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Iraq Essays

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American Intervention in the Arab Spring

Words: 1880 Pages: 6 3814

Almost 400 years before Columbus touched American soil, Pope Urban II decreed that the salvation of the West lay in the East. At the end of the 11th century he launched a campaign to conquer Jerusalem promising deliverance as collateral and escape from an unfertile, war weary Europe (Peters 28). For centuries Western civilization’s relationship […]

Topics: Crusades, Democracy, International Relations, Iraq, Middle East, Nationalism, Ottoman Empire

Women in Saudi Arabia

Words: 1702 Pages: 6 3688

Women have always had limits to what they’ve been able to do since the beginning of life. Saudi Arabia’s women still have more limits compared to many other countries around the world. It would be revolutionary to these women if they were able to have more freedom. Having more rights would increase self esteem and […]

Topics: Discrimination, Dress code, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Iraq, Justice, Social Issues

Spread of Technology during the Iraq and Iran War

Words: 1197 Pages: 4 3460

  War with Iran: Iraq vs Iran in 80s was one of the most brutal war in the history of Iraq. It was the result of disputes in border and fear for rebellion from Iraq’s side. The war started on 22 September 1980, through Iraq’s invasion in Iran and ended on 20 August 1988, when […]

Topics: Identity Politics, Impact of Technology, Iraq, Syria
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