Why I’m not a Feminist

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As a woman, I appreciate feminism… of the past that is. I appreciate my right to vote, and to receive equal pay, and to do many other things that past generations of feminists have accomplished. However, the third-wave feminism that we experience in our society today is not that of Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth Blackwell. I do not agree with the modern Western feminist movement, and here’s why:

Modern day feminism has differed greatly from its original definition. The definition of feminism, according to Google is, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the EQUALITY of the sexes,” and feminists always claim to be advocating for equality, and, “iF yOu ArE fOr EqUaLiTy Of ThE sExIs, ThEn YoU aRe A fEmInIsT,” but how many times have you seen a feminist talk about men’s issues? Men’s rights and issues are something we certainly can’t ignore. If they are really for the equality of the sexes, then why don’t we see them talking about the fact that white males account for 7 of 10 suicides in the U.S., according to the AFSP. Men die from suicide 3.53x more often than women, and you don’t see feminists complaining about that. If they are really for equality of the sexes, then why don’t they care that men are typically given much longer prison sentences than women when convicted of the same crimes in federal court? (Yes, it’s true! An assistant law professor named Sonja Starr at the University of Michigan performed a study, and found that men on average receive a 63% higher sentence than their female counterparts. She also found that females that are arrested for a crime are significantly more likely to avoid convictions and charges entirely, and twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.) If they are really for equality they why don’t they care that 1 in 6 men will be a rape victim according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network? Most colleges offer little to no information on male sexual assault, and male victims don’t come forward about it because they know that the left, feminist-run rape organizations will treat their cases like a joke. How come they don’t care about the times when women are inappropriately favored over men?

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Feminists claim to be fighting for equality for men and women, but in all honesty, most of them are fighting for women’s superiority, whether they realize it or not. Sure, you could argue that feminism is about women’s rights, but in America at least, women and men really do have equal rights. There are no constitutional rights that are afforded to men that aren’t afforded to women. Not to mention, but it is not as simple as saying that “Equality equals feminism.” Feminism, just like every other “ism” out there, has to be thought of as a political ideology. Just like every other ideology out there, you have to look at its leaders, its values, and what it really means to be a feminist. Modern day feminists (3rd wave) seem to have forgotten what being a feminist really is. The vast majority of 3rd wave feminists do not realize how much they have deviated from the original movement. They have strayed so far from real feminism that they no longer care about men, and only care about women’s superiority. Many feminists do not openly admit this, but some do. Many of them insult men, laugh at them, tweet things like, “lol male tears,” and call other people sexist when someone does the same to them. They will be the first to call men “fuckboys” or “dicks” then cry about being called “bitch” or “slut.” They celebrate women who do stereotypical “manly things,” but men who do the same “manly things” are perpetrating “toxic masculinity.” The hypocrisy is strong.

When you ask a feminist what is wrong with the United States, they love to throw out terms like “pay gap,” and “patriarchy,” and “rape culture,” even though none of these actually exist in the U.S. It is a FEDERAL LAW to pay men and women the same amount of money if they do the same work in the same workplace. If you break this law you can be fined up to $10,000 and spend up to 6 months in prison. Look it up people, 1963 Equal Pay Act. If people could get away with paying women less money than men, only women would be hired. The claim, “A woman makes 77 cents to a man’s dollar,” doesn’t take into account the different jobs women and men do, and the different number of hours worked. Feminists cannot major in early childhood education, gender studies, or home economics, and expect the same financial success as a male engineer, lawyer or doctor. Feminists also complain that there aren’t enough women in engineering jobs or other STEM fields. If you are going to believe that there is some patriarchal element that is keeping women out of STEM careers, you need to explain why there isn’t one in veterinary science and in biology fields where women dominate. Nobody is discouraging women, or holding them back from pursuing a STEM career, it’s just their personal choice. Some women don’t want to commit to a time-consuming job because they have kids, or are planning to have kids. Women make different life choices than men. Isn’t that sort of obvious? Women tend to choose lower-paying jobs such as teaching and nursing, or choose to go home and raise children, and these are facts from The Wall Street Journal.

No, that’s not some secret patriarchy, that’s life. Pay and wage are two different words that have seperate meanings. When men and women are fresh out of college, and just beginning their careers, they are paid the exact same amount. However, those statistics change as people get older. Men and women are paid the same, but their wages are different. Once again, not patriarchy, but life. People typically have children in their 30s, and this is often when women take time off to raise their children, or go on vacation with their families. Women just won’t make the decisions that feminists want them to because some women actually want a family and children. This claim has been debunked time and time again by a multitude of individuals, but still, feminists continue to tell women that they are making almost a quarter less money than men. A patriarchy, or male-dominated society, would not allow women to vote, own property, be legal citizens, receive equal pay, or run for political office. Women have had the right to vote in the U.S for 95 years, the right to own property for over 100 years, the right to citizenship for 93 years, and the right to equal pay for 52 years. There is no patriarchy in the U.S. except for in a feminist’s ‘victimized’ mind. Young adult feminists in the United States have never experienced true patriarchy.

Feminists also believe that there is a “Rape culture” in the United States which implies a society that accepts and encourages rape. However, male-on-female rape is considered by our legal system one of the most serious crimes, second only to murder. No parent encourages his or her son to rape, and contrary to popular feminist belief, men are being taught not to commit it. Furthermore, sexual assault has decreased by almost 50 percent in the past 20 years. Feminists say that one in five women will be sexually assaulted during their time at college. If you use a broad enough definition of the term ‘sexual assault,’ and you use a non representative group of people, you can get whatever result you want. The Bureau of Justice actually defined the term, and researched based on that. They found that it was not one in five, but one in fifty-three. Still, that that number is way too high, but it is way better than one in five. Saying that one in five women will be sexually assaulted, is to suggest that American college campuses are a dangerous as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which has rape camps. If you believe that you are honestly diluted. Most importantly, the term “rape culture” actually gives rapists a pass, for it implies that their actions are the fault of society, and not themselves. Being accused of rape can cause a person to lose scholarships, their job, and even custody of their own children. It essentially ruins a person’s life. Even people who make rape jokes can lose their job. There is no rape culture in in the U.S because rapists go to jail. Rape is not glorified, it’s not accepted or encouraged, and that is quite obvious. Ignorant much? *cough* the key to less rapes is concealed carry *cough*

Feminists priorities are all out of order. Things like “catcalling” and “slut-shaming” and “man-spreading” shouldn’t be considered legitimate social issues when there are far, far worse problems to address such as what is happening in the Middle East.

Because I’m pro-life, and when you’re pro-life, feminists tend to hate you. If feminists are about equal human rights for everyone, then why are they denying rights to millions of babies? I understand if a woman was raped ants got pregnant, or if the Have you ever noticed how similar the argument for abortion is to one that was made for slavery? In the great words of Ben Sapiro, “It truly is amazing how history repeats itself. ‘You’re on my land? It’s up to me to decide whether you’re a person or property because it’s useful for me.’ ‘You’re in my body? It’s up to me to decide whether to kill you or not because it’s convenient for me.’” When you have an abortion, you’re literally killing the most innocent thing there is. You kill a baby outside of the womb, and it’s murder, but you kill it inside, and it’s called a human right. That’s disgusting. Another Ben Shapiro video talks about how pro-choice people have also put forward this argument that says, “You’re in a fertility clinic. The fire alarm goes off, and the building fills with smoke. You run towards the exit, and on your way, you see there is a 5 year old child screaming for help, and a box of 1,000 frozen viable human embryos. You can only save one before you all die. Which do you save?” Sure, this appealing to pro-choice people at the start, but it really doesn’t prove the point they think it does. Pro-choice people think that this proves that human embryos are not lives, they they aren’t babies.

Yes, most people’s moral instinct will be to save the child, but we have many moral instincts, and not all of them are good. Just because you had an instinct to do one thing doesn’t mean that you made a well thought out decision. Just because you had the instinct to save the child doesn’t mean that it’s okay to kill babies in the womb. There are many other thought experiments out there that prove this. For example, the train track problem. The train track problem says that you are standing at a fork in the tracks, and on one side there is one person tied to the track, and on the other there are five people tied to the track. You can flip the switch to save either the one person, or the five people. Who do you save? Most people would save the five people, because their moral instinct says that one death is better than five. That still doesn’t make it okay to kill that one person. Just because you have a moral feeling about something doesn’t make it justifiable. Another version of the train track problem is that you are standing above the track on a bridge. There are five people tied to the track below, and standing next to you is one big fat person.

You can push the one big fat person the bridge, and stop the train, saving the five people. Will you do it? Most people say no, because there is a difference between flipping a switch, and pushing someone to their death. There is a difference between saving a child, and killing babies. Another thought problem is, what if they were your embryos? What if they were your only shot at having kids? Would you still save the child? What if the human race had been wiped out and these were the only embryos left? Would you still save the child? What if it was your five year old child, and a hundred trapped adults? Would you save the adults? We can go on all day with these scenarios. Not to mention, but when somebody gets an abortion, they’re not choosing between a five year old child and an embryo, they’re just deciding to kill a baby.

Feminists actually do not care about ALL women. Most of the feminists you can meet today are not open to other ideas and in fact, are very violent to non-feminists. Feminists constantly attack and degrade other women, especially conservative women. Non-feminist females are called “stupid,” “a fish against water,” and told “I hope you get raped, then you’ll see why you need feminism,” or accused of “letting a male in your life think for you.” Women who are open about not being a feminist are generally treated like scum, because feminists can’t stand when someone challenges their opinions, even if the person made a valid point. The left really can’t stand it when someone thinks for themselves. Once a female stops buying into groupthink, feminists cease to care about her rights and attempt to silence her.

Don’t believe me? Post, “I’m not a feminist” on Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram, and look at the backlash you get. Or look at the way conservative females such as Sarah Palin, Ivanka Trump, etc. have been treated by feminists because left-wing media and feminists do not believe that women are capable of thinking outside the mainstream, liberal ideology. One reason why I think that feminists and liberals in general are triggered by outside opinions, and conservatives are not, is because we are all used to the liberal controlled media. Conservatives have all heard the left arguments, but the left has not heard the conservative arguments. Therefore, the left is surprised when our ideas make sense. And when I say this, I realize that there is mainstream groupthink on the right just the same as there is groupthink on the left. However, whether there is groupthink or not, is not my point. My point is, feminists hate, degrade, discard, and dislike people solely because they disagree with, or challenge their opinions.

Because I won’t be told that I’m being mistreated and oppressed, when I’m not. I don’t want to identify with a cause that has built its foundation on the idea that as a woman, I am a victim. Because I won’t perpetuate gender inequality by pretending it’s still as big of an issue as it was a hundred years ago. Most feminists do not empower women, they give them a victim stand point. Feminists always say that they “support women’s rights” or “ are for women’s equality to men’s,” but in all reality, everything that they are “fighting” for has already been won or accomplished by previous generations. “I sUpPoRt WoMeN’s RiGhTs” for what? To drive? To vote? To go to school? To own property? To have a job? To serve in the armed forces? To think for yourself? To make our own life decisions? We already have it all, so what are you complaining about? Not to mention, but you’re gonna come on here and claim that you’re from the disadvantaged party in an advanced, affluent, first world nation and push for more privilege for yourself? Really? I don’t think I can create a real, lasting change while holding on to a victim complex, and internalizing the idea that in this day and age, I am inherently disadvantaged everywhere I go, and in everything I do because I’m not.

Finally, feminists can simply not take responsibility for their actions, but they sure can for others’. When a feminist sees this, they are probably thinking, “NOT ALL FEMINISTS ARE LIKE THAT, THOSE AREN’T REAL FEMINISTS!” But even when their claims are proven wrong they pull the ‘look what feminism has done in the past’ card and take credit for what past feminists did 100 years ago. They still fail to see the problems in their movement and fail to take credit for the damage they do.

Because sure, I believe in equality of the sexis, and I wish that I could get rid of every inappropriate inequality between men and women, but I am certainly not going to do that by calling myself a modern day feminist.

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