugin hybrids car is much better than the ones that’s not plugged in. Hybrid cars have and emit lower levels of greenhouse gases.

The difference between gas and hybrid cars is how engines functions and work. A hybrid car combines both gasoline powered energy and electric motor. Diether, John(2016)Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars. So when deciding rather to buy an electric plug in car vs a hybrid car you should look at all the facts. Which one is better for the environment? Which one is more cost efficient for your budget and which one has the cheaper gas. Which one has the most gas mileage and is the faster car when driving and which one is efficient if you’re taking long road trips with the family. Hybrid cars winning over Electric cars when it comes to taking family road trips or just long trips. Electric cars needing to be plugged in and recharged or the battery goes dead unlike hybrid cars when the battery goes dead the hybrid case starts immediately. The car that’s better for the environment is the electric car. The electric car reasons being that they produce fewer greenhouse gases and the increased use of the electric cars would reduce the amount of smog-forming pollutants produced by cars by as much as 32 to 99 percent, according to Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-in Hybrids. “”Also electric cars use half as much fossil fuel and also the electric cars have environmental advantages over gas and diesel-powered cars in other areas, such as ozone pollution the consumption of water and use of steel and copper materials and the cleaner energy for the electrical grid.”” Shaw, Jerry. (2015) Global Warming: 6 Ways Electric Cars Are Better for the Environment.

The one that’s more cost efficient for you and your bank account is the cheaper electric car while the hybrid car is more expensive. The hybrid car has a greater range then the electric car. While a plug-in hybrid can travel 30 or 40 miles on fully electric power and an extra 200 to 300 miles on gasoline the electric cars can only travel 60 to 70 miles of total range. DeMuro, Doug.(2014). Should You Buy an Electric Vehicle or a Plug-In Hybrid? The electric car is in my opinion the better option. Hybrid cars are used for global warming gasoline power and electrical energy. The negative effects on hybrid cars is their cost and safety. So the question is how we can make hybrid card more environmental friendly. Can we change their gas and the pollutant that they emit in the ozone layer? Can we make electrical cars find a way to power without a cord and needing to be powered in? Can we make it so the electric cars are also solar powered? In the future we need to make it so that hybrid cars are more environmental efficient and friendly. We need to make the price is cheaper. Plug in electric cars or all about the electric car (also known as electric vehicle or EV) using energy stored in its rechargeable batteries, which are recharged by common household electricity. Berman, Brad. (2014).What is an Electric Car? Conventional vehicles use gasoline or diesel to power an internal combustion engine while hybrids only have electric and gas. Hybrid cars works by using an internal combustion engine—and they can be fueled like normal cars—but have an electric motor and battery, and can be partially or wholly powered by electricity.

Honda, Toyota, Lexus and Hyundai also have been manufacturing hybrid cars. The hybrid cars fleet in the US had more than 4 million sales through April 2016. With hybrid and electric cars they are used over conventional types of cars to save the planet and save on gasoline. Electrical cars or the most reasonable choice but for me I personally prefer the hybrid car. What I like about the hybrid car is the need for speed how fast they go. How it’s easy to maneuver them they are the way of the future. I think with electric cars everyone thought that it was the car of the future but when Hybrid cars were invented it passed electric cars. Hybrid cars having 2 engine motors. While the technology has existed since the early 1900’s, it has only been in the past decade or so that the price of manufacturing them has brought them into the range of possibility for the average driver. There are also government programs that help fund the prices of the hybrid cars. Many people are changing their public transportation and vehicles to the hybrid cars. Hybrid car benefits also is the brakes. Each time you apply brake while driving a hybrid vehicle helps you to recharge your battery a little. While there is nothing you can do about it with electric cars and they just run out of gas. So the cost efficient environmental friendly even though the car is slow you should but the electric car. Though the hybrid doesn’t run out and is faster. Lampton, Chritopher.(No date).What is the history of hybrid cars?

What would you rather prefer, an electric car or a hybrid car. The plug – in electric car is powered by an internal source. You can recharge it at home from the wall sockets. Instead of having an actual engine, the plug – in car has a built in electric motor. An electric car is only powered strictly from electricity. When it comes to hybrid cars, it doesn’t take much for an electric car to have much efficiency. In the article, “”What Is an Electric Car?”” it says “”Unlike a hybrid car—which is fueled by gasoline and uses a battery and motor to improve efficiency—an electric car is powered exclusively by electricity. “”A hybrid car has two motors unlike the electric car. It is powered by electricity and gasoline. Advantages for having two motors is that they have plenty of benefits for you. However, there are disadvantages. “”Gas motors do better at high speeds and can deliver more power for a given motor weight. That means during rush hour stop and go driving, the electric motor works great and, as an added benefit, does not produce any exhaust thus reducing smog levels. At higher speeds – above 40 mph – the gas motor kicks in and gives that peppy feel so many car owners look for when driving on the highway. “”Hybrid cars highly should recommended when it comes to choosing it between electric cars. “” Another benefit of having the gas motor is it charges the batteries while it’s running.

Many an electric car owner has been stranded just out extension cord range of an outlet. Hybrid owners can forget about this annoyance; the gas motors starts automatically when the battery gets low and proceeds to charge the battery – a hybrid never needs to be plugged into an outlet. Of course, if you forget to fill the tank…. Still, you can carry a gas can a half mile while a tow truck is necessary in a straight electric car.”” Hybrid cars are not giving you the benefit of the doubt when you want a long term car. It isn’t going to have you stranded in the middle of nowhere, and they’re dependable. Now every car isn’t perfect and every car has its miscues. Hybrid cars are really expensive, so choose wisely on your style of cars. Hybrid cars cost up to 10 times more than a regular car. Poor handling seen with hybrid cars because they’re heavy. “”A hybrid car houses a gasoline powered engine, a lighter electric engine and a pack of powerful batteries. This adds weight and eats up the extra space in the car. Extra weight results in fuel inefficiency and manufacturers cut down weight which has resulted in motor and battery downsizing and less support in the suspension and body. “”Hybrid cars are horrible when it comes to the durability of winter.

Your battery dies faster when it’s colder outside. “”Winter weather exacts a toll on all automobiles that make use of an internal combustion engine. Not only does it take longer for cars to heat up to optimal -and most efficient – operating temperatures when it is cold outside, but the slipping and sliding that occurs when wheels struggle to find traction sucks down fuel and battery power at an accelerated rate. “”If you want maintenance done to your hybrid car, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. “”With every new piece of technology comes the need for people who know how to work on and fix it. The same is true with hybrid cars. Since they have not been around for a very long time, it is very expensive to have any type of maintenance done on them. “”Electric cars are new innovative ideas that are slowly taking a toll on society. Electric cars are beneficial in so many ways. A lot of carbon emissions are being released into the air that We breathe in every day. With electric cars we do not have that problem. Electricity cars no longer need gas, just an outlet wall or source that generates electricity. “”Beyond the fuel-saving benefit, EVs offer another major cost savings: maintenance. Since an EV is fully electric, it no longer uses oil to lubricate the engine.

That means oil changes are a thing of the past. The same is true for a lot of other expensive engine work that could affect a gas-powered car. Brakes won’t wear as quickly, either, so you won’t need to replace pads as often as you do on a normal car. “”Electric cars are playing a huge role for wanting a safer atmosphere for our world. “” EVs can also reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage. Charging your EV on renewable energy such as solar or wind minimizes these emissions even more. See the difference in emissions between a conventional vehicle and an EV using the calculator on the right. Learn more about how EVs reduce pollution and their lifecycle emissions. “”With electric cars introduced into our society, there is still improvement. There are not a lot of fueling stations that have electric stations to charge your car so you have to be wise on how far you’re driving. Unless you are a millionaire or do not have to pay for electricity, the bill for electricity isn’t surprising. “”Electric cars can also be a hassle on your energy bill if you’re not considering the options carefully. If you haven’t done your research into the electric car you want to purchase, then you may be making an unwise investment. Sometimes electric cars require a huge charge in order to function properly – which may reflect poorly on your electricity bill each month.”” It takes probably 5 minutes to put gas in your car but an electric will take hours to charge.

You would have to charge your car every chance you get. “”Overloaded batteries: At the heart of electric automobiles are the car’s batteries. At the same time, as all other car accessories viz. radios, car air conditioners, etc. use up electric power from batteries, they’d drain quickly. And recharging them takes time. “”You have to be real cautious when it comes to buying an electrical car.”” These cars highly expensive and doesn’t last long enough to invest in. “”They are expensive: Batteries that power these cars are a costly affair. Consider this: The promising and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries cost about US, 000 each, which for the most part make these cars expensive. And if the batteries last only about 4years, they could add to the maintenance costs. “”Yes it is a highly newly innovated car with great benefits and disadvantages. The electric car will help you save a nice amount of money as life progress. According to Nerd Wallet’s analysis, electric-vehicle drivers can save over $10,000 on car ownership costs over five years, compared with those driving gas automobiles. Nerd Wallet crunched the numbers on the costs of driving a gas, hybrid and electric car in some of the nation’s largest cities.”” Electric cars are becoming the future transportation with the innovation of technology. They’re going to better and lasting batteries for the cars. More stations so that you can charge your battery on the go. Electrics are still going to have their flaws but they will make life easier for society and safer. Hybrid cars are still developing and creating new ideas for safe driving. There are more pros for hybrid cars than electric cars. You should buy the car based off your preference.

Okay before we go into my research I would like to say a few things so people will know what I am talking about, background information, definitions, and things that will help people that are not familiar with the subject of hybrid cars or electric cars and their impact on the environment. Electric cars were created by Thomas Davenport and Robert Anderson. Electric cars, although only recently getting traction, have been around since the 1830s. They weren’t a popular choice at the time because it was more cheap to manufacture gas cars over their more eco friendly counterparts, but they have existed over a hundred years. I think it’s also nice to mention that electric cars usually have less maintenance problems because unlike gasoline powered automobiles they don’t use mini explosions to run. As the Advanced Technology Institute wrote only their website, “”Under the hood, the electric vehicle uses stored electrons to drive the motor and spur the hunk of metal into motion.”” which I feel like is a apt description on how electric cars work without getting deeply technical about the whole process. I honestly do not feel like making this paper a list of really big technical words for the sake of my sanity and my convenience. I also do not feel as if you need a bunch of useless info on this subject. I assume you are also not here to read me ramble in my own paper so let’s go onto hybrid cars shall we? Unless you forgot why you were reading this paper, then you can stop now.

Hybrid cars are the product of us wanting our cake and eating it to. I also feel like I have to quote another person to explain how they work so I’ll use this quote from Phys.org that said, “”Basically, it’s a normal, fuel efficient car that has two motors – an electric motor and a gasoline powered motor. It also has a special system to capture braking energy to store in an onboard battery.”” The work They are more good for the environment than cars that just use gasoline as fuel but they are not as green as electric cars, or you know, bike riding. They are the in between, not the most damaging to the ecosystem but also not the most expensive. They are perfect for those who don’t have the money, time, or energy to go full electric. Though, the Chicago Tribune wrote a article 4 years ago on how much hybrids really cost compared to their gas counterparts. The author of the article, Robert Duffer, he wrote that “”Some hybrids, such as the 2013 Lexus CT 200h can save nearly $6,500 compared to the Lexus IS 250 in reduced operating costs. The Lincoln MKZ hybrid saves nearly $5,000 over the gas counterpart because the sticker price is nearly the same.”” I honestly find that information shocking, even if I don’t drive myself. Don’t you find it amazing how your think you’re making a smart thing when you really aren’t. To be honest I feel like it’s only logical to make you pay more for a hybrid if your cost would be cut by gas prices. I mean I your gonna get your price cut anyway why not milk you for all you have in the process? I will admit I am completely biased to electric cars.

I feel as though that if you are going to purchase something that is going to make the world uninhabitable for the next generation that you should at least choose the less environmentally damaging option and stop letting greed get in the way of your responsibility to the human race. I can understand if you truly can’t afford a electric car but for those who can truly afford the price but don’t want to put out the money are selfish. We all as a species have to except that we have a duty to this planet. You can call me a hippy or whatever but future generations will have to live with the mistakes we are making now and we are making a lot of them for the sake of saving a few bucks. Okay so to get on with this, I would like to evaluate the effects using fossil fuels can affect this little ball of death we live on. I would like to take a piece from eia.gov, “”Gasoline is a toxic and highly flammable liquid. The vapors given off when gasoline evaporates and the substances produced when gasoline is burned (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and unburned hydrocarbons) contribute to air pollution. Burning gasoline also produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.””

Now any person that took a basic science class knows that a greenhouse gas is but I will explain, a greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs the sun’s radiation and causes the greenhouse effect (global warming), all and all they are terrible for the ecosystem and lead to things like weather changes and the polar ice caps to melt. Breathing gasoline vapors can also have effects on your health as the Illinois Department of Heath wrote on their website, “”Breathing small amounts of gasoline vapors can lead to nose and throat irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion and breathing difficulties.”” and they also wrote “”Some effects of skin contact with gasoline include rashes, redness and swelling.”” Now I have to go and defend the other side of the coin and talk about the emissions of electric cars. Now most of the pollution electric cars produce actually happen when they’re produced. The Union of Concerned Scientist wrote that, “”Both types of vehicle begin in much the same way. Raw materials are extracted, refined, transported, and manufactured into various components that are assembled into the car itself. Because electric cars store power in large lithium-ion batteries, which are particularly material- and energy-intensive to produce, their global warming emissions at this early stage usually exceed those of conventional vehicles.

Manufacturing a mid-sized EV with an 84-mile range results in about 15 percent more emissions than manufacturing an equivalent gasoline vehicle. For larger, longer-range EVs that travel more than 250 miles per charge, the manufacturing emissions can be as much as 68 percent higher.”” I and they feel that, “”By the end of their lives, gas-powered cars spew out almost twice as much global warming pollution than the equivalent electric car. Disposing of both types of vehicles (excluding reusing or recycling their batteries) produces less than a ton each.”” So all and all I will confirm that electric cars are better overall. They produce less emissions their whole life cycle and I feel like that’s what really matters. I also would like to bring up a quote from Scientific American that says, “”When you compare battery to gasoline power, electricity wins hands down. A 2007 study by the non-profit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) calculated that powering a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) would cost the equivalent of roughly 75 cents per gallon of gasoline—a price not seen at the pump for 30 years.”” So running exclusively on electricity is really good in a long term financial standpoint.

Autotrader also said, “”Because electric vehicles use electric power alone, there’s no backup engine to help you out when the batteries run out of juice. But usually they have more room for batteries, since they don’t have to make space for the gasoline engine. That means EVs offer a longer electric-only range than plug-in hybrids.”” I also saw a quote on Forbes that states that, “”Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk predicts that 13 percent or more of cars coming off production lines could be electric by 2020 while Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn says 20 percent of its cars by 2020 will be electrics, and that doesn’t count standard hybrids, which are partly electric.”” So electrics also have a strong future in the automotive industry. Though I feel like most consumers still won’t purchase electric cars and this quote from Clean Technica says it best, “”Driving an electric car can be the same, even though electric cars do come with their own set of benefits (lower cost of ownership, more fun to drive, quieter ride, convenient home charging if you have that, etc.). As evidenced by historical EV sales, not many are willing to suffer the inconvenience of reduced total range, fewer “”fueling”” stations, and new technology learning curves to cut their impact on the planet.””

All of this is about the pros and cons of electric cars and hybrid cars.I prefer hybrid cars.Hybrid cars are more beneficial and environmental friendly and cost efficiency.We all have in common of our paper to tell you what is an electric car.And what is an hybrid car.Which one should you buy and why.We have several quotes about what they are and how they are used in the worl.Now we don’t agree because Damien said electric cars are better I don’t see it and I disagree.I understand what Damien means when he says that their admission and life cycle is longer.I also agree when he says that electrical cars are better for a financial standpoint on your budget.Which one of the cars is more efficient and efficient for the environment is wht the three of us discussed through our papers. Autotrader also said, “”Because electric vehicles use electric power alone, there’s no backup engine to help you out when the batteries run out of juice.So that’s why you should use hybrid cars instead of just electric cars.I can give you several quotes about hybrid cars being better.I can tell you all about how hybrid cars and electric both affect the environment.We can tell you why the hybrid car is more efficient and is better to use then the electric car.We can give you sevral solutions as to how the hybrid car can be improven overtime the new technology.

When hybrid cars electric motor goes out the gas motor stars immediately instead of you needing a charge.And like Damien said in his paper the electric car needs a socket to charge and if not then the car will not be able to move it will run out. The car that you should buy is the HYBRID car is what I believe in and im going to give you all the pros.The reason for this is the benefits the lower cost more fun to drive convenient and fewer fuel stations. And as time continues and modern technology gets more and more advanced its going to be more and more ways for the electric car to cut down on the fuel and gas it uses on the planet.Hybrid cars are more then just a car with two motors and ill explain.Damien used this quote from Phys.org that said, “”Basically, it’s a normal, fuel efficient car that has two motors – an electric motor and a gasoline powered motor. It also has a special system to capture braking energy to store in an onboard battery.””Electric cars having less problems then the gasoline powered cars.The plug-in electric car.Tesla Motors Inc. and other companies have to do with the manufacturing of the electric cars and hybrid cars. The reason to buy an electric car instead of a hybrid car is all about the one that’s more efficient for you and the one that you can afford how you feel and what you care about for the environment.

Also if your car needing to need charging and it runs out if its going to bother you are not. However, there are disadvantages. “” Gas motors do better at high speeds and can deliver more power for a given motor weight. That means during rush hour stop and go driving, the electric motor works great and, as an added benefit, does not produce any exhaust thus reducing smog levels. At higher speeds – above 40 mph – the gas motor kicks in and gives that peppy feel so many car owners look for when driving on the highway.””Hybrid cars highly should recommended when it comes to choosing it between electric cars.Now Hybrid cars have environmental friendly benefits over the gasoline powered cars. The disadvantages will depend on the type of hybrid fuel that your car uses. Some people think that some have Less Power. The gasoline engine which is primary source of power is much smaller as compared to what you get in single engine powered car and electric motor is low powered.So that would be a reason that theyd decide that they would want to just by a electric car.


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