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Statistics Essays

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Hazard of Climate Changing

Words: 1452 Pages: 5 3711

Sustainability is more than just a term, it’s the logic of earth and methods/technique a businesses/people must follow to achieve goals that won’t harm the environment in the meanwhile still good socially and increasing the economy. In my paper, I would like to discuss how could the climate change be harmful to sustainability and how […]

Topics: Climate change, Disaster, Natural Disaster, Natural Environment, Statistics, Sustainability

About Racism

Words: 574 Pages: 2 4034

Reading through the article provided a vivid reflection on how racism becomes a serious issue in the today society. There are various types of racism the article brings out manifested in micro aggression form. The varied opinions in my mind provide a clear picture of the information relayed in the article through the following analysis. […]

Topics: Discrimination, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racism, Social Issues, Statistics

Computer Edit Software, Research Model Building and Research Decision Making

Words: 999 Pages: 3 3501

  · SPSS(statistical package for the social sciences)~ Basically in computer edit software, we focused of SPSS. SPSS statistics is actually a software package which is used in various purposes like in interactive purpose, or in batches or in statistical analysis. This software name originally stood for statistical package for the social sciences (i.e. SPSS) […]

Topics: Cloud Computing, Computer Software, Computers, Statistics

The Effect of Coffee Consumption on the Risk of Hypertension

Words: 1629 Pages: 5 4531

ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: hypertension can be defined as a disorder that makes the blood to exert some forces against the walls of the blood vessels. This force depends on the rate of heart beats as well as the resistance from the blood vessels. The medical guidelines define this disorder as pressure higher than 140 over 90 […]

Topics: Caffeine, Coffee, Health, Medicine, Statistics

Discuss the Importance of Data Management in Research

Words: 1589 Pages: 5 4132

1. Definiton of Key terms Data management is a general term which refers to a part of research process involving organising, structuring, storage and care of data generated during the research process. It is of prime importance in that it is part of good research practice and it has a bearing on the quality of […]

Topics: Data Collection, Research, Risk, Risk Management, Statistics
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The Relationship between Early Pregnancy and Wages

Words: 1861 Pages: 6 3841

Abstract The purpose of this research is to investigate the existence of a possible relationship between early pregnancy and wages. Findings within my research may provide policymakers with critical information required to make decisions that may avert premature pregnancy. Furthermore, I hope the findings of my investigation can help motivate policymakers to focus their efforts […]

Topics: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Research, Statistics, Teenage Pregnancy

College and African American Male: Basketball Athletes

Words: 974 Pages: 3 3956

As a freshman in college, I acknowledge and recognize the fact that college can be a challenging experience. The college experience can become even more challenging when you factor in sororities, clubs, fraternities, sports and other school activities. The article that I have decided to use for my analysis is, “College and the African American […]

Topics: Argument, Basketball, Research, Statistics, Student Athlete, United States

Racial Stereotypes in Athletics

Words: 423 Pages: 1 4174

The article, Racial Athletic Stereotype Confirmation in College Football Recruiting, can be found in the Journal of Social Psychology and is written by Grant Thomas, Jessica J. Good, and Alexi R. Gross. This article was published in 2015 and it explores the topic of racial stereotypes in the context of college athletic recruitment. They were […]

Topics: Research, Statistics, Stereotypes

Women’s Nonverbal Behavioral Influence on Men’s Door Etiquette on a College Campus

Words: 1341 Pages: 4 3792

Abstract Research has found that both sartorial and physical aspects of women influence men’s behavior towards and ratings of women. However, both verbal and nonverbal behavior of women has been seldom manipulated and observed with respect to men’s behavior. This study focused on the extent to which the degree of a woman’s smile may help […]

Topics: Behavior, Nonverbal Communication, Research, Statistics


Words: 1074 Pages: 4 3914

Introduction In quantitative methods a systematic empirical observation through statistical, mathematical and computational techniques are important components. Reliability of the data is important in quantitative methods. Data accuracy is affected by a variety of factors which range from the choice of the collection methods to biasness. Data is important in improving several aspects of business […]

Topics: Advertising, Pricing, Quantitative Research, Research, Statistics, University

Customer Success/Customer Engagement

Words: 1732 Pages: 6 4116

Introduction Customer success and customer engagement are important concepts in every company or business oriented organization. There are various concerns about the concepts of customer engagement and customer success and also its importance for various companies. However, studies have also taken keen interest on various issues associated with customer engagement through different strategies. From this […]

Topics: Customer, Research, Statistics

Inferential Stats Analysis for Psychology

Words: 394 Pages: 1 4394

Concerning the data collected, it means that it is easier to draw a valid conclusion regarding the manner in which their variable relates to each group. In this way, it was easier to determine or provide the means of testing the validity of the outcome as well as inferring their characteristics just from a small […]

Topics: Analysis, Statistics

Psychological Survey Study

Words: 993 Pages: 3 3893

Questions and Answers 1. How are families likely to view your age/gender/race/ethnicity/spirituality etc. and what cultural blind spots or considerations do you need to take into account when you start working with a family (or about a family that you know)?Families tend to view a person?’s ideas based on their age. In most cases young […]

Topics: Addiction, Family, Social Psychology, Statistics

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