Short Story: Narrative of Two Twins, who have Lost Contact with each other

In this exposition, I chose the prompt “A set of long lost twins that end up finding themselves later in life.” Primarily, the resemblance between two people has always fascinated people. Statistics illustrate that 22 percent of people living in the world are either fraternal or identical twins. According to Biological studies, identical twins share the same fingerprint pattern because their hormones are the same.

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Conversely, fraternal twins do not share the same fingerprint pattern like their identical counterparts. Moreover, research posits that every existent individual has a person, who he/she resembles. Ideally, the prompt “a set of long lost twins that end up finding themselves later in life” consists of the I do not want to be too Lindsay Lohan, but how to put it I was wondering where you were born?….

In his response, Jonas wrote back, “Monaco, France” To his surprise, Joseph could not believe that they shared the same location with Jonas. For this reason, they planned for a one-hour Skype call, but instead, they spoke for four hours. One year down the line, the twins decided to take a DNA test together to determine if indeed, they were a match and to their surprise, the results were positive. Currently, the two twins are aware that they were separated at birth in a French airport on November 3, 1989. In conclusion, today, Jonas and Joseph communicate with each other on a daily basis, and they have even published a book about their unbelievable experiences of finding a carbon duplicate 6000 miles away.

The prompt offers an elusive insight on how the long-lost twins end up finding each other in life. In the contemporary world, there exist, numerous persons, who have lost contact with their families or their loved ones because of various circumstances. Some of these reasons include separation by birth, civil war, or natural epidemics. Three years ago, I witnessed the reunion of a set of long-lost twins, who had lost contact with each other during birth. In dismay, I could not believe the sight of my eyes after listening to their bitter experiences from each other. First, the set of long-lost twins described how they had managed to find each other. Primarily, one of the identical twins separated at birth had grown up on a separate continent, and he did not know anything about her twin brother.

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