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Essay Planning: Guidelines and Example Structure

17 Jan 2018Essay Writing Guides

Before getting to the actual writing process, you have to think about essay plan structure. The essay plan is drawn up to rebuild the stream of thoughts into coherent, logically combined sentences. Immediately after receiving the topic of the essay, ideas and images will start appearing in your head. Sketch out the phrases or words that come to mind on a draft sheet. Then they can be developed for the whole work. If you want your assignments to be worth A-level grades, use these recommendations from our essay writing guide to create the finest essays.

How to plan an essay?

Carefully think about what you want to say on the topic. Then write it down on the piece of paper in a column of thoughts. And only then decide in what order you want to display your list in your essay writing for college students. Writing an essay plan is necessary for a clear and crisp structure of work.

To make up a plan of composition means to break it into pieces, mentally identify the main stages in the development of your idea. Each piece is a microtext, which is even in one paragraph or can include several. To correspond to the plan items, the microtexts have to be connected by the main idea, which has its beginning, development, and completion.

As a rule, the plan is made up of the detailed phrases, not separate words or sentences. The individual words are too limited to represent the core idea or topic. Talking about the complex sentences is also not the best variant as they represent an already completed thought. With this in mind, the phrase is the most appropriate choice because this is a kind of semantic unity that carries information in a collapsed form. But there are also possible other question formulations, answers to them are found during writing essay online.

Anyway, essay planning is significant because the plan contains information on how the essay is built. Specific information on the contents of each piece. The composition must be "viewed" through the plan.

An instance of the essay topic and a possible example of an essay plan

Essay question / topic. People who go in for sports are not associated with material rewards. Suggest the reasons making people do exercises, jog. Include in your discussion examples of your own or other people’s participation in sport.

Introduction. Physical activity is the main hobby among a considerable percentage of the Australian population. Although, the imposing part of these people is not looking for a material reward. The money and awards are not important for them. They have other kinds of motivations for participating in sporting activities.

Possible thesis statements. Make up a short list of the possible motives for playing the sport. Later they will be outlined in this essay. Highlight the examples from your own and other people’s experience to illustrate the motives.

E.g.: examples of my own participation in team activities as well as my friend’s participation in an individual sport will be given to illustrate these motivations.

Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence (idea / argument). One of the strongest motivations to take exercise is a human’s desire to keep fit.
Evidence / elaboration. People are addicted to the healthy way of life. Nowadays, the necessity of being physically fit is on the top of the pyramid of human’s requirements.

Every week or even day citizens join gyms, take swimming or running training (reference?). Here must be the example from your own sports experience, for example, I play basketball each week as a way to keep healthy.

Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence (idea/argument). The next peculiar stimulus for people to play sport is related to the social benefits they gain from participating in an activity with others.

Evidence/elaboration. Many sporting activities and sports grounds exist in the densely populated regions (examples, references?). The reasons for people’s participation in athletics is given in a survey conducted by Victoria University Sporting Association (2010). It is said that they are meeting new friends, getting out of the house and socializing, feeling more connected, etc.

Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence (idea/argument). Achieving a personal challenge is one of the most widespread factors that push many people to play the sport.

Evidence / elaboration. Evidence of this is in the responses given in focus interviews with two groups of first-year university students who said… (reference?) Tell about your relatives and their personal stories in which way do they get the sports experience. My cousin is an amateur cyclist and enjoys participating in that sport because she can…


People’s motivations for participation in sporting activities are not solely related to material gains. This essay has provided other possible motivations and in addition to drawing on evidence from the literature, has used examples from my own and other people’s experiences to illustrate this. References (Include all your references in your plan and gather the details for these.. Format according to the style required in your discipline).

The plan of the composition must correspond to the theme and to be logically consistent.

Just keep in mind, the plan is made for yourself. It will help you to organize thoughts, select the necessary material, discard unnecessary.

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