American Revolution: Series of Crisis

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Updated: Apr 09, 2019
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American Revolution: Series of Crisis essay

American Revolution was brought about by a series of crisis between the British colonizers and the Americans. The crisis was caused by various acts made by the colonizers to get taxes from the colonies. This was after the British government was involved in a war between French and Indians which took seven years. The war caused the government to be in a debt because of the soldiers who were employed to fight together with the British government. Imposition of sugar tax which lowered duty on sugar and stamp act was meant to provide money to the government. This made the colonies to resist and form anti-government movements demanding the abolishment of stamp taxes which significantly affected the majority. Colonies resisted this act through different forums. Lawyers and elites were in the front seat in demonstrating against this act. Unity among colonies made it possible for them to boycott work forcing the colonizers to listen to them.

Materials like legal documents and publications were of importance to these parties business, thus. They could not continue working under these circumstances. Other materials being taxed were materials like printed papers, ship papers, licenses, newspapers, and playing cards. These materials were of mutual importance to all the people hence there was riots, protest, and mass actions whose main aim was the repeal of the act. Colonies claimed that it was unconstitutional to pay this tax. Lack of representation also became an issue to the colonies. Representation would lead to good policing.

From this we get to learn that policies made by colonial government such as those of taxes made the economic life of colonies to become unbearable. This forced the colonies to form radicle movements to help fight these policies. From the protest, mob actions, and riots, the colonies were able to represent themselves. This enabled the repeal of the stamp act to be made and also paved way to revolution.

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