Advertisements as Anti-Smoking Tool


Did you know that in the United States that almost 20 percent of adults smokes cigarettes? Smoking cigarettes are one of the most preventable leading cause of death. The anti-smoking advertisement by The Real Cost Commercial “Stay in Control” often pops up on across our televisions and our social media, frequently broadcasting the deadly effects of tobacco use through shocking images, and vivid videos. The advertisement I picked is a dull colored picture, portraying a high school girl signing a paper that’s says “I relinquish part of my freedom to you” and the paper rolls up and ends up being a cigarette she begins to smoke.

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This advertisement makes use of poignancy and logic through the images used and of insinuated meanings. With these appeals, the advertisement is able to convey a evocative sense of danger and to educate viewers on the lethalness of smoking.

The author first appealed to the audiences emotions by, using dull colors. The dull color on the advertisement conveys a conclusive no or yes situation by insinuating that the decision to smoke or not smoke is a life and death decision. The young woman was looking down with a very neutral face which makes the advertisement and the thought of death more direct to the viewers. The cigarettes starts off as a long contact, stating that the young lady is relinquishing her freedom to cigarettes if she decides to smoke the cigarette. That instantly grabs the viewers attention, since signing your life away for eternity is a very scary thing that nobody wants to do. Especially in the United States because, we are known for being “the land of the free”. Signing your life away indicates that your forfeiting your right and control over your own life. The commercial is basically saying if someone smokes, they might as well give up their free will. This leaves the audience very startled, because the young lady is clearing going to be the cause of her life being controlled. The audience feels gloomy but intrigued when the mention of someone  signing up their rights and freedom is brought up.

The author then tries to persuade the viewers in the advertisement. The crucial premise is that smoking is not good for your health. In many contemporary countries, this is a widespread knowledge everyone knows, almost everybody will say the same thing. This is very true especially in the United States culture, because smoking is seen as a harmful and pessimistic. Unlike back in the old days where, smoking was allowed throughout society. The minor premise is that smoking a cigarette is equal to signing your freedom away. This is shown cigarette turning into a contact. From the common knowledge of the damage cigarettes do and the viewers can predict that the picture the author is trying to create is that smoking takes away your freedom. This claim enhanced the words “I relinquish my freedom to you”and she was signing what was written on the cigarette,which inspire people to stop smoking. This is insinuating that that if smokers keep smoking, they are basically signing an invisible contact and their life no longer belongs to them.


This advertisement was created to spark a response from the smoker and non-smoker audiences without being direct. For the non-smoking audience, the advertisement will either help them increase there aversion towards smoking and it’s horrible help effects, or they would be uninterested because it has no effect on them or their lives. This advertisement will most likely appeal to the people who smoke. The advertisement will help remind them of the harm that they are going to their bodies, but they probably won’t care about the advertisement because they already know that smoking is bad for them. They will most likely continue to smoke because they are probably already addicted to the nicotine or just unconcerned about the condition. Smokers might find the advertisement very unpleasant and cliche, because they feel like there being personally attacked for their views and habits. In our society smoking is viewed as such a horrible thing in the United States, so therefore smokers might separate themselves for advertisements that gainsay what they believe in.

This advertisement of a young lady with the cigarette contract utilizes the use of a poignant, and logical appeal through its controversial message. Though debilitated by their prejudice and inadequate arrangement of words, the straightforward message that smoking is dangerous to one’s health still proves it’s point in The Real Cost Commercial “Stay in Control”. Smoking is very wide spread throughout the whole world, but so are anti- smoking ads. This long lasting dispute of different ideologies, fuel to the battle that will never end between cigarette smokers and anti-smoking advertisements.

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