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Economic Challenges Posed by Brexit in Northern Ireland

Words: 1137 Pages: 4 4613

Abstract Brexit presents a major economic challenge since some agreements of the Good Friday Agreement would be reached if full border controls are instituted between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Over 30,000 workers who cross the border daily to work and study would also be affected. There are two policy options that can […]

Topics: Brexit, European Union, Policy, United Kingdom

History 202 / Food: a Global Histor

Words: 1856 Pages: 6 4126

Born and raised in the Caribbean challenges me to know more about the food history in the environment where I was raised. Caribbean food is certainly one of the richest foods in the world. Exotic fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices have always been part of my diet and easily accessible. The year-round warm and sunny […]

Topics: Chocolate, Columbian exchange, Death, Disease, Food, Health, Slavery, United Kingdom, United States

A “special Trade Relationship” – USA and United Kingdom

Words: 506 Pages: 2 3995

Due to the desire for autonomy and sovereignty, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union through a referendum. Britain is the EU’s largest market and biggest economic contributor and with their 500 million customers, they can separate from the market and start their own trade with other countries while strengthening their self-power. Also […]

Topics: Brexit, Economy, European Union, International Relations, Policy, Trade, United Kingdom

The Battle of New Orleans

Words: 1163 Pages: 4 4072

The War of 1812 was undoubtedly one of the most vital wars that the United States has fought in and won. Despite being outnumbered numerous times and lacking overall power in comparison to Great Britain and their army, the United States still prevailed as the victor for the War of 1812. Another important aspect to […]

Topics: Andrew Jackson, Conflicts, International Relations, Military, United Kingdom, United States, War Of 1812

Brexit and the Potential Economic Impacts

Words: 1066 Pages: 4 4394

Brexit: the solution to cope with the potential economic impacts if no deal were made Introduction British people had voted for a leave in the Brexit referendum back in 2016. As time pass by, now in 2018, the deadline of the EU withdrawal is about to come. The UK government is made clear that the […]

Topics: Brexit, Economy, European Union, Immigration, Policy, United Kingdom
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The British Invasion: Immigration over the Centuries

Words: 686 Pages: 2 3742

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney. We as humans have a natural urge to explore, understand, and conquer the unknown. This drive has pushed us further in advancements and lead many explorers such as Christopher Columbus to […]

Topics: Agriculture, Christopher Columbus, Freedom of Religion, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Brexit Bad for Business Ain’t it

Words: 1564 Pages: 5 4883

Today I will be examining Brexit and how it is going to and already has affected business, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. Firstly, we will be looking at just what is Brexit. Secondly, we will be determining how this affects businesses in the United Kingdom, both British and international companies. Then, we will […]

Topics: Brexit, Economy, European Union, United Kingdom, United States

History of Indian Independence

Words: 924 Pages: 3 3884

Throughout history, any attempt the concluding reasoning by a new change of government of regime in any society has been the result of warfare and violence, that was the norm back then. Nowadays a change in government without violence is called a democracy, The Republic of India is the world’s largest democracy however unlike previous […]

Topics: India, Mahatma Gandhi, United Kingdom

Does the Brexit is the Beginning of Europe Union’s End?

Words: 1425 Pages: 5 4316

Problematic: Does the Brexit is the beginning of Europe Union’s end? Can we say that the states sovereignty has threaten the political agreement? Europe Union has been created back in 1993 in Maastricht in Holland. The 27 countries signed for an economic and political agreement to avoid war and building a strong estate. The major […]

Topics: Brexit, Economy, European Union, Policy, United Kingdom

Imperialism and it’s Effect on Many Different Countries and their Conquests

Words: 1334 Pages: 4 4024

Throughout history, imperialism has had a profound effect on many different countries and their conquests. Imperialism is the process by which a larger and/or more dominant country seeks to extend its jurisdiction beyond its own borders (Citation?, year). Imperialistic countries seek and have this motive to expand their borders into other countries because the expansion […]

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Imperialism, India, International Relations, Trade, United Kingdom

EU in the Backdrop of Brexit and Catalonian Referendum

Words: 1492 Pages: 5 4867

After the Second World War, European Union was formed by its founding fathers to end wars between European countries and to fulfill the dream of a peaceful, united and prosperous Europe[1]. EU consisted of six European countries at the time of its creation, now binds 28 countries together under its flag. With 21.7 trillion US […]

Topics: Brexit, European Union, United Kingdom

How Brexit Affects England?

Words: 1952 Pages: 7 5054

Brexit has been a common topic throughout the world since June 23, 2016. It is a term used to describe the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Northern Europe that consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In 2016, these four countries […]

Topics: Brexit, European Union, Policy, United Kingdom

Humankind has Encountered Various

Words: 1632 Pages: 5 3767

Since the presence of man, humankind has encountered various movements from the earliest starting point of time. Truly outstanding and most basic changes was the Industrial Revolution of Great Britain. Notwithstanding the way that the Industrial Revolution had two or three drawbacks, the positive aftereffects of the Revolution far surpassed the negative effects. It drove […]

Topics: Industrial Revolution, United Kingdom

Many Opinions of Brexit

Words: 633 Pages: 2 4309

As I am from Scotland, I have many opinions of Brexit and how it impacts many places in very different ways, however this post is not about my opinion. I have never really looked at research and article about Brexit, so it will be interesting to see if it has changed my views and feelings. […]

Topics: Brexit, European Union, United Kingdom

The American Revolution and a Political and Social Partition

Words: 1143 Pages: 4 4261

It would be agreed that for the British Colonists, the year of 1763 was seen as a great watershed in American History. On that note, throughout the years of 1756-1763, was a time period of salutary neglect that lead to the French and Indian war, in which the British called it the Seven Years War. […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, Colonialism, United Kingdom, United States

Brexit’s Effect on Football Clubs Leagues and Players

Words: 1787 Pages: 6 4425

Britain is commonly well known by millions round the world for things such as Football, The Royale family and Harry Potter. However, recently the biggest thing on everyone’s mind is Brexit. What is Brexit? Brexit is simply the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European union. The impact that this will have on Britain is set […]

Topics: Brexit, European Union, United Kingdom

Comparison of Federalism and Unitary Systems

Words: 567 Pages: 2 7166

There are two different types of systems of government, federalism and unitary. Federalism is part of our government’s lay out, it is a vertical sharing power between the national and states government. The Constitution outlines a separation of powers between the three branches of government. While a unitary system is composed of one central government […]

Topics: Constitution, Federalism, Justice, Policy, Separation Of Powers, United Kingdom, United States

Brexit in History

Words: 549 Pages: 2 4634

The European Union consists of four key institutions. One of these key institutions would be the ‘Council of the European Union’. In this council, there are representatives from the governments of all the countries taking part in the European Union. This group of representatives speaks on laws and adopts them and they also coordinate European […]

Topics: Brexit, European Union, United Kingdom

United Kingdom and Leaving the EU

Words: 2559 Pages: 9 4437

Whenever inquired as to whether the United Kingdom ought to receive the Euro as a standard form of cash, previous primer minister Margaret Thatcher broadly reacted negatively. What is the purpose of attempting to get chosen to parliament just to hand over the Pound, sterling and the forces of this place of Europe? Indeed, even […]

Topics: Brexit, European Union, United Kingdom

Sources of the UK Constitution

Words: 1638 Pages: 5 5617

The initiatory stage of research was conducted by accessing academic textbooks online such as Hilaire Barnett’s ‘Constitutional and Administrative Law’. Using the contents page, I selected the relevant chapter ‘Sources of the Constitution’; this chapter gave me an insight as to what the topic entailed. The textbook was an extremely helpful source as it is […]

Topics: Constitution, United Kingdom

Dual Island Trinidad and Tobago

Words: 1619 Pages: 5 3507

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island know to be close to the continent, South America. The country is located in the Caribbean most closet to Venezuela. Trinidad and Tobago is surrounded by smaller islands, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Paria. The islands surrounding include Barbados, Guyana, Venezuela, Grenada, and the Island nation of […]

Topics: Christopher Columbus, United Kingdom

The Industrial Revolution Analysis

Words: 1190 Pages: 4 4312

The Industrial Revolution was one of the most important turning points in all of human history, and to many, the Revolution along with its problems, is a thing of the distant past. However, this could not be further from the truth. While developed countries such as United States and England have passed the Industrial Age […]

Topics: Child Labour, China, Economy, Employment, Factory, Industrial Revolution, Manufacturing, Sweatshop, United Kingdom, United States

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