Julius Caesar: Brutus Tragic Hero

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Julius Caesar: Brutus Tragic Hero

This essay will examine Brutus as a tragic hero in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” It will discuss his moral integrity, his tragic flaws, and the series of decisions leading to his downfall, highlighting the complex nature of his character and his role in the play’s tragic events. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Hero.

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Brutus is known to be unfortunate legend in perspective of steadfastness he shows up toward his friend and country. Notwithstanding the way that there was a to a great degree strong fraternity among Brutus and Caesar, yet there was a relationship that was more grounded than relationship that Brutus had with Caesar which happen to be the relationship with all inclusive community of the country Rome. Brutus genuinely needn’t bother accompanied by Caesar to create and be so unbelievable and strong, gave that he creates to be to a great degree strong and stunning, he would transform into Rome’s ruler and Brutus didn’t require that to happen.

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Brutus searches around to get the powerful assistance for the people in Rome and doesn’t want or need them to lose their ability. So because Caesar’s enemies lear about Brutus’s meaning of prestige for those people. They are able to peruse him into getting along with their idea to ruin Caesar. Brutus chooses to go along with the murder Caesar in view of the fact that he started to have a really deep thought that the murder of Caesar would be the most possible thing that would best for the people in that country, while on the other hand different men desired to abuse Caesar because of the spite that was towards him.

Brutus is and very honorable and worthy person. That means that he believes in telling the truth and being fair in any situation. This also mean he’s always doing the right thing. Brutus is an honorable and worthy person because he always was trying to search for the best for someone or something. Also in the event that Brutus can’t find the best or someone and/or something he will continue to search for the closest thing possible thing to the best.The appeal that this connects to is ethos. This connects to ethos because ethos is mainly supporting your own beliefs and believing in what you believe in whether its with your community or culture.

Brutus demonstrates the traits that shows that he is a tragic hero. The traits that shows that someone is a tragic hero is them being very loyal and dedicated to whoever he/she is helping or whatever he/she is helping. Brutus is loyal and dedicated because he decided to base his decision to join conspiracy off of what was best for Rome and the citizens of Rome. This is loyal because he put Rome at his best interest of heart and chose the conspiracy for the future of Rome in consideration.

It must be by his death. And for my part

I know no personal cause to spurn at him,

But for the general. He would be crowned:

How that might change his nature, there’s the question. ( 2.1.10-14)

In the play Julius Caesar Brutus is an amartia ,meaning that his downfall is partially his own fault and his downfall can come out to be overriding immoral fate. Brutus is also nemesis, and nemesis means that Brutus has a punishment that he can’t avoid. In this play Brutus made some mistakes that were really bad mistakes. One of the mistake he made that contributed to his downfall was him joining the conspirators. Brutus joining the conspirators shows that he will rely on anyone and/or anything without looking into it further or trying to at least investigate it more. (Amartia)

A tragic hero is always loyal and searches for the best. Also a tragic hero has different flaws that can lead themselves to their downfall. Brutus is someone who is very well known and to those people he knows he is loyal to them and they respect him for that.             

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