New Imperialism

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Do you know how New Imperialism was caused and how it affected the native peoples? Therefore during the 19th century many Western powers scramble for new territories. Some territories resisted colonial rule , but most early resistance movements failed. New imperialism and the effects of Western colonization had major causes on native people.

New Imperialism was caused because of slave labor that America and European nations wanted. “Racists beliefs led to the use of military force against other nations. Some Europeans took a more religious humanitarian approach to imperialism” says (Mcgraw Hill Education).

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So people believe Europeans had a moral responsibility to civilize primitive people. Social Darwinism was used a lot because there was so much racism. “Social Darwinists believed that in the struggle between nations , the fit are victorious” says (McGraw Hill Education). Then racists erroneously believe that particular races are superior and inferior. Some people believed a nation could not be great without colonies. The effects of western colonization affected the economy on natives in Africa.

In the continent Africa they had colonization. “Between the 1870s and 1900s , Africa faced European imperialist aggression ,diplomatic pressures, military invasions , and eventual conquest and colonization” says (Ehiedu Iweriebor). After African societies put up various forms of resistance against attempt to colonize their countries. France had added the huge area of French West Africa to its colonial empire. “By the early twentieth century , however , much of Africa , except Ethiopia and Liberia, had been colonized by European powers” says (Ehiedu Iweriebor). Most European nations governed their African possessions through a form of direct rule. As the slave trade declined , Europe’s interest in other forms of trade increased. India was also affected by colonization in the West.

In the country of India they had to deal with colonization. In the mid eighteenth century , India became one of Great Britain’s most important colonies. That caused Great Britain to rely heavily on India as a source of raw materials. They hired sepoys to protect the company’s interest in the region. While Great britain felt that they were being very generous to the Indian people in the colonizing and modernizing the nation , the indians did not always agree. After much hard work , India finally gained independence from Great Britain. Although rebellion had failed , it helped fuel Indian nationalism. Colonization and imperialism had a effect on natives in Southeast Asia.

Manp people in Southeast Asia revolved to colonization. Western powers governed their new colonial empires by either indirect or direct rule. This brought modern inventions and technology to these people to make their lives better. Sometime resistance to Western control took the form of peasant revolts. Colonial governments built railroads , highways , and other structures that benefited native peoples as well as colonies. This helped create entrepreneurial class in rural area. Therefore it spread their region to people in other parts of the world. So this is how new imperialism affected Western colonization.

Yes , native peoples were affected by new imperialism. African natives people were affected by the Europeans with Social Darwinism. Great Britain relied on India because it was there most important colony. Colonial powers in Southeast Asia used direct and indirect rule to make people’s lives better. So therefore this is why new imperialism and the effects of Western colonization had major causes on native people.

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