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American Civil War Essays

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Equality between Men and Women

Words: 2396 Pages: 8 22540

Men and women should have the equally right to vote, education, and respect. They should have the same rights because being a woman is just a gender. It does not change who we are as a person and it is very unfair. Through time, the way people look at women now has changed through some […]

Topics: American Civil War, Salem Witch Trials, Social Issues, Witchcraft, Women Rights

American Civil War wasn’t Inevitable

Words: 569 Pages: 2 6314

The Civil War was and is one of the most outstanding events in the history of the United States. It was a military conflict that occurred in the United States, between 1861 and 1865 (when Abraham Lincoln is elected president). Where the North States fought against the Confederate States of America, composed of the countries […]

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery, United States

What was Life Like for Blacks Post Civil War

Words: 1204 Pages: 4 3073

Slavery is a tough time in history for Americans to look back on, but it doesn’t mean we get to erase it from history. Beginning in the mid-1600’s the enslavement of African Americans began. Slave owners were brutal and stripped their slaves of their humanity. As the Northern part of the country began to thrive […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil Rights Act Of 1964, Slavery

Many Causes of the Civil War

Words: 918 Pages: 3 7784

During the 1860’s, the North and South of the United States had many disputes and conflicts. The South succeeded from the North which eventually led to the civil war. The Civil War is the most destructive war ever fought in the western hemisphere and lasted from 1861 to 1865. The Civil War led to the […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War, Human Rights, Slavery, United States

My Thoughts on Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Words: 996 Pages: 3 4594

The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass was a book that really opened my eyes. Frederick Douglass was born a slave. He was what they called a mixed slave because his father was most likely their master, Captain Anthony. Mixed slaves tended to get treated more cruelly than other slaves. It was really common […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation, Frederick Douglass
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Lincoln is the most Remember President

Words: 2040 Pages: 7 4760

“Lincoln is the most remember president of the United States of America because of his views on many thing. As the 16th president, he is also known as the most influential to have ever been elected into the United States office Abraham Lincoln, a self-taught lawyer, legislator and vocal opponent of slavery, was elected 16th […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, United States

Reynolds was Born in Lancaster

Words: 1925 Pages: 6 4588

John Fulton Reynolds, a famous general and commander during the Civil War and was also known as one of the commanders who acquired the best reputation among his troops. He had participated several major battles during the Civil War and made some important decisions and orders that had affected the trend of the war. Reynolds […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War, Military

Abraham Lincoln the Greatest Leaders of our Nation

Words: 985 Pages: 3 3815

Abraham Lincoln lived from 1809 to 1865 and was undoubtedly one of the greatest leaders of our nation while serving as the sixteenth President of the United States. With no surprise, different leaders use different leadership abilities to not only offer direction to their subjects, but also to motivate people and implement great plans. During […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, Slavery, United States

The Civil War is Considered

Words: 984 Pages: 3 5185

The Civil War is considered the bloodiest and deadliest wars in the history of the United States. It began in April 1861 when Confederates opened fire on the Union soldiers at Fort Sumter. The war would go on to last four more long years until May 1865. According to American Battlefield Trust, about 2% of […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War, Health, Health Care, Hospital, Medicine

Political Leader Abraham Lincoln and the Reconstruction Era

Words: 738 Pages: 2 4245

The United States has gone through many political changes as a country. Presidents and political leaders have reoccurred, and they have all had distinctive goals and plans going forward. As time goes on, almost all these subversive eras come to an end. One era that has concluded, was the Reconstruction Era. The Reconstruction Era was […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Reconstruction era, United States

The Battle of Gettysburg Changed Everything

Words: 769 Pages: 3 5119

The Battle of Gettysburg changed everything for the Union. During the Civil War, America was fighting against each other, so there were two sides. The Confederates were mainly from the south and the Union was from the north. The concerning issue involved the North wanting slaves to be free while the south wanted to keep […]

Topics: American Civil War, Battle Of Gettysburg, Civil War

Howard Zinn was a Historian, Author, Pofessor, Playwright

Words: 3830 Pages: 13 3917

Howard Zinn was a historian, author, professor, playwright and activist.[footnoteRef:1] He first gained his Bachelor’s degree in New York University and then proceeded to study in Columbia University to earn his Masters and Doctor’s degree in history. At 39 years old, he was offered to teach and be the chair of the History Department at […]

Topics: American Civil War, Christopher Columbus, Progress, Racism, Slavery, United States, War

First the Northerners

Words: 1433 Pages: 5 4623

Even though there may have been a couple of factors that cause the American civil war that happened between 1961 and 1965 it is indeed certain than slavery was one of the key reasons that led to the outbreak of the war. Whereas the North had become industrial based due to the inventions that had […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Civil War, Slavery, United States

The Underground Railroad

Words: 2628 Pages: 9 4059

“Fugitive slaves were reported in the American colonies as early as the 1640s, and escapes escalated with the growth of slavery over the next two hundred years.” (Encyclopedia). Slaves were being traded throughout the South for many years and the south wouldn’t have been able to prosper without the hands of the slaves (Underground Railroad). […]

Topics: American Civil War, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Human Rights, Racism, Reconstruction era, Slavery, Underground Railroad, United States

One of the most Important Events

Words: 1354 Pages: 5 5341

The Civil War is one of the most important events in the history of the United States of America. It had many important repercussions which went on to have a deep and long lasting impact on the nation. After four years of a cruel battle, from 1861-1865, between a divided nation of the North and […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War, Slavery, United States

America’s Role in the World after the Civil War

Words: 972 Pages: 3 4454

As the civil war came to an end Americas southern territory was in a horrible economic place it was, looted burned, and destroyed by the unions strength to defeat the confederacy. America saw this as a time to reconstruct morally, socially, and economically. During post-war northern Americas industries soared with the help of tariffs passed […]

Topics: American Civil War, American exceptionalism, American Imperialism, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Imperialism, International Relations, United States

Impact of Abraham Lincoln

Words: 844 Pages: 3 4174

Abraham Lincoln is a very known individual that simply started off as a self-taught lawyer then worked his way up to be the United States sixteenth president. He was born on February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. His schooling was very limited, and he also had to work to constantly support his family. Later […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, United States

The Civil War was Aged

Words: 504 Pages: 2 4347

The Civil war was aged on by many reasons on both sides and leaders from both ends in a disagreement with how the United States of America should be govern. With the leaders and war generals making big decisions and the people of the north and the south both raging their opinions with words and […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War, Slavery, United States, War

Lee then Retreated

Words: 923 Pages: 3 3843

When Lee then retreated, Grant took advantage of the opportunity to capture Richmond and place it under a siege. This was one of the final events of the war, because of the fact that the Confederate Capital was now under Union hands. After capturing Richmond, Grant pursued Lee at a town called Appomattox Court House. […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War

Slavery and Immigration

Words: 1385 Pages: 5 3649

Life in the 16th century was tough mostly if you were a slave or servant. The world came a long way from when slave start to the end of it. It caused a bloody war where many people lost their lives, fighting for their right and believes. The North was a big attribute to this […]

Topics: American Civil War, Human Rights, Justice, Manifest Destiny, Slavery, Social Issues, United States

Essay about who was Harriet Tubman?

Words: 570 Pages: 2 4387

Harriet Tubman was someone who was truly ahead of her time. She was a abolitionist slave who risked her life to help slaves escape to freedom. Despite the dangers that she faced, she was a very brave and heroic person. Although she received her freedom, she chose to go back South to help other slaves […]

Topics: American Civil War, Harriet Tubman, Human Rights, Slavery, Underground Railroad, United States

The Civil War is Perhaps

Words: 1228 Pages: 4 4644

The civil war is perhaps the most studied time period in American history. Though the war was only four years, it would alter the course of history and change American culture forever. Among the changes caused by the war, the most prominent were the social and economic changes and the largest being slavery. The country […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War, Justice, Slavery, United States

Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address

Words: 864 Pages: 3 4415

Abraham Lincoln wrote and delivered one of America’s renown speeches during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln did not attend college, but he did receive very little education at an early age. Lincoln lived in a rural area in his early life, helping his father provide for his family. As he became of age, he later […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, United States

Slavery is an Established Social Institution

Words: 1063 Pages: 4 4128

Slavery is an established social institution in which God did not condemn, is what Thomas Dew believed, whereas Thomas Jefferson believed the opposite; he said that slavery was a moral evil. This was one of the reasons that had started the American Civil War. Although the slave trade was abolished in 1808, slavery on plantations […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War, Slavery, United States

Abraham Lincoln’s Early Life

Words: 1314 Pages: 4 4983

Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a one-room log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky; his family moved to southern Indiana in 1816. Lincoln’s formal schooling was limited to three brief periods in local schools, as he had to work constantly to support his family. In 1830, his family moved to Macon County in […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Battle Of Gettysburg, Emancipation Proclamation, United States

Post Civil War: Economic Factors Shape Democracy in America

Words: 1318 Pages: 4 4054

Life differed for everyone after the Civil War ended—farmers, Southerners, former slaves, and more—because America was rebuilding itself in more ways than one. Former slaves were set free upon the end of the war, and they believed that their years of unpaid labor gave them a claim to land and “”forty acres and a mule”” […]

Topics: American Civil War, Cuba, Democracy, Human Rights, Imperialism, Justice, Policy, Slavery, United States

A Letter to Mr. President

Words: 1191 Pages: 4 4548

Dear Mr. President, I am a 21 year old college student currently enrolled at the University of North Dakota and studying American history. I am writing to you today on the importance of American history. You’re probably well educated on the early American history, I wanted to remind you of two very important lessons you […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Slavery, United States

Abraham Lincoln and his Opponent

Words: 708 Pages: 2 4412

In the midst of the United States’ western expansion, often known as manifest destiny, issues began to resurface that would change the destiny of the country for good. A union was on the verge of being completely split, and the election of 1860 was very important for the future of the nation. During the election […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Civil War, Slavery, United States, War

“Why did the North Fight?”

Words: 475 Pages: 2 3684

One of the biggest questions asked is, “Why did the North fight?” Understanding the southern life style will quickly answer this question. Confederates fought for independence, for their own property and way of life, for their very survival as a nation. Why did the Yankees fight? Why did it take four years, one of the […]

Topics: American Civil War, Gettysburg Address, United States

The Civil War Ended

Words: 1372 Pages: 5 5603

The Civil War ended up being a turning point for many women. Women were required to remain at home to cook, clean and take care of their families, while their spouses went to the front line. Even though, women were prohibited from battling in the war, regardless they had critical roles to satisfy. Various women […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil War
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