Industrialisation and Imperialism

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Updated: Jun 22, 2019
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The U.S. Become a world power through industrialization, big business, railroads? Urbanization imperialism. Population growth may benefit the manufacturing sector in the adoption of increasing returns to scale technologies. They didn’t have transportation like the railroad to travel and transport goods from their businesses. Now various states in the U.S. counties have transportation to travel and transport goods so their business can grow. People were live in small houses with multiple people and the condition they were living is horrible.

There were 3 factors that contributed industrialization provide cheap labor and doubled the population. Natural resources were abundant. (The united states had iron ore deposits along with coal and oil) capitalism encouraged investment in U.S.companies. Better returns than those available in Europe why did the 2nd industrial revolution happen after the civil war?. After, the civil war the government took control of the economy. Greenbacks became the national currency and business friendly laws were passed.

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Railroads had many effect on the geographic economic and political features of the U.S. beyond connecting the entire continent east to west in 1869. Geographically railroads allowed transportation to various states in the U.S. counties were able to more easily and work together due to decreased travel tine as well. With railroads, people were able to relate homes and travel further distances than before. Concurrently suppliers in the west were connected to new markets in the east. Towns grew around railroads runs and junctions where two main tracks connected.

The roots of imperialism haves three factors like economic, political and cultural. The economic factors were desires to find new markets for trade. By extending colonial power throughout the world, the U.S. would have new trading partners and markets. The political built up military strength and built up naval power to compete with powerful nations. Culturally, the U.S. wanted to extend its influence and way of life throughout the world. Wanting to help our countries and peoples the U.S. perceived to be politically, economically, or culturally impoverished.

In conclusion the U.S. have world power from the railroad, economic, cultural and political. Why the railroad are important because the railroad can help transport goods and for any important events that need fast transportation to anywhere in the U.S. Economic help find new markets for trade, so they can sell surplus of goods. Cultural help teach other countries about our culture and spread Christianity. Political help expand and extend our power to others countries for our armys. That’s why the U.S. Become world power.

Industrialisation and Imperialism essay

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