Success and Justice of American Revolution

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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 For thousands of years, people have defended their countries to make sure injustice would never arise, they would even fight against their countries and governments if injustice and corruption ever arose. This longing for freedom, justice and independency evolved into revolutions that attempted and sometimes succeeded in destroying the very building blocks of society over the past 400 years. Out of all the revolutions that tore apart towns, cities and countries, the American, French, Industrial and Mexican revolutions are seen as the most significant revolutions that impacted society as we know it.

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Because of the astounding and mind-blowing effect on social, economic, and constitutional arrangement, the American Revolution was the most successful of the four.

After five years of fighting the war, the colonists achieved their goals. They defeated the British by not only winning the war physically, but by breaking away from the traditional war rules and British rules. By doing this, they also achieved independence from Britain and thrived as a free, independent country that would turn into one of the most advanced countries in the world. Overall, the American Revolution accomplished its goals and made an impact on history that would change the face of the earth.

There was a lot of bloodshed during the French Revolution, but it was for a good cause. However, after the revolution, the people were desperate for a leader, so they brought in Napoleon, a dictator who did some pretty good deeds later on. There was also a new constitution, which helped for a little while. The revolution was a dark and brutal time in French history, but it was also a great battle for the ages. Overall, the French Revolution did not accomplish its goals.

The industrial revolution made many jobs and other tasks easier, but what really affected the world? First, increased production. The mill and the spinning jenny made clothing and smelting iron much easier. The economy benefited from this production, and it made the economy richer. Also, the social impacts were significant. Separation of classes made it a lot tougher for people and urbanization, or people moving into big cities more, made it more cramped inside the cities. People that worked for the factories or coal mines had to crowd into several-story buildings with a bed and one room. There was no sewage service, so the streets smelled and looked disgusting. Another huge impact was on the environment. Mining coal and burning it for the fires made the air around the cities very smoggy, not very pleasant. People became sick from the pollution, so life was improved by new technology , but environmental health decreased from the pollution. There were also some gains and losses. Some gains were better production of materials and other products that were very hard to make and very expensive to get before machines, cheaper products, and better transportation. Some losses were families being separated, people working all day, and the environment was negatively impacted during this time. Overall, the Industrial Revolution accomplished its goals.

As a result of the astonishing and marvelous effect on the world as it is today, the American Revolution was the most successful of the four most known revolutions. The American Revolution took the enlightenment ideas and made them into a political reality. It would later go on to shape modern society as we know it, and it has given people an idea of how the revolutions really turned the old world upside down and made room for the new one.  

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