Abnormal Psychology

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There many causes of abnormalities. They are based on how people make decisions and the implications they cause to other people and the society in general.

Bad grandpa story

This story revolves around a grandfather and his grandson. Grandpa displays weird behaviors across the film. He is 86 years but very active and energetic. He wishes his wife to die so that he can be free to do and wherever he feels like. When the doctor tells him that his wife has passed away, he is not remorseful.

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He says finally she is in a better place and I am in a much better place. The patient around him is amazed by the way he acts after the bad news. He says he is free and becomes very happy.

He turns the wake ceremony of his deceased wife to be dramatic. He publicly disagrees with his daughter over their issues. Their disagreements become violent and make the body fall out of the coffin. He takes the body and starts to dance with it as the choir sings. The congregation is more remorseful than he is. He becomes a happy man because he is finally free from his family responsibilities. The meeting ends before they plan on how to bury the body. He keeps his wife’s body in his car for many days. Then finally together with his grandson, they agree to throw her into the river claiming that it was her wish.

He fails to find a toilet in the streets. He is ignorant and does not want to ask for help. After a long struggle, he finds an automatic teller machine. He thinks it’s a urinal spot and urinates in the coin slot only to get stuck. People around him are astonished by the act and start to take his pictures while stuck in the machine. He asks them to help him instead of taking the photos. He is ashamed of himself, and the men around him find it hard to understand how he got himself into such a situation. He is more comfortable around his grandson of a tender age compared to people of his age. This is because together they can be able to do bad things. He takes his grandson to girl’s beauty contest that eventually turns into chaos. He gives young girls flowers claiming he is teaching his grandson how to approach girls. This is very weird, people of his age should already be done with girls younger than his daughter. He is willing to be of modern he goes to strip club at night. He gets himself drunk, and after a short time, he starts to remove his clothes ready to dance.

He is not aware of the limit the strippers get to thus he crosses the limit and does very weird things. Some people in the club are amazed and have never seen such a case before. The club becomes chaotic, and the club management throws him out. He becomes happy about the event, but he was ashamed the next day.

He is not able to take care of his grandson. He cannot feed him enough food. He sells off his house, and they are always in motion. When they are hungry, they pop into a wedding ceremony without invitation and eat a lot of food. As usual, they cause drama during the cake cutting moment and manage to spoil it. He leaves the event organizers angry and escapes happy and full.

Abnormalities assessment

Psychology describes normality as agreed upon behavior. It is characterized by the safety from danger, distress, deviance, and dysfunction. Abnormality involves suffering and pain. A healthy person may be considered abnormal if he lives in an unhealthy society.

An abnormal activity is an activity that is considered unusual and an acceptable to many people. People have a general way of life that governs their actions and activities. The society expects a person to be well behaved and behaviors are acceptable as per the person’s age. Bad grandpa displays many abnormal behaviors in the film. He is a funny person in nature and does not seem to be concerned about what people will feel or say.

Abnormalities can be categorized in the following ways: Subjective

This is how individual deals with a certain problem. Different people handle different things indifferently. It changes from one person to another. Bad grandpa settled his problems in his ways that would be different to any other person. It is influenced by personal behavior and attributes.


These are developed ideas on how people should behave. It is commonly based on political and religious lines. In every normal community, there are set rules that govern people. Bad grandpa was abnormal because some of his actions seemed to astonish his neighbors. He took his wife’s dead body with him everywhere he went instead of burying her.


People’s culture determines their actions either normal or abnormal. This is achieved by taboos and cultural norms that determine how people should behave. If you go against people’s culture and norms, you may offend them, and they may regard you as abnormal. It is culturally wrong for old people like the bad grandpa to strip naked in a strip club. People of his age are not expected to be in strip clubs at night.

Causes of Abnormalities

Social Causes

In some cases, culture and society, in general, can affect people??™s behavior, feelings, and thoughts. This is achieved by society pressure causing people to behave in a certain way (Satoh & Miyao, 2009). Bad grandpa violated their culture when he urinated in a public place. He also does not behave by the social expectation considering his age. Most of the people he comes across with always end up in a fight because he offends them. Psychological causesPeople psychology tends to affect the way they behave. Grandpa’s behavior may have been influenced by mental problems after the death of his wife. He may be acting from desperation leading him to depression thus altering his behaviors. He gets himself in a sequence of bad things occurring within a short time.

Biological Causes

These are abnormalities that may occur due to mental problems. Bad grandpa should go through a mental checkup to ensure that his bad behavior is not as a result of mental sickness. He should visit a psychiatrist for help.ConclusionOnce a person behaves abnormally, we should not be too quick to judge their situations. We should know from what basis they act from the biological, psychological and biological basis. They can always change and adopt a good culture, and if they are sick, they should be taken to a hospital.


Satomoto, M., Satoh, Y., Terui, K., Miyao, H., Takishima, K., Ito, M., & Imaki, J. (2009). Neonatal exposure to sevoflurane induces abnormal social behaviors and deficits in fear conditioning in mice. The Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, 110(3), 628-637

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