Cigarette Smoking and its Impact on People

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Cigarette smoking is the focal cause of avoidable illness and annihilation in the United States, accounting for 480,000 deaths every year, or around 1 in 5 deaths.  In the United States there are almost 20% of adults that smoke cigarettes, men were heavier cigarette smokers than women. Anti-smoking ads periodically show up everywhere in this population generally showing the disastrous effects of tobacco use through photographic pictures or other alarming appearance. The anti-smoking ad I’ve embraced is the one that says,” When you smoke your baby smokes.

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”  It’s a picture of cigarette smoke in a form of an unborn baby with a smoke umbilical cord attached to it. This ad employs the vocal claim of mindset and emotions through this advertisement and implicit meaning. Through this, the photographic illustration is able to send an expressive sense of threat and advertise alertness of the consequences of smoking.

The image was intended to awaken a response from the public to target smokers and non-smokers. For the non-smokers crowd the photographic image will enlarge their disgust of smoking and its dismissive health effects or they will be indifferent because it has a small-scale impact on their lives. It will become visible to the people who oppose cigarette smoking. This anti-smoking ad assumes that this image will reach smokers and in some way persuade them to stop smoking. To the smokers, the advertisement will remind them of the hurt they are doing to their bodies and to babies if they are pregnant. For the most chunk of it, smokers will likely be uncaring to the photographic image because they already know it’s bad for their health. I believe smokers may find ads as such uninspired because they may perceive it as a pounce on them and their perspective and custom. Smoking could be viewed as a bad thing in this country that smokers may disconnect from an advertisement that challenges what they suppose is okay.

The whole assumption of this ad is that smoking is awful for your health throughout the United States, this is a common awareness. Smoking is largely seen as detrimental and unfavorable, not like in the old days smoking was endorsed throughout the population. Smoking a cigarette can be harmful to you and your unborn child this is why the ad shows an image of an unborn child formed out of cigarette smoke with the umbilical cord attached to it. From general insight of the damage, smoking can do, and the ad’s photo we can guess that the creator of the anti-smoking ad is making is that smoking is catastrophic for you and the unborn child’s health.

I believe that this anti-smoking ad that’s created by the Vermont Department of Health signifying that if smokers continue to endanger their health it can bring about unsettling changes in their lives and their child’s life.

The Vermont Department of Health is trying to inspire a healthy lifestyle in observers of the ad because of their choice to create an anti-smoking ad with the image they choose. Nonetheless with this perverse anti-smoking image onlookers should take this as a positive way to encourage anyone to stop smoker not just pregnant women in general. For the people that don’t smoke cigarettes probably will connect heavily with the image because they have the same attitude about this distinct image.  Some people may find this image believable than smokers because they acknowledge the fact of harmful smoking. The anti-ad perspective on smoking is especially harmful to a person’s health and the outcome can result in death, and it also sends a negative view that looks down on people who do smoke. Whether you smoke or not the ads contrary to cigarettes appear everywhere throughout our lives and receives some sort of response from everyone.

Smoking cigarette is exceedingly addictive and that makes it very challenging to quit once you’ve started. The reason for anti-smoking ads is to warn the public about the endless diseases and sickness that can occur, the best way to avoid this sickness and diseases is to not smoke. The consequences of smoking are ordinary and very harmful but most individuals don’t recognize that second and thirdhand smoking is just as defective. I personally don’t believe why anyone would  want to buy and put anything harmful that contains about or more than 4800 chemicals in their body. According to research smoking cigarette while expecting a child can be very harmful to the babies health. Smoking while pregnant can cause the baby to be born way before its delivery date. 

Having anti-smoking ads help sell the importance of the message to get those that are smokers to become non-smokers. This is why many anti-smoking ads elaborate on the harmful causes of smoking to avoid diseases such as heart disease and many different types of cancers. Smoking can be fatal, the problems that smokers can accumulate should be enough to take someone attention away from the idea of putting a cigarette to their lips. Anti-smoking ads are a different movement that’s well put together to force cigarette companies to put more than just a hazard label on the cigarette packages. Every cigarette that gets lit reduces the life of an individual and has a negative effect on their health as well as their family. Smoking is a bad practice to start even though it can be tough for anyone to quit sooner than later.

Smokers have to realize that the smoke that’s release from the cigarette has a larger impact on the people breathing in the smoke than smoking themselves.

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