How Electric Cars Affect our Future

Just as there is a present, there is a future and our technology evolves yearly more efficiently. Some have more effects than others, mainly the most important ones such as transportation. Men have always looked for ways to travel more efficiently, even after making vehicles that run on gas; efficiency could also help our environment, as well. For a couple of years engineers have been working on electric cars and the impact to our environment, as well as long term sustainability for a great future.

An electric car has been defined as a vehicle that runs on electricity while a normal vehicle runs on diesel or gasoline engines. Around 1832, Scottish man, Robert Anderson invented the first crude electrical vehicle with a non-rechargeable cell, which was a carriage.(see fig.1) Things started to add up when French Physicist Gaston Plante invented the first rechargeable lead-acid storage facility in 1859. In 1891, William Morrison from Iowa successfully built the first electric car in the U.S.. By 1897, electric cars had hit the streets in New York, manufactured in Connecticut by the Pope Manufacturing Company.

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In 1899, Thomas A. Edison, started a project that was never done, while Porsche invented the first car that runs on gasoline and electricity the same year. Between the 1900’s and 1970’s electric cars were out of fashion because cars powered by combustion such as vehicles that run on gas were preferred. Almost 100 years later, Japanese walked into the game and made their first hybrid, the Toyota Prius, and it sold over 18,000 units. Not much happened between 1997 and 2005, until Tesla took the spot of success, and brought the Tesla Roadster that was revealed in 2006, and promised to start producing in 2008. The future is coming and it’s coming fast and it’s looking for more electric vehicles.

Electric cars could have a great impact to earth, as well as gasoline did. Vehicles that run with gasoline or diesel are not so much efficient as we thought because they burn fuels that form of CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 ( carbon dioxide), which are slowly leading to global warming due to pollution destroying the ozone layer and trapping heat in the atmosphere.

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