Behavior Changes

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Behavior Changes

This essay will discuss the various factors that can lead to behavior changes in individuals. It will explore psychological, environmental, and biological influences on behavior. The piece will also consider how understanding these factors can lead to more effective approaches in therapy, education, and personal development. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Behavior.

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1. After analyzing my life, I came to a realization that stress plays a huge role in my life compared to any other minor issue. Stress is a factor that I would like to change, if possible. I would prefer to maintain the stress in my life because it only leads to a life of self-destruction. One negative effect of stress, is that stress can trigger a breakdown of mental health. A mental break down can cause many issues such as being forgetful or lack self-efficacy which could result in a downward spiral of a healthy life style.

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2. My goal is to minimize and maintain the stress levels in my life through self-meditation. Using smart goals there are specific ways to reach my goals while relieving my life of stress would be to predominantly implement more self-meditation. Relieving stress through thinking optimist, will be my main priorities whenever I feel stress arising I will first, go to the gym and focus on yoga stretching out my muscles and doing slow breathing exercises. Allowing myself not to get so tensed up where my body and muscles are hurting from stress. I will go to the gym every free moment I get from school and work. Secondly, I will focus on making myself happy. Simply by doing what I love to do, by not constantly putting others before myself such as family. I will take time out of my day to motivate myself and allow myself to have pleasant thought of all my accomplishments and what my future holds. Positive thinking will contribute to self-mediation. The timeline for becoming stress free will not be limited, this should be an everyday thing. Whenever, I feel stress arising I will simply ask my boss if I could have a moment to go for walk to think and clear all the negative out my mind. While at school I may just wait till my breaks that are in between classes and head to the gym to do some quick yoga and breathing exercises. I will measure the success of being stress free when I can easily focus on things without feeling negative or constantly overwhelmed. Meaning I will feel in control of my environment and daily task. I will not procrastinate and I will get things done ahead of time because I am focused and motivated. A few of the actions and behaviors will be to go each day with less and less stress by spending time self-reflecting on my faith and positive future success that will motivate me. To understand the

3. Two positive health outcomes if I implement less stress in my life. The first positive outcome of living a stress free life is to increase my life span. Everyone on earth wants to live as long as we possibly can but in order to do that we must learn to be stress free. A second positive outcome is to increase my cardiovascular health and to reduce the chances of diseases. Being constantly stress has a tendency to weaken the immune system allowing illness and disease to enter in. I learned this while I was in the military I was constantly stress to the point where I constantly got sick because my immune systems was so weak.

4. A website I found most useful was Mayo Clinic: Healthy Lifestyle Stress management. The website provides information on ways to minimize stress and ways individual people can maintain a positive healthy lifestyle through thinking positive.

  • Mayo Clinic is a credible source because it is a reliable source of information. This website has been ranked at the top, for the best hospital ranking. Mayo Clinic focuses on their education, research, and the clinical practice. Mayo Clinic has been around for 154 years. The healthy lifestyle stress management article was establish in 2017. It is good when a source has a recent publishing date.
  • This website is a good resource because it gives a clear understanding of how thinking positive can relieve stress from an individual’s life. The website goes in-depth about how negative thinking can have a negative impact on an individual’s health and life. The website also gives examples of positive and negative thinking.
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