The Party Control in 1984

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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1984 is a story of tragedy and warns of a dystopian future, which day by day looks like it is becoming closer to a reality. The story starts out with Winston Smith, a member of the Party, living inside the conglomerate super-nation Oceania. Everywhere Winston goes, he is being watched by the Party’s leader, Big Brother, who is constantly monitoring to stop any and all rebellion.

The Party controls everything and are trying to indoctrinate people, inventing a brand new language which leaves out all words related to freedom and liberty.

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These special language codes are much like hate speech laws. Winston hates the constant repression from the party, including the restriction of free thought, sex, and self-expression. He illegally purchased a diary in order to express his feelings. He knows this is illegal because the Party has defined the word thoughtcrime to mean any thought against the Party or its goals.

He talks about O’Brien, a politician who may have ties to a group of rebels fighting the party. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, where he quite literally rewrites history. Every day, he is being watched by a beautiful girl. Winston receives a note from the dark-haired girl that reads I love you. He learns that her name is Julia, and they begin an affair. Eventually they rent a room and spend time together, talking freely, expressing themselves, and of course, having sex. As Winston’s affair develops, he gains more and more anti-Party sentiment.

The two receive a note from O’Brien and travel to his apartment. They find that he lives in luxury. He confirms their suspicions that he is a part of the rebellion and ask them to pledge loyalty. They do so, and he hands them a book for the rebels. When Winston and Julia leave, Winston begins reading the book to Julia in their room. The thought police break in, tearing apart the lovers and arresting them. They are taken to the Ministry of Love, where Winston learns O’Brien was a Party spy and he is tortured everyday, his will still intact. O’Brien sends him to Room 101, where he faces his worst fear: rats.

As O’Brien prepares for rats to eat off Winston’s face, Winston repents and asks that he do it to Julia instead. Giving up Julia is what O’Brien wanted Winston to do all along, to destroy his relationship and his individuality. As a broken man, he returns to the world. Even though he meets Julia again, he cannot feel anything for her. He instead has learned to love Big Brother.

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