Psychological Survey Study

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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1. How are families likely to view your age/gender/race/ethnicity/spirituality etc. and what cultural blind spots or considerations do you need to take into account when you start working with a family (or about a family that you know)?Families tend to view a person?’s ideas based on their age. In most cases young persons’ ideas may be discriminated simply because they are young  therefore, family members tend to think that the younger you are, the less informed you are yet it is not always the case.

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2. What are cultural considerations (expectations, norms, biases) you bringing to family therapy?The norms that a family ought to have should be those that are intended for the growth and strengthening the relationship with every family member. For instance, on the scale of a family that does not interact very often, then bringing about team-related activities is quite a good idea.

3. How do you react to the Davidson et al. recovery-oriented approach to understanding clients/consumers?Personally, I believe that the recovery0 orientation is quite a good strategy of understanding the clients. It is true to state that a person can react to a client’s specification and demands based on how well he or she understands her customer. Additionally, a customer feels more comfortable placing orders with an employee with whom they have previously interacted.

4. How comfortable are you with the Family Therapy paradigm vs. a more individual or intrapsychic approach?

5. I am more comfortable with a family therapy paradigm as opposed to individual one since in a family therapy, it is more of a session whereby one gets to interact more with their family members and learn more about the challenges they may be going through while helping to solve such issues at the same time.

6. What insights have you gathered that help you better understand your family of origin or other families/relationships you have experienced I have learned that people tend to react to certain matters based on what they have been exposed to for their past interactions. For instance, a person in a certain family tends to react to at a certain matter differently from another person from a given family due to their differences in social background.

7. What insights have the classes, interactions, videos, etc. provided for you

Watching the video about Genogram switch my thinking about it. I did not like it in the beginning, and it does not make sense to me why I did something unusual and complicated, and I just waste my time. But after watching the video, I realized how important it is, and it helps a lot to understand the client and make it easy to help him and understand the situation I appreciate it right now and I am curious to learn more about it. I cannot wait to do it on myself to see how the generation affected me and made me how I am. Watching the video make me curious about my family. I noticed me and my brother we all are addicted I am addicted to food I overeat when I am stressed, or I cannot find a solution for a complicated issue. On the other hand, my brother sex addicted which makes me wonder if my father or some on in my generation was addicted to alcohol or any addiction. Is this the reason? I wanted to ask my father if he was addicted to alcohol, but I do not think, so he will tell me the truth I do not dare to ask him.

8. Why do you want to be an MFT and what professional issues do you need to find out more about?Right now, I am interested in learning more about marriage and family relationships. Many family friends in Saudi Arabia have shared with me challenging experiences with their marriages and how hard it is to raise a family. This prevalent attitude has resulted in many young Saudi women resisting the idea of marrying at all. This is a serious social problem that must be dealt with, and I believe that qualified psychologists are needed for this task.

9. As you read, have you had any insights into a better understanding of your family of origin or other families’ that you know well?Personally, as I read through an insight grew on knowing the origin of our family and that of my close friend, Jasmine. I tend to find our way of perceiving and reacting to things way too different, and I wondered what might be the factors affecting this trait since we have been raised together, the same environment almost all of our past.

10. In general, terms which of the therapeutic approaches reviewed in the early chapters appeals most to you and why? I just wish if my parents know about the family system. My mom thinks I have a problem which is I do not like to share my time with my family especially with my father. This new situation happened when I was in the high school and increased until I graduated from the university. I always felt unfairness they always focus on me and try to change me not try to see what the reason of my behavior is. I just did not like to set with my father because I did not respect me or respect the way that I was thinking about. When I was discussed with him, he got angry, so I decided just to ignore than to deal with it. [bookmark: _GoBack]Family system therapy is a fair solution for both sides because being parents does not mean you always right and your child is wrong I believe in kids behavior is beside on the parent’s behavior. So after learning about a family system that does not just focus on the individual, I could tell why it does not work with me. They just focus on me and forgot to focus on them self.

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