Extroversion Vs Introversions Within the Bible

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Extroversion Vs Introversions Within the Bible

This essay will compare and contrast the concepts of extroversion and introversion within the context of the Bible, exploring how these personality traits are reflected in biblical characters and narratives. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Bible.

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McCrae and Costa’s model presents five factors of personality. When inspecting this model of personality, it is very fascinating to line up some of the characters within the Bible and how they fit into one of the factors. Looking at the component of extroversion the individual that fits best in scripture is the Apostle Paul, and the person who I would consider to be the opposite is Moses. It is very interesting how these two can be so distinct on the scale of extroversion, however still see how God uses them in mighty ways that solely God could.

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Five Factors of Personality

According to, an Costa and McCrae (2001 ) , the Five Factor Model is helpful in identifying many types of personalities. These five elements represent Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Extroverts tend to remain lively, passionate, action-oriented, talkative, aggressive, gregarious and unreserved.

Extroversion is one of the five factors described in this model. Extroversion is the habit of being primarily concerned with obtaining fulfillment from what is outside oneself. Extroverts enjoy human interactions, are assertive, talkative, enthusiastic, and often perceived as full of energy. Introverts are the opposite of extroverts. Introverts seem quiet, low-key, and less social. Various people in the scriptures have manifested extroversion differently and have either been labeled as extroverts or introverts.

The Apostle Paul

In the Bible, Paul is an example of an extrovert. This is evident from his life, mission, and the kind of energy he had. Paul had an opinion and an answer for almost everything. He made himself approachable at times when there were doubts and questions. He established himself as a ruler of matters. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians covers almost everything from church unity, sexual immorality, marriage among other societal matters. In addition, Paul was talkative and had many words to say about the Christian experience. This apostle Paul is one of these most important figures of this book, and he himself authored most of the New Testament. Before he was a Christian, saint (so named Saul) , was known for persecuting Christians and was completely opposed to the teachings of Jesus. But after the life-changing encounter with Christ, God used Saul in extraordinary ways to spread the truth. When we look to the Apostle Paul, one can see the evident extroverted character that he has. A couple of things that you can easily see when deciding if he used to be an extrovert or not, is the obtrusive want for attention that he has and how he usually desires to be around others according to the a couple of letters he wrote to cities involving Christ and their behavior. Paul also craved people’s approval of himself. When he is writing the Galatians, he talks about how he no longer needs the approval of man, however all he desires is God’s approval. This genuinely indicates Paul’s want for approval even though his view was altered from man to the that of the Lord. Another characteristic in Paul’s extroverted personality is his desire to speak and be heard alongside with his desire to move from one area to another. A non-extroverted individual would dread the concept of continuously being on the go and going from one location to another besides knowing the human beings they are going to see on an intimate level. All of these traits surely point to the Apostle Paul being an extrovert.


On the contrary facet of extroversion, you have Moses. Even though Moses is known for doing many things in the name of the Lord, he was far from an extroverted individual. Some of the signs that point to this are Moses’s worry of public speaking. You see in the book of Exodus that God appoints Aaron to be the voice of what God is telling Moses. This concern led him to need a translator, however it didn’t keep him from doing what God instructed him to do. You can additionally see in the course of Moses’s lifestyles that he was continuously making an attempt to combat his lack of extroversion when leading the Israelites out of Egypt lower back into the promised land.

Moses is depicted a shy introvert, and the scripture says that Moses was afraid to become the voice of God. Before the burning bush, there is only one dialogue attributed to him when he finds two Israelite quarrels and asks them why a brother would strike another. When God appoints Moses to deliver his people from slavery, Moses’ first reply shows his unwillingness and expresses his incapability of taking up the task. Moses questioned his worthiness before people and did not want to engage in any public address just like what most introverts prefer.


Even though personalities may additionally be different, God can use absolutely everyone as lengthy as they are willing. God used Moses in methods that stretched his personality, however that didn’t mean that God overlooked how he created him. He supplied him a speaking head, as he used to be listening to God. And we can see that God can use the most vial of folks to make his kingdom come to earth with just a little heart change.

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