Feminist Effects on Society

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Feminism is known as the set of ideologies, political, social and economic movements that aims at equity between men and women, eliminate domination and violence of men over women and social roles according to gender. They seek to establish rights in all aspects of women, it is a tool that we need to be able to free our human minds from all the damage that has been generated in our social system.

From my point of view, feminism has made changes in many areas, some of them are the right to education, the vote of women, the right to work, equality before the law or reproductive rights, among many others. It has also greatly influenced critical theory, giving rise to gender studies. At this time feminism has had great achievements so far, as for example; the right to receive a salary, to be able to decide on our body, the power to study, the right to freely choose to marry and, most importantly, the right to vote. Although it should be noted that there are many more achievements, which undoubtedly have changed our quality of life widely.

This movement was created when women felt the need to be able to express their ideas, in order to obtain gender equality, so that women had the same job opportunities as men. Although in spite of everything they have achieved, and where they have arrived and which in most countries is a resounding success, there are still places where women continue to be discriminated against. It is for this reason that many more women in the world support this movement, which only seek to dignify women in society, through labor and economic equality.

“Important changes have been brought about in different parts of the world, thanks to their influence, in many societies women have gained access to education, the exercise of the right to active and passive suffrage, the protection of their sexual and reproductive rights, including , in some countries, the voluntary interruption of pregnancy “, among many others that shape the notion of citizenship in democracy.

One of the most important contributions of feminism is the theoretical building that the different authors have constructed to what, if not for the vitality of the feminist movement, they would not have appeared. As a movement of transformation in society, it has a vocation to influence the way in which it is idealized in reality and in scientific discourse. As the feminist movement acquires relevance in the academic world, theoretical bodies are generated independently with their own conceptual tools.

In conclusion, feminism is conceptualized as a process, a succession of many stages or phases. In each phase different ideas, concepts, theories, strategies, actions and very different currents have been developed, as well as a feminist theory that has given rise to the appearance of disciplines, such as, for example, feminist geography, the history of feminism and his various gender studies.

As a movement for the transformation of power relations between men and women, feminism makes a critique of the practical vision of society, which must be attacked to achieve its objectives. It is also very important to emphasize that thanks to this movement, today women have the right to vote, which in past years was only a right that could exercise man. That is, the woman could only be at home serving the man. Thanks to all these feminist movements today, women have more presence in the political and social sphere.

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