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Customer success and customer engagement are important concepts in every company or business oriented organization. There are various concerns about the concepts of customer engagement and customer success and also its importance for various companies. However, studies have also taken keen interest on various issues associated with customer engagement through different strategies. From this description therefore, customer engagement is a critical concern for every management with regards to fulfilling the needs of the customers through organizational strategies.

This study therefore provides an important research evaluation of the concepts of customer engagement or customer success within a company and how they affect the organisational behavior within the companyField of Research The main field of research is the Management, with much focus being marketing.

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Topic of research proposal

The topic of research is The Extent of Customer Success/Customer Engagement concepts in Media Industry and Impact upon the Organisational Behavior of the Company: Amazon Company Background Information Customer mark engagement is progressively picking up prominence among experts and scholastics as an unmistakable shopper mark relationship build. The new writing on purchaser mark engagement, to a great extent applied, offers different meanings of the build, however without much accord. There is a worry of offering a novel higher-arrange model of shopper mark engagement that we get from hierarchical brain research. There is have to adjust the idea of representative engagement and inspect its factorial legitimacy in a shopper mark relationship setting, characterizing customer mark engagement as buyers’ certain, satisfying, mark utilize related perspective that is described by power, devotion and ingestion. There is the creation and experimentally testing a three-dimensional model of brand engagement, laying out important forerunners and results. All the more significantly, survey the administrative utility of customer mark engagement by analyzing its effect on buyer unwaveringness expectations. There is extra examination of the logical capacity of brand engagement with respect to conventional purchaser judgments of significant worth, quality and fulfillment. Shopper engagement is getting expanding consideration in late promoting writing. Proclaimed by a key research need, the idea has been the subject of various unique issues in universal scholarly diaries. With its foundations in relationship promoting, buyer engagement offers a further upgrade of the present theoretisations around customer and brand connections. Its additional esteem lies in supporting the inexorably intelligent and experiential nature of shopper connections, while broadening their extension past center buy circumstances. By being locked in, customers display airs that go past customary market-credited purchaser practices, as per the esteem co-creation rationale. Utilizing this theoretical focal point permits the presumptions of customary relationship promoting and its worry with straight company shopper, trade driven connections to be casual and extended to give a wealthier idea of identifying with a brand. Buyer engagement is likewise of even minded pertinence: having a connection with purchaser base is increasingly critical and is considered as one of the crucial means of many showcasing professionals. The allegedly positive outcomes of customer engagement, customer conduct as well as the execution of brand are considered as the driving force for the intellectual and pragmatic enthusiasm meant for providing clarifications and controlling the concept.Hypotheses on client engagement are fragmented. Brodie et al. (2011) portrayed client engagement as a focal factor in a nomological organize yet do not clarify what the nomological arrange is. Moreover, there is no concurrence on whether engagement identifies with the client just or whether it ought to incorporate different performers in the system. Notwithstanding the hypothetical errors, both promoting professionals and researchers concur that engagement is an applicable idea, particularly in the period of enormous information and computerized media.The concept of affordance is critical and has been associated with organisational behavior in order to understand the new blends regarding innovation and leadership processes that consistently make potential ramifications thus influencing hierarchical development (Boland, Yoo, Majchrzak, and Lyytinen, 2012), shape, and capacity (Griffith, Zammuto, Dougherty Faraj and Majchrzak, 2007 Grain and Leonardi, 2008).

Concerning managerial utilization of innovation of data, the idea of innovation affordance alludes to an activity potential, that is, to what an individual or association with a specific reason can do with an innovation or data framework (Markus and Majchrzak, 2012). In this manner, affordance is a new concept of the innovation within the organisational framework.

Considering every form of ideas, an affordance should not be a property of the innovation itself or a normal issue for the company or organisation, but instead it is an opportunity for conducting activity which exists at interconnecting point of these elements, given that they have different qualities. In other words, this concept proposes that, despite the fact that innovation and organisational framework are directly related with each other, they are considered unmistakable marvels. Organisation or innovation cannot stand on its own and therefore they cannot be experimentally vital on independent basis.

When they progress toward becoming interlocked specific arrangements, they create, maintain, or even change  in unison  either schedules or innovations” (Leonardi, 2011). In spite of the idea that affordances are present with the likelihood of accessibility for activity, the understanding of affordance is critical for the element to institute a behavior. Exteroception is the collaboration between a question and an eyewitness’ perceptual and intellectual frameworks, for example, the familiarity with a particular social medium and its attributes (Hutchby, 2001).

Star prioception is any understanding of the substance itself, for example, a consciousness of the onlooker’s attributes and capacities. The acknowledgment ofan affordance requires coperception, or the synchronous consciousness of the accessible articles and the element’s own attributes for instance, it may require familiarity with the roads for activity that a particular medium gives to a particular firm.

Objectives of the study

1. To find out the extent of customer engagement concepts within Amazon Company

2. To evaluate the impact of customer engagement concepts on the organisational behaviour of Amazon Company

3. To establish the most effective customer engagement concepts within the Amazon Company

4. To find out the customer needs and customer satisfaction on products and services offered by Amazon Company.


This section provides an explanation of the various steps which are critical in carrying out the study and achieving the set objectives. The section also discussed about research design, sampling procedures, target population, and the data collection processes and examining the data analysis procedures.Research Study Design The study will consider the exploratory design in which the research study will investigate the extent of customer engagement concepts that are utilized within Amazon Company and the customer satisfaction of the products and services offered by the company.

Exploratory research design is a type of design where the researcher has the exploring the elements of study and then describes the activity just the way they are. The study therefore will utilise an approach of survey, which is majorly done by the use of questionnaires.

Target Population

The target population of the study comprises of 300 customers of Amazon Company, they are to be surveyed through online platforms especially Facebook and Gmail. The target population should be perceived to be conversant with the practices of branding, marketing and customer engagement that are critical in order to understand the importance of brands.

Sampling Process

Sampling is a process within the statistical practice that is associated with the choosing of individual observations that are intended to produce some information about a particular population that is selected particularly for the reason of statistical inference. A simple random sample will be used, with the sample size being 200 samples, which is 67% of the target population. A simple random sample is a section of individuals that are selected from the larger population. This was the right number as a sample since they were two thirds of the total target population.

Every person selected through this way will be completely by chance in order for each person to be selected using the same probability process. This process is to ensure there are minimal chances of any type of bias and also to make simple analysis of the results obtained. Therefore, this means that the target population was well represented by the samples taken.

Research Instrumentation

The study will utilize online questionnaires in order to collect data. Questionnaires can be expressed as an instrument used to gather data, which allows a measurement for or against a particular viewpoint. The questionnaires had mostly closed-ended questions. The questionnaire will have general questions particularly the number of times they have bought products at the company, the practices related to pricing, customer care services and other aspects related to the relationship between customers and the company.

Data Collection

Before conducting the actual data collection process, a pilot test will be conducted in order to assess the research instruments so as to test clarity of the questions. Few respondents will be issued with online questionnaires in order to meet this requirement. Once completed, questions that are unclear will be corrected. The administration of the questionnaires will be conducted by the researcher and will receive them after they are finished. The researcher will then conduct the research while they engage on the respondents online. The criteria for selecting the respondents will be through the evaluation of factors including the ability to stay online for a while to fill the questionnaire. The researcher will be available to explain and clarify any question.

Data Analysis and Techniques

The quantitative data will be collected and analyzed using descriptive statistics by the help of Microsoft Excel and presented through frequencies, percentages, means and standard deviations. The data will be presented in form of tables and graphs so that there is good interpretation to show if there is actually any relationship between consumer engagement concepts and organizational behaviour


This research proposal provides an overview regarding the concepts related to customer engagement and its effect on the organisational behaviour at Amazon Company. The research proposal has evaluated various sub issues, including the research objectives, background information, research methodology and the work schedules.


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