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Puritans Essays

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Puritanism in the Scarlet Letter

Words: 1225 Pages: 4 19607

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne was created to display how life was during the Puritanism period in the seventeenth century. This novel has representations of the Puritan culture because it shows how the characters are expected to live by the word of God, specifically, and if anyone deterred, then they would be punished severely […]

Topics: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Puritans, The Scarlet Letter

Technology and Columbian Exchange

Words: 846 Pages: 3 4188

The Columbian Exchange moved new ideas, people, food, and diseases across the Atlantic. This transfer could be described as a boon for Europeans and a bane to Native Americans. For the Native Americans their entire fate changed the moment Europeans settlers stepped foot on their territory. If one word could describe the entire experience it […]

Topics: Columbian exchange, Puritans, United States

Man’s Spiritual Dilemmna

Words: 1645 Pages: 5 3889

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. In this short story, the village is not what it seems, and it certainly takes the whole village to raise this insecure, guilt ridden, hypocritical child who is Goodman Brown. In Salem village, Massachusetts, newly wed Goodman Brown leaves his wife Faith alone for […]

Topics: Christianity, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Puritans, Salem Witch Trials, Young Goodman Brown

Religion in Renaissance and Elizabethan Age

Words: 2602 Pages: 9 4372

“The Renaissance also known as the age of “Rebirth” began in the 14th century. As the Renaissance occurred so did the Elizabethan era, also known as the Golden Age in English history, which began in the 16th century. The highly advanced drama during the time lead to dramas inspiring other and proposing several different readings […]

Topics: Bible, Catholic Church, Christianity, Leonardo Da Vinci, New Testament, Puritans, Renaissance

“Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue”

Words: 1057 Pages: 4 3601

“In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” One of the first things that I remember learning in school as a child was that a brave explorer named Christopher Columbus discovered America. Our history books were filled with fun stories about the young mapmaker who convinced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to finance his […]

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Exploration, Puritans, United States
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The Effects of Godliness and Worldliness in the Puritan Civilization

Words: 584 Pages: 2 4635

In past civilizations, many upheld the belief that religious principles were in fact to be embedded within the present standards of the country’s economic and social status. The aspect of godliness and worldliness is still contrasted in discussions today. The effects that the two factors play on the outcome of the trials remain a prominent […]

Topics: Civilization, Puritans, Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft

Utopian Visions

Words: 603 Pages: 2 4540

An utopia is a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. Englishmen who settled in Virginia and Massachusetts envisioned different utopias. Englishmen who settled in Virginia wished for economic utopia while Puritans who settled in Massachusetts wished for a religious utopia. Bacon’s Rebellion and the Salem Witch Trials reflect different tensions […]

Topics: Puritans, Utopia

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